Behringer S16 16-channel Digital Snake

16-channel Digital Snake with Remote-controllable Midas-designed Mic Pres, an AES50 Network Port with Klark Teknik SuperMac Technology, and Ultranet Integration with Powerplay P16 Systems
Behringer S16 16-channel Digital Snake image 1
Behringer S16 16-channel Digital Snake image 1
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Behringer S16 16-channel Digital Snake
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An Unheard-of Value in a Digital Snake!

Like many that came before it, the Behringer S16 digital snake system provides live sound professionals like you with the convenience of remote-controlled onstage microphone preamps, and it replaces your bulky analog snake with a lightweight and inexpensive Cat 5 Ethernet cable. But it provides you with other great options as well, such as total integration with Behringer's awesome Powerplay personal monitoring system. Simply put: the S16 system gives you less headaches, takes less time to set up, and requires less cabling than any typical analog snake system. It also costs less and gives you more options. See? Sometimes less really is more. Step up to the digital age - order your Behringer S16 digital snake system from Sweetwater today!

Behringer S16 Digital Snake System at a Glance:
  • AES50 networking capability provides compatibility with many digital mixers
  • Remote-controllable preamps make setup fast, easy, and painless
  • Total integration with Behringer's P-16 personal monitoring system
AES50 networking capability provides compatibility with many digital mixers

When Behringer first developed their S16 digital snake, they intended it to go hand-in-hand with their powerful X32 digital mixing system. But limiting such a convenient and affordable digital snake to the X32 alone would have been a shame, which is why Behringer designed it around the strict guidelines established by Klark Teknik. The result is an affordable digital snake that's completely compatible with any digital console that sports an AES50 digital Ethernet connection. So, if you're running a Midas or a Behringer digital mixing board with an AES50 Ethernet port on it, you're never more than a single connection away from your stage box.

Remote-controllable preamps make setup fast, easy, and painless

Even if you try to get a jog in every day, no one likes having to run up to the stage every time you have to make an adjustment to your stage box. Thanks to the S16's remote-controllable preamp design, those back-and-forth cross-venue dashes are a thing of the past. Using the Klark Teknik SuperMAC protocol, your S16 will show up in your digital mixer's OS, giving you the control you need over your pres, right from the front of house position. And by the way, these preamps are the exact same high-quality Midas-designed preamps found in the X32 console, so you know you're getting quality sound with low noise and tons of headroom.

Total integration with Behringer's P-16 personal monitoring system

Streamlined, affordable, and super-easy-to-use, everyone's raving about Behringer's Powerplay P16 personal monitoring systems. When you add an S16 digital snake system to your PA rig, you're not just getting a great set of remote-controllable preamps and ditching tons of bulky cable, you're ready to add an advanced personal monitoring system directly inline with the rig you already have. That's because your S16 digital snake comes equipped with Ultranet connectivity, which provides your Powerplay P16-M monitor controllers with a digital split straight from the stage box.

Behringer S16 Digital Snake System Features:
  • Simple, flexible, and affordable digital snake system that works with any AES50 network-ready digital console
  • 16 x fully programmable and remote-controllable Midas-designed mic preamps give you exceptional sound, right from the stage
  • 8 x analog, servo-balanced XLR outputs let you send complete monitor mixes to the stage
  • AES50 network ports featuring Klark Teknik SuperMac technology, providing you with ultra-low latency digital audio that's in-ear compatible
  • Up to 328' of networking capability via a single lightweight CAT-5e cable (not included)
  • Dual AES50 ports let you cascade multiple S16 units, without a merger or a router
  • Precise LED metering plus 7-segment displays let you keep a close eye on your levels
  • Headphones output assignable to any of the inputs/outputs for on-stage monitoring
  • Ultranet connectivity for Behringer's Powerplay P16 Personal Monitoring System is perfect for In-ear applications
  • Dual ADAT outputs for use in splitter mode and stand-alone digital multicore applications
  • MIDI In/Out for bi-directional communication between FOH console and on-stage MIDI devices
  • USB connector for system updates via PC
  • Planet Earth switching power supply for maximum flexibility, noise-free audio, superior transient response plus low power consumption for energy saving
  • Durable yet compact, all-steel 2U rack-mount chassis provides flexible mounting
Free yourself from cumbersome analog snakes - get your Behringer S16 digital snake from Sweetwater!

