TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive Pedal

Guitar Overdrive Effects Pedal
TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive Pedal image 1
TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive Pedal image 1
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TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive Pedal
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Classic Tube Amp Drive!

Looking for classic tube-amp-style drive? The TC Electronic MojoMojo overdrive pedal is your ticket to dynamic tube-style bliss. From bluesy breakup to screaming solos and chunky crunch, the MojoMojo's covers the spectrum of overdrive boost. Just like a real tube amp, the MojoMojo responds naturally to your guitar's volume, allowing you to control the character of your drive by simply riding the volume knob. Set with all knobs at their detented 12 o'clock positions, the MojoMojo provides a perfectly transparent drive with a wholly natural breakup.

What's really cool about this overdrive is that you can tap into the full travel of each control to create excellent-sounding and totally usable overdrive characteristics. Turning up or down the MojoMojo's Bass and Treble knobs does more than affect the overdrive tone, it affects its overall response to different frequencies. More importantly, adjusting the MojoMojo's Drive changes its threshold, rather than arbitrarily adding or removing distortion. This attention to detail is what sets the TC Electronic MojoMojo overdrive pedal apart from the majority of overdrive pedals out there.

TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive Pedal Features at a Glance:
  • Natural, tube-style overdrive
  • Fully dynamic response reacts to the volume of your guitar
  • Straightforward controls
  • True bypass
  • Analog-dry-through circuitry
Get natural, dynamic overdrive effects from the TC Electronic MojoMojo overdrive pedal!

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Overdrive
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 1 x 1/4"
Batteries 1 x 9V
Height 1.97"
Width 2.83"
Depth 4.8"
Weight 0.66 lbs.
Power Supply Included No
Manufacturer Part Number 960710001

Customer Reviews

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Killer overdrive

Been playing over 40 years. This pedal is amazing! Very warm and reminiscent of a Marshall Plexi. The bass knob is the secret sauce. Doesn't replace the Tube Screamer on your pedal board, but gives you a warmer, less compressed sounding option.

Twice the MOJO!

This thing is so doubly delicious, they had to name it twice!! Any combination of control settings on any parameter from 10:00 to 2:00 enhanced everything I ran through it. Made my old Tube Screamer TS9DX sound somewhat blah by comparison. The TC Electronics MOJO MOJO is your guitars BFF! I could not find any fault with this high-tech, high-fidelity device.

Vintage Grit

I play bottleneck on a double cut Tele through a Blackstar and wanted to get a fatter sound for some songs. The guitar is a one of a kind so I didn't want to change pickups or alter it in any way. So I checked out a bunch of drive pedals, the winner being the Mojomojo. It gave me a wide span of tones as well as the drive which was important in my music. I love not only the thicker sound but also the grit it gave my solos. For the cost, you can't go wrong.
Music background: Vocals and Guitar for Hooch Hound

One of the Best Guitar Deals Out There!

I originally bought this pedal as a replacement after my Ibanez TS9 quit on me, and I was expecting it to be a good pedal with the other reviews being so positive; however this pedal is a real standout, and not to mention the price is fantastic. I was really not in the mood to by another $100+ OD pedal that would just die on me again, and $50 for something that seems to be really well built, as it has been traveling in a backpack almost every day for about 3 weeks now. Now the sound, this thing goes from a whisper to a ROAR. The OD is really tight and focused, with no boomy bass at all, a major plus for me. It's also whisper quiet when in operation and the true bypass is really nice as well. The drive itself is really nice and transparent, Paul Gilbert in his intro video for this pedal really summed it up nicely, the nice amount of fullness added to high notes with no booming low end is really uncommon among pedals. The OD itself is very amp-like and the best description of it is that it adds some extra punch (or mojo) to your current sound, unlike my TS9, which while it did have a better midrange crunch, also put a blanket over my tone. This pedal is an indispensable addition to any player's arsenal, and particularly good for those of us looking to build a pedalboard without spending a small fortune. I love this thing, TC Electronic has a new fan!
Music background: Hobbyist (occasional gigging)

Can't go wrong.

Bought this pedal based on ratings and price. Very impressed with pedal. Played my Gibson SG through a Blackstar HT40 coupled with a Tech 21 boost/comp pedal and found this pedal to have a killer sound. Meaty, responsive, simple to use, clean if you need it, well built... Just absolutely can't go wrong at this price range. If the quality & build holds up over time, this pedal deserves 5-stars and more. I've owned T.C. Electronic devices before, and they've always been of exceptional quality.
Music background: Performer, Studio Guru, Multi-instrumentalist
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