Avalon VT-737sp

Tube Microphone / Instrument Preamplifier, Opto-compressor, and Sweep Equalizer
Avalon VT-737sp image 1
Avalon VT-737sp image 1
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Avalon VT-737sp
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The Ultimate In Mic Pre Performance and Control!

The VT-737sp brings its magic touch to everything in your studio. Run your dullest, most sterile mic through the VT-737sp and you'll be amazed at how warm and sweet it sounds. This 2-rackspace combo brings a new standard to high-end audio, taking your sound to places you never thought possible and giving you precise creative control. The VT-737 will energize your recordings!

Avalon VT-737sp Channel Strip at a Glance:
  • Class A preamp design with three input selections
  • Opto-compressor with minimum signal path
  • Sweepable EQ and hardwired bypass
Class A preamp design with three input selections

The VT-737sp has three input selections: First, it features a higher-performance microphone input transformer with 48-volt phantom selection. Second, the VT-737sp offers an instrument DI high-source input with a jack located on front panel. Finally, the VT-737sp includes a balanced line input with discrete high-level Class A circuitry. The Class A preamplifier utilizes two cascaded, dual vacuum tube triodes configured with minimum negative feedback. A high-gain switch boosts the overall gain of the preamplifier. The four high-quality tubes are configured as singled-ended anode coupled followers. A passive/variable highpass filter and hardwired relay bypass completes the VT-737sp's input signal conditioning. A phase reverse relay is available on all three inputs.

Opto-compressor with minimum signal path

The VT-737sp's opto-compressor features a minimum signal path design with twin Class A vacuum tube triodes for gain matching. The optical attenuator acts as a simple passive level controller. Full dynamic control from soft compression to hard- knee limiting can be achieved with threshold, ratio-compression, attack and release controls plus gain reduction selection on the large VU meter. Special spectral control including de-ess is available with the dual sweep mid EQ to side-chain switch. The VT-737sp's EQ section can be flipped pre or post the opto-compressor via a front-panel switch for alternate effects and tone shaping. Two VT-737sps can be linked via a rear panel link cable for stereo tracking. The compressor bypass is a sealed silver relay for the most direct signal path.

Sweepable EQ and hardwired bypass

The VT-737sp equalizer utilizes 100% discrete, Class A-high-voltage transistors for optimum sonic performance. The high- and low-frequency bands provide the smooth characteristics of an all passive design, while the dual mid bands include variable frequency and switched Q-width selection. The enhanced range of the VT-737sp's mid bands is extended into the high and low bands by the use of X10 frequency multipliers. The bypass switch incorporates a sealed silver relay for the most direct signal path. When the EQ to sidechain is engaged, the high-low EQ remains in the audio path for "tone enhancement." The output level control provides a variable control of the overall signal path. The output amplifier utilizes another dual triode vacuum tube driving a 100% discrete, Class A, high-current, balanced and DC coupled low noise output amplifier.

Avalon VT-737sp Channel Strip Features:
  • Vacuum tube and discrete design
  • Ideal for DAW and digital recording
  • Wide range of tube tone and control
  • Excellent value for performance
  • Rugged Avalon construction
The Avalon VT-737 - Let your mics perform better than they ever have before!

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VT-737sp In Stock!

Tech Specs

Preamp Type Tube
Number of Channels 1
Frequency Response 10Hz-120kHz
Phantom Power Yes
EQ Yes
Compressor Yes
Analog Inputs 1 x XLR (mic), 1 x XLR (line in), 1 x 1/4" (Hi-Z)
Analog Outputs 1 x XLR (line out)
Other I/O 1 x 1/4" (link)
Rack Spaces 2U
Height 3.5"
Depth 12"
Width 19"
Weight 22 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number VT-737SP

Customer Reviews

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The gold standard

If you record vocals do yourself a favor and buy an Avalon. have a big studio sound anywhere. This is must own gear if you are in the Pop, R and B or Hip Hop genres.
Music background: Hip hop / pop / r and b engineer

After using this, there is NO OTHER Channel Strip!!!

