TC Electronic Spark Mini 20dB Boost

Level Boost Pedal with Up to 20dB of Gain Boost, True Bypass Circuitry, and Momentary/Latch Switching Modes
TC Electronic Spark Mini 20dB Boost image 1
TC Electronic Spark Mini 20dB Boost image 1
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TC Electronic Spark Mini 20dB Boost
In Stock!

A Sweet Level Boost for Any Pedalboard

Kick on the TC Electronic Spark Mini boost pedal to send your guitar amplifier into glorious overdrive. Or just use it as a clean boost for a subtle volume increase during solos. Either way, the Spark Mini packs premium analog circuitry that won't degrade your tone. Even better, there's two ways to use this boost pedal - kick it on and off like any other pedal, or just hold the footswitch for a momentary boost. At Sweetwater, we know a smart pedalboard solution when we see one, and the compact TC Electronic Spark Mini is just that. Note: Power supply required and not included.

TC Electronic Spark Mini Boost Pedal Features:
  • Level boost pedal for electric guitar with up to 20dB of boost
  • Discrete analog circuitry and true bypass design maintain your tone
  • Compact design is perfect for any pedalboard
  • PrimeTime switching gives you two options - standard latching operation, or momentary operation
  • Perfect for subtle volume boosts or sending your amplifier into overdrive
Supercharge your tone with the TC Electronic Spark Mini!

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Tech Specs

Pedal Type Level boost
Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Outputs 1 x 1/4"
Height 2.2"
Depth 4"
Width 2.5"
Weight .5 lbs.
Power Supply Included No (accepts standard 100mA, 9V adapters)
Manufacturer Part Number 960802001

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TC Spark Mini 20dB Boost

I like it! It really kicks the sounds up quite a bit!
Music background: Beginner Guitar

Super Pedal...One Knob?

This pedal is great in so many ways. The first is that it looks great! Next is that within a one knob, one switch pedal, there are tricks. A momentary switch lies within so you can hop in and out of a solo/lead quickly and the +20db boost is nothing to play around with! Follow TC on Facebook and join their group. Many TC staff are in there and always able to give tips, tricks, and advice. For instance, this pedal is like it's older brother but with the gain around 9 o'clock giving you a nice clean boost with just enough grit. Check it out!
Music background: Self taught musician, youtuber, guitar enthusiast, gear nut

Does what its supposed

I love this pedal. It does exactly what its supposed to do and I love the momentary/Latch Switching Modes. basically you can depress the switch and hold it down to keep the spark triggered instead of a constant on by pressing and releasing. The size is the other factor and it takes up very little space. All in all I am really pleased with this pedal. I own 5 TC pedals now (tuner included) and I couldn't be happier with the quality and tone. TC Rocks!
Music background: Worship Ministry

Absolutely great pedal.

I have three clean boosters now. An Xotic EP Booster, a Pigtronix Class A Clean boost and now this TC Electronics Spark Mini Booster. They are all "clean boosters", but each has its own nuances. The Xotic EP and Pigtronix both color the sound just a bit. The EP booster emulates the old Echoplex tube warmth ... which changes things just a bit. The Pigtronix slightly emphasizes the highs. The TC Spark is utterly transparent, absolutely clean. It is a fantastic little booster. And the momentary switch capability is an absolute dream for punching up just one line or one phrase. Can't recommend this booster highly enough!
Music background: Ex pro guitarist, now play primarily blues for own enjoyment and occasional jams.


I wasn't expecting such a good pedal when I bought it. for its price it is perfect its a boost and just that it pushes whatever is infront of it greatly. I use it live for church and normally don't turn it past 9:30 it makes your leads stand out and brings out the best of your guitar and tubes. at 0 it is at unity gain I believe and for those of you that don't know every 10db is double amplitude(signal strength in this case) so this pedal quadruples your signals power. it appears to boost the high ends slightly when its the only pedal on but I think that's more or less it boosting what my guitar should sound like if it wasn't for my long signal chain, anyways its great the latch function is super useful for short leads inbetween verses or from a big chorus into a soft verse. Its also helpful in that it can expand your dynamic range. its great just back off your picking and your tubes can sound clean then dig in and it will make them scream great pedal true bypass a lot cheaper than most good boost and it sounds great highly recommended
Music background: church musician guitarist

Sweetwater Advice

Mitch Gallagher

Need a little boost in your guitar playing? Then here's the solution: the brand-new tc electronic Spark Mini Boost! The Spark Mini Boost is a clean boost pedal in a compact enclosure - I love these little "bantam"-sized pedals; they allow you to put together a small pedalboard that still has plenty of power. Perfect for "grab it and go" rigs and gigs. But small size doesn't indicate a lack of performance. The Spark Mini Boost offers 20dB of gain and transparent sound quality with just a hint of beef in the lower mids. My favorite setup is to run the Spark Mini Boost into an amp that's running just on the verge of breakup. When you really dig in with the pick, you get a nice crunch, but lighten up, and the tone is clean. Then, with the Spark Mini Boost set to 12 o'clock, you get a nice jump in volume, a fatter tone, and a nice singing breakup that's perfect for dynamic leads. I like to have a clean boost pedal on my pedalboard, but real estate is always an issue. Now, with the Spark Mini Boost, I can always include a great boost pedal without taking up hardly any space at all. Highly recommended!
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