TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate Pedal

Multiband Noise Gate with TonePrint Technology and Send/Return Loop Jacks
TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate Pedal image 1
TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate Pedal image 1
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TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate Pedal
In Stock!

Silence Your Guitar Rig

Get a noise-free and dynamic performance with the TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate pedal. Utilizing TC's cutting-edge multiband System 6000 algorithms, the Sentry Noise Gate gives you seamless, organic-sounding noise reduction. Sweetwater guitar players like an organic decay, and this pedal delivers. No choppy cut-offs that ruin your music, just natural-sounding decay. The Sentry is also loaded with a classic hard-gate mode that sports a Send/Return loop for dealing with noisy pedals or using it for creative sidechaining. Take control of your rig's noise with the TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate pedal.

TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate Pedal Features at a Glance:
  • Noise gate pedal based on the System 6000 algorithms
  • Multiband or Hard noise gate modes squash noise
  • Versatile Send/Return jacks for side chaining effects of isolating noisy pedals
  • TonePrint Editor software for Mac, Windows PC, and iPad gives you access to downloadable presets
  • Choose from buffered or true bypass via an internal switch
  • Made with high-quality analog and digital components
  • Road-ready, ultra-tough all-metal chassis
Keep your rig silent with the TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate!

Additional Media

Sentry Noise Gate-English Manual

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Noise Gate
Inputs 1 x 1/4" (instrument), 1 x 1/4" (return)
Outputs 1 x 1/4" (out), 1 x 1/4" (send)
Power Supply Included No, requires 9V DC 100mA power supply
Manufacturer Part Number 960815001

Customer Reviews

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Excellent buy and flexible

This pedal works just as advertised. I'm putting together a home studio with components that can travel and be used for live performance as well. This unit fits right into my setup as an sux send and despite it being a pedal, works beautifully for both bass as well as kryboards. The release decay and threshold and damping features are sensitive enough for me to quickly adjust operation for anything I throw it's way, bass+ additional pedal noise, hum from a working Prophet 5 synth, or any other sound generators that can sometime have noise issues. I'll echo other comments and say it functions beautifully as as well as much more expensive rack mount studio noise gates. A great buy for the price point!
Music background: Keyboard player, bass player, former mastering engineer for Studioline, the predecessor and unique cable audio service.

Killer noise gate with a bonus feature...the Effects Loop!

Wow this thing has worked wonders for the hum and buss my Fender jazz bass was putting off. Just dial in the sensitivity of the Threshold so it activates the noise gate at just the right time. If you are using a delay effect, you will have to dial the threshold back to lessor degree to get the delays to ring out, which is not a problem. My rig sounds great and has never been quieter. Now for the bonus feature.....the effects loop!!! Before I started using the built in effects loop, I was experiencing tone suck, which was bumming me out. Now I run my Octave pedal, and my Chorus/Delay/Reverb pedal in the send/return loop off the Sentry, and then back out to my Ampeg DI box. That completely solved my issue and my tone is the same now as if my bass is plugged direct into the amplifier. Huge difference! I initially bought the Sentry for the noise gate, but the effects loop was feature that restored my original tone. Awesome product!! You will not be disappointed!!

A rack mount gate in a pedal!

