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Rode NT1 Kit Reviews

5.0 stars based on 25 customer reviews
Questions about the Rode NT1 Kit?

Questions about the Rode NT1 Kit?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Sweetwater Advice

  • Nick Mock

    As a singer/songwriter, I needed an affordable studio mic that would not only record
    natural-sounding vocals, but be versatile enough to record multiple instruments - and do both with great quality. The Rode NT1 was the answer. It provides crisp audio with extremely clear highs, mids, and lows - my vocals and guitar now sit so nicely in the mix! And a nice bonus is that it comes with such a quality shock mount and pop filter.

  • from Ken April 15, 2017Music Background:

    Better than the NT1A For Me.

    I am extremely pleased with this mic. I have used the RODE NT1A for rap vocals for years. I was able to get some great recordings with it. I usually had the EQ those frequencies out with that mic. THe NT1A provides a bump in the higher frequencies for the air that most vocalists need. However my voice has a harsh tone in the higher frequency range. I decided to go with the NT1 because it had a more flat response. i can tell you after recording 3 songs with this mic that my vocals have never sounded better. I have to do very little EQ (usually just a high pass). My vocals seem to be more balanced and more present with this mic.

  • from Everett, WA February 22, 2017

    NL1 Rode "This is a keeper"

    Well I have to say that Joe at Sweetwater knows me well. Before I give my review I have to say Joe is an amazing salesperson. I buy all my products from Joe and Sweetwater. He and they are the best in the business period. I trust his advice and professionalism and honesty. Joe knows I am the return king when I buy something that just isn't a 10 out of a 10. Joe always says don't worry about it and here is your RMA number.

    In the last few months I have bought and returned about four microphones that I thought was the top of the line. First one was the new MK-8 (699.00) then the expensive Neumann (1300.00) and then the lower price Neumann for (699.00) then the new LA-350 tube mic that was (699.00) and then a few others that I will not mention. The above four were the ones I concentrated on and tried out based on reviews and popularity from consumers worldwide.

    Joe will tell you I am the pickiest person in the world. I am always looking for perfection. When I first got the microphone I was blown away by the construction. This thing is made for battle and it looks awesome. Beautiful black blasting and so professional looking. You can see the Australian company did a fantastic job on research and build and quality of this microphone. Looks like and feels like a 2000 to 3000 microphone.

    First day I plugged it into my Voice Live Touch 2 from TC Helicon and routed it into my Focusrite Scarlet I818 second generation box and started singing. It sounded terrible and had already communicated with Joe for a RMA to send back. Joe sent me a RMA as always. I was going to send it back and started thinking that maybe I was doing something wrong when I se it up. I was right. I changed a setting or two and brought up the right setting on the VLT2 in microphone input and output settings and wow I was blown away. When I started singing a song I had to stop half way through and check this thing to see if it was really the microphone or the hardware. I found out it was the microphone.

    This mic is 10 times better than the others I have mentioned and it is so quiet and super clear. You really hear your voice under all conditions. I can't explain it. I set my voice box to have 10 background singers singing harmony and your true voice is so understood and near perfect even though the background singers would normally muffle your voice out a little or not make you stand out as much. I didn't even use the pop filter which is super cool looking and I heard no pops or air on those trouble letters when you sing. The shock mount is really nice. I have never bought a Rode mic in my life but I love this microphone.

    From my experience and testing I would recommend this microphone to everyone in the music business. I give this mic all 5 stars plus and would surely recommend this to my friends. A salute to the Rode company in Australia. They really nailed their product on this one. A great thank you to Sweetwater. I would rather wait 2 to 5 days for equipment from Sweetwater then buy from my local music stores.

    Finally a very special thank you to you Joe because without your professional opinion and advice I would have never experienced this gem'

    Thank you

    Jaye Fayed
    Everett, WA

  • from Philly January 17, 2017Music Background:

    Great vocal mic

    Love this mix for vocals and acoustic guitar. Its been my go-to home studio mic for 2 years.

  • from Queens, NY January 10, 2017Music Background:

    Laid one scratch vox track...

    This mic is outrageous. It's absolutely perfect for my voice. Sounds like it needs zero eq. In fact I didn't realize I had that good a voice! :-D But it really gives some body /fullness and is totally smooth. Soft parts came out gorgeous, hard rocking part was handled perfectly. Now I want to re-record every track from the last year. Can't wait to use it on acoustic and even drums. What a deal for the shockmount too.

