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Power Conditioning

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Not all power outlets provide clean, stable power - use power conditioning to ensure your gear isn't compromised by faulty power. Professional-quality power conditioning solutions like the ones we carry at Sweetwater goes far beyond the typical hardware store power strips, providing transformer isolation and advanced filtering that acts like a safety net protecting your gear from potentially hazardous power issues.

Where do you plan on powering up your gear? For home studio use, power conditioning with basic filtering for EMF/RFI interference may be all you need for clean, stable power. If you're working in multiple locations, or gigging on the road, you should consider more advanced power conditioning that also provides voltage regulation - this ensures that you're powering your gear with a stable 120V, even if the club's power outlet is providing less, more, or even a fluctuating voltage amount that could compromise the performance of your gear.

How many devices do you need to power? Make sure you're equipping yourself with enough outlets to grow your setup in the future. Another thing to consider is power sequencing - some devices like studio monitors should be powered up after your audio interface or mixer (and powered down first), to avoid speaker-damaging pops and clicks. Power conditioning solutions with sequenced power allow you to plug in your whole rig, then power devices on/off in the correct order.

Sweetwater's in-house service center has helped with countless cases of gear damaged by faulty power issues - many of these situations could have been avoided by power conditioning. While we're help to help in every capacity that we can, but that doesn't help you if your amp goes down at a gig, or if a power surge stops a recording session.

Questions about Power Conditioning?

Questions about Power Conditioning?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Power Conditioning?

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