Chandler Limited TG Channel MKII

Preamp/DI with Pultec-style EQ
Chandler Limited TG Channel MKII image 1
Chandler Limited TG Channel MKII image 1
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Chandler Limited TG Channel MKII
Special Order

The sound of Abbey Road in your Rack!

The Chandler Limited TG Channel MKII is a re-creation of several classic circuits and combines a TG2 preamp section with an equalizer that was redesigned from an equalization circuit used in EMI's TG12410 Transfer console - the mastering counterpart to the original "Beatles desks." The Chandler Limited version has been remade using original design information and circuit board drawings as provided by Abbey Road to ensure extreme authenticity. Chandler Limited even remolded the old TG-style pointer knobs. Inject authentic Abbey Road vibe in your recordings with the Chandler Limited TG Channel MKII.

Chandler Limited TG Channel MkII at a Glance:
  • Juice your productions with bone fide Abbey Road vibe
  • So awesome-sounding, your sound is sweetened just by passing through it
  • Sounds like a fine musical instrument - not a modern surgical tool
Juice your productions with bone fide Abbey Road vibe

Capturing the magic of the original equipment found in Abbey Road Studios - the very same used for Beatles' albums, not to mention Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, Chandler has brought the sound of the most famous studio in the world to engineers the world over.

So awesome-sounding, your sound is sweetened just by passing through it

The preamp section of the TG Channel MKII beautifully replicates the sound of the original, and, to many ears, possibly improves the high-end response. The EQ section provides Pultec-style control over the sound, and, like a vintage unit, the sound is sweetened just by passing through it. The recordings done with the original gear are still reference points for both musicians and engineers. Now you can own the same gear!

Sounds like a fine musical instrument - not a modern surgical tool

The active portions of the unit use the same discrete amplifiers and transformers as in the TG1 Limiter and TG2 pre amp. The passive equalizer portion of the EQ is an all inductor design and offers sweet high frequencies with large inductor based lows, and a very high "Q" mid cut section. Designed to sound like a fine musical instrument instead of a modern surgical tool, it's sound is very comparable to Pultec and Lang program EQs but made from TG circuits. A simple description would be a TG Pultec with a TG pre amp thrown in. Gear.

Chandler Limited TG Channel MkII Features:
  • Mic Pre and DI
  • Controls over input and output levels allows running input hot without overloading the recorder
  • Flexible EQ section
  • Note: this unit requires the Chandler Limited Power Supply
Nail that Abbey Road sound with Chandler Limited's TG Channel MkII!

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Additional Media

Studio Preamp Buying Guide
TG Channel MKII Cue Sheet
TG Channel MKII User Manual

Tech Specs

Preamp Type Solid State
Number of Channels 1
Phantom Power Yes
EQ Yes
Analog Inputs 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4" (Hi-Z)
Analog Outputs 1 x XLR
Rack Spaces 1U
Height 1.75"
Depth 15.5"
Width 19"
Manufacturer Part Number TG Channel Mk II

Customer Reviews

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Terrific Pre and Eq

I have many outboard equalizers. 5 pultecs, chandler little devils, purple audio odds, tonelux, api, vintech, hammer, etc…. I am in love with the eq on these units. I highly recommend these for the eq alone. The terrific pre is a bonus for me.
Music background: recording engineer, muscian

Works for everything!

I love all Chandler products. Emmet Andrews helped me pick this gear out to help tame the high frequencies in solo violin recording. Yes, I am not a rocker, I am a composer and multi-instrumentalist and I record for film all types of acoustic instruments. Many people think open, transparent pre's are the way to go for acoustic/jazz/classical/world etc. For my needs in the digital realm I find a more colored sound is useful to contrast with the digital aspects of ITB recording. This pre is still open and big though! I track everything through it, horns, percussion, vocals, cello, violin. You hear alot about how these things do wonders for electric guitar. But let me tell you, they "rock" for the non-rock recording engineer. The eq is great, although you can only boost the high frequencies, the cuts occur only in the mids around 300-700. The low boost and low cut is very nice, but if you do most of your eq'ing in the box and aren't tracking too much drum kit, you might consider the Chandler TG2 for stereo recording. This said, I still found the pre itself was so warm and juicy that it worked great for making the violin velvety thick (especially when I use a Royer 121 on it. You can't get much darker than that). I never ever have any trouble getting things to cut through just cuz it's a tad on the colored side. If you want brighter but still juicy, just pick a different mic. I have yet to dislike anything Chandler, even their plug-ins are phenomenal.
Music background: Composer, Recording Engineer, Pro musician, Multi-instrumentalist

Already a Classic

I bought a TG Channel, two years ago from Sweetwater, and all I can tell you is that, this is the one, the others have to measure up to! Now, all I need is one more for stereo, and running my mixes thru. You can also use just the line input, for the great eq section, with other preamps you have for even more tonal colors. This TG sounds like a classic!
Music background: Musician, home studio, and student of music!

Sweetwater Advice

Aaron Cieslikowski

The Chandler Limited TG Channel MKII has been sitting on top of my studio's food chain since it arrived! It kills on guitar and bass, letting them jump out of the speakers without overtaking the mix, and it keeps the punch of kick and snare intact while still adding some girthy vintage vibe.
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