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Equalizer Plug-ins

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As you probably know, sound is an entanglement of various frequencies. In order to shape and adjust those frequencies, you will need an EQ plug-in. Sweetwater offers a wide variety of EQ plug-ins, but which one is right for you?

There are two basic types of equalizer plug-ins you can find at Sweetwater. First, there are parametric equalizers. These have the most precision and control over your audio. If you want to make very tight corrections, a parametric equalizer plug-in is the best choice. They give you control over exactly what frequency you want to change, how much boosting or cutting you’d like to apply, and how wide an area around your chosen frequency you’d like to affect.

Your second type of plug-in is graphic EQ, which get their name from their interface: the sliders are shown graphically. Graphic equalizer plug-ins offer many bands per channel (usually 15 to 30). Despite each slider being static in their spectrum and bandwidth, they allow you to make many changes at once. Consider why and where you’ll use your EQ to make the right choice!

Will you be using your EQ plug-in for live performances? Look for wide curves and the opportunity for quick adjustments. Parametric equalizers are a great choice for this type of situation. Parametric EQs are great for studio settings where you have more time to dive in and make fine adjustments. However, both can be used in either setting. It’s up to you.

Want your sound to be natural and smooth? A passive EQ plug-in is a great choice. These equalizers don't have any amplification in their filter designs, so your high frequencies will sound extra sweet and your mid-range adjustments will be smooth. Do you want transparent-sounding tones? Look for a linear-phase EQ, which will be great at avoiding distortion.

Before deciding on an equalizer plug-in, make sure to check whether it's compatible with your system. You can also decide whether you need an upgrade or want the full version. And be sure to check for an academic version of your desired plug-in for a nice discount. Whatever you decide on, Sweetwater is here to help you take your EQ tools to the next level!

Questions about Equalizer Plug-ins?

Questions about Equalizer Plug-ins?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Equalizer Plug-ins?

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