I use the 737sp in my setup a lot, mainly as a front-end when I'm recording into Logic with a Rosetta interface. Paired with a Neumann U-87, this thing is unbeatable. I love to use it on my R&B songs, as it adds an intimacy and warmth like no other. The best of the best!
Music background: Recording Engineer/Producer

An Industry Standard

I owned a Fousrite Liquid Channel and the setting I always used on it was the 737 Pre with the 737 Compressor. So I just bought the real thing and there simply isn’t enough that can be said about this preamp. It gives a great presence on vocals. It’s a perfect pre amp for anyone in Hip-Hop, R&B or Pop but It's fantastic in any genre. I have even listened back to recordings I used the Liquid Channel on compared to the 737SP and its a night and day comparison. The Liquid Channel is VERY thin compared to the 737, and that is with the 737SP emulation on the Liquid Channel. And if you need validation names like Christina Aguilera, Orgy, Motley Crue, Snoop Dogg, Bob Dylan, The Crystal Method, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Puff Daddy, Crazy Town, AC/DC. Disney Productions. Kelly Clarkson, Dr Dre and more have all used this preamp. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me. We all know a great vocal also needs a great mike and more than anything else a great engineer. But if you are going to buy one pre amp, the Avalon 737SP should be the one.
Music background: Engineer/Producer

It's just not fair how good this unit sounds!!

I purchased my unit a couple of weeks ago after spending months researching and laboring over what I should get. I have always had a desire to purchase a top end vocal pre and when the time came I actually became a little concerned.....could this unit really be worth the money it was going to take to buy it??? I was hoping that I didn't experience buyers remorse when I got it! Well let me tell you....I DIDN'T!!. This unit is truly incredible. It's warm, sounds like butter....anything you plug into it sounds better period. I am still experimenting daily with it...but it's easy to use and I use it on everything I record now....I mic my guitars with it, I run guitars direct, there is no need to ever buy a bass amp or head...because this unit makes your bass guitar sound huge....and vocals...well lets just say that I used to spend all my time trying to overcome the nasty things about recording vocals...but now I can focus on dialing in what I like about a vocal sound....it's a pleasure to use. If i had enough money I would own mulitple units for my studio!!! The only negative at all about this unit is that is does not have a gate. For people like me that are essentially recording at home without high end isolation booths this can be a problem as this unit picks up everything with my Neumann TLM 103 microphone. However, if you own a decent gate then it's a problem that is easily correctible. All in all, if you are considering this unit you won't be dissapointed with the results. It's professional quality gear!
Music background: Semi-Professional musician, project studio owner, engineer, producer

Im In LOVE!!!

i just bought one a couple days ago, its perfect to me...not to hot, not to steril, it leaves room for plug-ins to do some of the work if u want a hot sound, yet its smooth and warm and most will like it as is, its as clean and clear as i think i can get with my at 40/50 and it sounds album ready, no more tedious mixing trying to get my vocals to be over or under the beat, this baby makes it sit perfect inside the track, worth every red cent, no regrets here, if ur debating on whether to make this one happen or not for urself, i'd say to do it, there ones that are more expensive and sligtly cheaper but this is the ONE!!! there's a reason why it keeps showing up in music videos!!!! lol, 6 out of 5 stars for me....do urself a favor and get this badboy
Music background: recording engineer, producer,

Sweetwater Advice

Mike Conyers

The Avalon! It's simply impossible to go wrong with this piece; I've used it for hip-hop vocals, acoustic guitar, rock singing, and more! This is a channel strip that will never fall out of use in your studio, I guarantee it!

Delvin Wolf

No matter what mic you're using, no matter what you're recording, I've never been able to get the VT737SP to sound bad. What a great "go-to" channel strip.

Shaka Dhladhla

The Avalon VT-737sp was the first mic pre I added to my studio. The results I've been able to achieve when I run vocals through it still amaze me! The control and full sound give the vocals definition and a character that engineers strive to attain. I don't know where I'd be without it! Without a doubt, this is a must-have in any project studio.

Patrick Dennis

Huge, Heavy, Awesome, Warm! The VT737SP is for ANYONE who wants great sound. Period!
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