  • from December 26, 2016Music Background:
    Hip Hop , Trap


    i love this mic,its grat for vocalist and instuments ...but before you buy just remeber to get 48v phantom power !!! and it only took 4 days to arive

  • from Burnsville, MN November 28, 2016Music Background:
    Voice Actor

    Love the NT1

    This microphone sounds so great and it's so quiet. Thought it would be good but not this good. Matches up to microphones 4 times the price.

  • from Cedar Falls, IA April 29, 2016

    Great Mic.

    Really good mic. for the $$$$ . Good solid build and fits my needs in my home studio perfectly. As to it's sound , it sits in a mix very well without the need for lot's of EQ etc. . I just add a little verb and I'm ready to go. I'd like to thank Wayne Davis for his help and advice. Call him , he knows his stuff. My only complaint is the mic didn't make me sing like Stevie Wonder - oh well.

  • from Wyoming November 22, 2015Music Background:
    Producer, Audio Engineer, multi-instrument musician

    Unbelievably Amazing!

    After just a few recordings, I realized this is the perfect mic for so many applications. Aside from the unbelievably low cost, the flat specs are so perfect for vocals, drum kicks and snares, guitar, you name it. The specs are so close to the Neumann U87, it's scary. The Rode NT1 (kit) is so warm and gorgeous sounding. The incredibly flat response with a very negligible 2dB rise in the high/mid area just before rolling off makes mixing your takes almost effortless. No sharp "ess" here! The low end rolls off at the perfect frequency to capture everything you want, and nothing you don't. Instead of mixing around the characteristics of a certain microphone, this one's an absolute breeze! Everything about the NT1 is positive and noteworthy; right down to the shock mount. Those who are complaining about a "cheap plastic" shock mount are quite sadly un-educated in the best methods and materials to isolate a mic... It's NOT cheap plastic... It's very well thought out technology. The shock mount is so unique it actually isolates the entire mic capsule itself from ever coming in contact with the shock mount. THAT is great thinking. Way to go Rode!!! As well... this mic is dead silent. It doesn't have that ambient noise-floor where you get several dB's of noise being picked up when nothing is going on in the recording room! I believe this is an amazingly well-designed mic and shock mount system at ANY price... With today's technology, you shouldn't have to pay thousands of dollars for a "legend" to get incredible sound, and the Rode NT1 is the perfect mic to prove that! Besides, all legends start somewhere; and the Rode NT1 is well on its way to becoming one!

  • from Indiana November 10, 2015Music Background:
    Solo Recording Artist

    Stellar Mic - Amazing Value!

    I've used this mic for over a year now. I've used it on my own vocals and acoustic guitar. It is super quiet and really gives a super flat response in my recordings. You really can't go wrong with having at least one of these in your setup. Rode's website even has some helpful tutorials on how to utilize mic techniques with this mic, something I found very useful starting out. No doubt I will continue to use this mic for years to come!

  • from Fl October 12, 2015Music Background:
    Keyboardist/ Producer

    This is the mic

    Thw tone of this mic is outstanding. I love the way it sits right in the mix. You don't have to work hard to eq. Great job Rode great job.

  • from Waterford, MI, USA July 23, 2015Music Background:
    Worship Director, home/studio recording and mix engineer, multi-musician, etc. etc.

    Amazing Mic At Any Price!

    I engineered in a legit recording studio for 5+ years and used some of the "best" (most expensive) gear on the market, so my sonic standards are pretty high when it comes to gear for recording at home.

    That said, my gear budget at home doesn't come remotely close the budget at the studio, so I absolutely love when a piece of gear outperforms it's price point. The NT1 does that and more. It doesn't matter what I put in front of this mic, it sounds great and sits well in the mix. It sounds nearly as good in spare room at my house, through a $500 8-channel interface as a $6,000 German tube condenser sounded at the studio, through a $2,500 tube pre, analog desk, and a Pro Tools HD rig. What really sets this mic apart is the clarity and "clean-ness" of the source signal. I have been known to use strong parallel compression on certain tracks in certain mixes, which will bring the signal noise floor up considerably, but anything recorded with this mic is just clean as can be. I'm talking about crushing peaks and bringing up the quietest parts of a signal 7-10db or more without any perceptible noise increase, even when solo'd! I don't have any other piece of gear that can do that.