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Tech Specs

Type Digital Snake
Channels 16
Inputs 16 x XLR
Outputs 8 x XLR, 1 x 1/4" (headphones)
Digital I/O 2 x EtherCon (AES50), 1 x RJ45 (Ultranet), 2 x Optical (ADAT out)
Data I/O 1 x USB Type B
Rackmountable 2U
Manufacturer Part Number S16

Customer Reviews

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Great Product

Great way to expand the port on our system
Music background: Audio Engineer

Pretty good

Works as it's supposed to, there's a couple routing issues like the drum sub mixes and p16 that didn't stick when adding this on, but not a major deal.
Music background: Worship leader/musician


I'm an old-old school analog guy (my other mixer is a Neve, seriously). When I saw the original X32 flagship console I knew this was going to be huge. I bought the console because it was so cheap and looked cool, it turned out to really be a game changer for me. My current system is the X32 flagship console, an X32r, and two S16. The S16 have some, seldom talked about features, you can hook two of these together without an X32 and have a functional digital snake. The Behringer manuals have become torture, six or seven languages interspersed with each other and the pictures. My setup was not clear and obvious from the documentation but after experimenting for a while I figured it out. The X32r is now the master with the two S16 feeding it. I'm only using it in a studio situation. The X32r is talking to a new Mac Pro Cylinder via USB2 and I'm running Logic X in the latest Mac OS. I have an iPad Air so that I can control the X32r remotely and an iPad Mini running Logic remote. Finally, I can sit in my drum booth and play drums, see all my levels, tweak preamps, run the transport, and most importantly feel free to play the parts on my instrument and know they're being captured well. It does not matter which inputs feed the X32r, I hear zero latency and love all the mixing and monitoring options. I do have six of the 16-channel headphone monitor mixers, they are fed by one of the S16 that was convenient for locating the distribution hub which phantom powers the headphone stations. This system is a dream come true for musicians smart enough to use it, I could not be more impressed and have zero regrets. I can record 16 tracks of drums while playing along with a dozen tracks of recorded analog vocals/guitar/bass and another dozen virtual synths plus gobs of plug-in intensive effects like convolution reverbs, the first generation recording quality of the X32 system is phenomenal (converters in my mixing room are Apogee). Tracks recorded with the X32 are easy to mix and they sound huge through the Neve/Apogee/analog combination. The sound quality of the S16 is excellent and identical to that of the onboard inputs on an X32 mixer. By having multiple S16 you effectively add additional inputs to your mixer and at the push of a button, recall a different setup to take advantage of inputs in blocks of eight throughout the installation. One of my S16 is in the drum room and the other is in the keyboard area. All this flexibility combined with the very cool and functional iPad apps makes this a Six-Star product. My Sweetwater sales guy makes this stuff too easy lol. Good luck and good music to everyone!
Music background: Pro musician


I love this product, used it this past weekend while the group I play with was out gigging, ran one thin Cat-6 cable a 100 feet hooked every thing up and sound checked 30 minutes quicker than we had ever sound checked at this place before. Man it is great.
Music background: Lifetime Musician

Very Nice

I have an X32 Console. I bought the S16 with an X32 Rack so that I could use that setup when we don't have a sound guy and are mixing from the stage. See my review on the X32 for more info. The idea is to have a setup that is easier to carry, easier to setup and more flexible for practice, gigs and recording. This setup accomplishes all of that and I am extremely pleased with the results. Although, I got this primarily to use when mixing on stage, it is very nice when you have a sound guy also. I only have to run one small network cable from the mixer to the stage. I'm thinking about getting another one for recording and for when I need all 32 inputsj at the end of the snake.
Music background: Played in bands for about 35 years, lead guitarist, singer.
See also: Behringer, Behringer Stage Snakes