Coming from expensive and well performing rack mount equipment I was skeptical of how well this pedal would work. Especially after purchasing a Electro-Harmonix Silencer. It was okay but nothing like my Drawmer DS201, or the gate section of my DBX 1066 and ISA 430.. I needed a high quality gate that worked as well as my rack mount gear but that I could fit on a mobile pedal board. All of the reviews I could find of this pedal were very favorable and promising. I was a little worried that I wouldn't like it. When I started using this unit my concerns were gone and I was instantly not sorry for purchasing it! I'm very happy to report that this gate is not only dead quiet, but it does almost everything my rack mount units can do. I say almost simply due to the fact that the rack mount units have a little more overall functionality and options that are usually only necessary in the studio. However don't let that take away from how great and powerful this gate is. My first concern with any device like this is making sure it's transparent. I don't want anything in the signal chain to adversely affect my sound. As I said this unit is transparent. As far as how well it works? Well just let me say that I had a ear to ear smile when I turned it on! Unlike my EXH Silencer, I was immediately and easily able to get this thing set up to get rid of high gain hiss. Best of all the settings weren't touchy or finicky. If you've ever tried to set up a gate with guitar or bass effect pedals you know what I mean. With the EHX unit I just couldn't get to a happy medium. If I set my threshold to the point where I got rid of the hiss, my softer notes wouldn't come through. If I set it to where I could easily open the gate with the softer notes, the gate opened when I didn't want it to and was very touchy. None of this was ever a problem with either of my rack units and certainly isn't a problem with the Sentry! (Needless to say I wish I would have bought this first instead of the EHX.) The best thing about this unit is it really gets rid of the unwanted noise but leaves your tone intact while doing it. I mean this thing gets rid of about 85% of the hiss. That's something even the rack mount gats can't do! The processing that's built into this unit is second to none and I'm really surprised that this thing doesn't cost several hundred dollars more for all it does. Usually I can find at least one thing to criticize about a product but this is one of those rare occasions that the engineers got it 100% on the money! This thing could survive a nuclear explosion and still work! It's built for to hell and back reliability. Everything on this unit is heavy duty. There's literately no play in the knobs. All the jacks are made out of a heavy gauge metal and secured with metal nuts and screws. The switch for the Tone Print is solid and the power jack is very sturdy. Very, very well done TC! I'm using this pedal with my Bass rig. I play with a lot of distortion and overdrive compared to some Bass Players. As such many of my pedals are high gain and noisy as a result. Thanks to the Sentry the hiss isn't a issue anymore. Best of all I don't have to lug all that rack mounted gear to a gig now! I haven't tried it with any guitar pedals yet but considering my playing style and all my high gain pedals, I can't see why this wouldn't work just as well for all you guitar guys as it has for me, This pedal is a real winner. I know I will be buying a few more of these as my guitar pedal board grows larger. I highly recommend this unit to anyone that uses high gain pedals or any long chain of analog pedals where unwanted analog noise/hiss is a issue. This unit is for you and will serve you very well for many years. Buy with confidence!
Music background: Assistant Engineer Wall of Shadows Studio and Session Bass Player.

Another TCE Homerun

After much research, the Sentry has been my first pedalboard noise gate I actually purchased and use. Over the years, I have tried a few in showrooms and borrowed from fellow players and just did not like the way they sounded. Subsequently, any of my rig floor noise was handled through the FOH and monitor gating systems. This pedal does the trick though and is a pleasure to use. At first, I tried placing it in a few different places in the signal chain but was simply not happy with the sound. Then I started patching through the loop. Now I was getting somewhere. I eventually settled on running both overdrives, a distortion, and Budda wah through the loop then out to my compressor. Noise problem solved. There is still of course minimal tube amp noise but night and day difference with the gate engaged even with vintage P90s. Against all (my) logic as I have a clean shorter signal path with GeorgeL patches, I tried the buffer amp. Wow! Nice sound from the single coils in particular. With this setup, I don't even have to roll off the guitar volume after every song now. I would suggest trying a variety of setups in your signal path and with the TonePrint software to determine what is best for your rig and ear. Since I am playing more intimate venues nowadays, it's just nice to have this onboard to keep the stage noise to a minimum. And my 'analog' ears stay happy, too.
Music background: Long time musician

What Noise

TC has created a pretty cool noise gate that works fantastic. I especially needed something to tame single coil noise from my pedalboard. This does an outstanding job plus it also makes it more enjoyable to use fuzz boxes which I tend to have a love hate relationship with due to their noise. Great product, works especially well with high gain rigs to. I haven't had a reason to make a customed tuned tone print just yet but I could see it being a fantastic tool to remove unruly frequencies in studios or certain venues. Once again thanks Sweetwater for making my buying experience fantastic.
Music background: Hobbiest / Recording
See also: EQ Pedals, TC Electronic, TC Electronic Compressors and EQ