    I would put this mic in the must-have category for not only the home recordist, but the studio pro as well. This mic performs as one costing easily 4x what you pay for this kit. The shock mount and pop screen take some getting used to visually, but they have functioned flawlessly for me. Get one now! Heck, get two! I'm buying more as soon as the budget allows.

  • from Colfax, CA May 19, 2015Music Background:
    Voice actor

    Voice actor with Rode NT 1 Kit

    Great mic with warm tones and a frequency response that mimics the higher priced Neumann TLM 103. In the booth doing voice acting this mic has really upped my game. Took a little getting used to only because you don't need a lot of processing to get great sound out of this mic. My other mic is an AT 2035 and is a great mic as well, but brings a little more high end than I like, but still a keeper for those projects that need a higher end sound. At first I thought the shock mount and pop screen were a little obtrusive and in the way but have gotten used to the setup since using it for a while. There have been complaints about the pop screen not working well for stopping those blasts of air, but since I work a little off axis, I have not had those problems. I run my Rode NT1 through a dbx 286a channel strip and am getting great results with and without the processing section. For voice over work and my voice I really love my NT1.

  • from Naples, FL USA April 23, 2015Music Background:
    Assistant to Van Beethoven

    Affordable quality

    First thing I want to mention is that there is one pin that looks much longer than the other two. This is apparently fine but sent me searching the web for a while thinking I had a defective mic. This is my first mic other than headset boom style mic's or USB types, so basically my first XLR mic. Reason for the longer pin is because it's the ground and the purpose is to have the ground be the first and last thing connected to protect it.

    The quality is great. The recordings I've just tested sound incredible. Although I do play several instruments, this mic is not intended for recording since I play directly through my DAW. This mic is for my other hobby in video editing and recording narration and creating tutorials. There's a Steinway dealer near me that I recently got some side work from. My work will be with the owner and myself only so I plan on packing some things and asking if i can do some recording while I'm there. Maybe get some samples to load in my latest keyboard. My lack of experience with mic's doesn't make this a great review, but hopefully it at least helps others that come here wondering about the 3rd pin! Haha.

  • from Clarksburg, WV September 8, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Rode NT1 Kit

    It does a great job! - the price was low too! Extremely Low-noise Large-diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone with SRM Combination Shock Mount and Pop Screen. just like the invoice said. we had the cable and the power form the Bose tone match with L1 aray

  • from Glendale CA USA May 9, 2014Music Background:
    singer songwriter. home studio owner

    Rode NT1 Kit

    I compared on recording Rode NT1 Kit with Neumann TLM 103 cost almost 1000$.Effect was unbelievably. For home studio where actually we don't have enough sound protection. Numan was too sensitive Rode more useful. It is real nice mic

  • from Monterrey, MX May 8, 2014Music Background:
    pro musician and songwriter

    Awesome natural sound!!

    I've been using this mic since the day it arrived and I just have to say it has an incredibly uncolored sound, so natural and warm. I tough will take some time learning how to use it (as it happened last time I've got a new condenser) but since the first take I've got a really nice sound to work on with no harsh at all. I guess this mic is the best choice at this price and the best for me was how easy I've got a great sound without any post. I'd recommend this mic for musicians getting serious about studio quality sound.

  • from Euclid, OH April 4, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician.


    This is the best microphone I have ever had the pleasure of using. With good technique and an open mind, I'm convinced that you can use this microphone to capture any sound that can be heard with the human ear. The frequency response is as close to flat as I've ever heard and there is virtually no self-noise in the mic. Unbelievable. I must buy another, or three. Buy it.

  • from Chico CA March 20, 2014Music Background:

    hold the brakes on those thousand dollar mics

    brutally i'm going to be honest, before this beautiful piece of equipment i owned a mxl v89 this mic is very very good and clean mxl makes awesome mics and it had me and my producer trippin and flippin out about its clarity and sound, but then things got real i got more serious started to look into specs and what things ment as far as microphones go and the more i learned only made me feel dumb for even wasting my money on the mxl, then i spent about a good month researching microphones i looked at akg mics and specs neuman specs found that the neuman specs are the up most best far as build quality performance etc. started looking at these rode mics and heard through the grape vine that rode re-done there nt1-a witch is now the nt1 model found that the specs of the rode actually out do the neuman u87's as far as ohms go and self noise this thing is quit like awkwardly quit no hiss no hum no nothing what you say is what you get do to its extremely flat response it hardly has any peak at all and the peak at the end adds just the right amount of air it has such a rich and fresh tone and when i yield real close and it clipped it actually emulated the neuman's sound it had that dirty-ness that is actually wanted me and my producer lowered the levels on this thing to negative 40 db witch is un heard of this mic didn't show no sings of clipping when in fact any other mic would start to sound like sand paper at negative 20 db this mic is an amazing buy you cannot go wrong i cant stress this enough from its incredible engineering to the internal shock mount on the capsule its a musical feat in equipment you guys at rode have won me over with this one and ill also add the pre-amp that it was running through was nothing fancy it was about 250 $$$ and the vocals weren't compressed and it didnt even need much eq at all to sound good either hardly any so we ran a test and simply talked through the mic and heard my vocals coming through the monitors it sounds like real life its not even harsh on the s's you have little to no simbulance in your vocals with this thing buy one and find out yourself :) and to all you gear heads who do have avalon pre's yada yada plug this thing into it im sure you'll put your more expensive mics on the shelf i dont doubt it

  • from Los Angeles, CA December 17, 2013Music Background:
    touring musician, studio musician, live and studio engineer

    Rode NT1 Kit

    Man, I've fallen in love with this mic pretty quickly. It has a fuller over all presence from my NT1-A yet is still transparent. What's great is it didn't make my other mic obsolete, I still use my NT1-A when I want a little brighter response. The new shock mount and windscreen is killer.

  • from United States December 17, 2013Music Background:

    Amazing value

    This microphone is incredible! I have owned the NT1A for years now, and use it all the time, so I thought I would give the new one a go. The frequency response is FLAT - something you don't usually see on a very affordable mic. The shockmount is amazing - both in looks and performance! I have used it with a bunch of my other mics too - very handy. Love it - what a cool package.

  • from Oklahoma April 8, 2016

    Great all purpose mic

    I record vocals, guitar and piano with this mic. Great mic.

  • from October 20, 2015

    great mic but...

    i love the mic. my only problem is with the pop filter. as clever as the arrangement is, we voiceovers tend to record "off-access". the mic can swivel but the pop filter can not - so it is hardly of any use to me

  • from April 24, 2015

    Very clean mic

    Very happy with this mic. Clean and crisp for narration of audiobooks.

  • from Lake Tahoe area July 14, 2014Music Background:
    Pro composer and musician, mostly guitar and keyboards

    Rode NT1 is a good choice

    While not "blown away" by this microphone I am very pleased with the way it picks up sound. It is my thinking that in these times of amazing technology and manufacturing techniques it is ludicrous to think that an average company cannot build a high quality, ultra-sensitive microphone for less than what it costs to make a cell phone. The technology gap between these two items is vast yet there are many microphone vendors out there trying to get us to believe that it is more difficult and expensive to build a condenser microphone than a cutting edge laptop, cell phone or television. If you are spending more than a couple of hundred dollars on a microphone then you are wasting your money on "supposed" quality and technology that simply doesn't exist. Before I spend more than that on a microphone it better take high res pix and vids, synch with my desktop and a whole lot more. Back in the 1900's it probably did make a difference who you bought a microphone from and how much it cost but these days anyone can buy some high tech manufacturing technology and churn out a good microphone for next to nothing; plus, all the key patents have expired too. Having said that, Rode is a solid company that makes good stuff and they have great approach to marketing (just check out their website to see what I mean) so I am sure you can rely on them to not cut any corners or use inferior materials. For the money you get a great microphone along with an excellent shock mount, pop screen, and dust cover; everything you need to get busy with recording. The only downside is that they don't include a handy storage container for the kit. To that I say, "Come on Rode, a blow molded case only costs a few dollars."

  • from Reston, VA USA March 16, 2014Music Background:
    Engineer, Producer, Musician

    Good Mic, Not so Hot on the accessories

    The mic is quite nice; I like the sound, and feel it's quite a step up from the NT1-A; more natural sounding to me for sure.

    The plastic shock mount that comes with the kit is less of a success with me. Using the NT1-A shock mount, I can touch the stand and not hear it in the mic. Using the new NT1 shockmount, every vibration seems to be communicated through the hard plastic joints.

    I'm also not a fan of the new pop screen; when I use one of the more traditional cloth ones, I have a very hard time hearing whether the shield is in use or not. When I use the plastic affair with this mic, I can tell by ear every time whether the shield is there or not.

    The old model shock mount and windscreen (For NT-1A) work great with this mic, so next time I'll probably not buy the kit, just buy the NT1 mic and the old shockmount / windscreen combo.

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