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Meet Your Sales Engineer

Nitish Kulkarni

Meet Your Sales Engineer

Nitish Kulkarni

Music has been part of my DNA since before my birth. My great-grandfather was an icon in the Indian classical music world, and an appreciation for the arts has been in my family for generations. As early as two or three years old I would bang on pots and pans at home and pretend to stage my own concerts for my family. Twenty years later, I’m basically still doing the same thing—although I’ve upgraded from the kitchen instruments and the venues are a bit bigger than our basement!

Along the way, I began performing on the Indian tabla drums and became a regular performer in my hometown of Houston as well as nationwide. I also got into composing instrumental music in high school and continue to write music in that style today. While at Indiana University, I created my own major in organology—the study of musical instruments—and later got accepted to Berklee College of Music for my master’s in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation. While in college I was signed to EverSound Music and released my debut album of contemporary instrumental music. I’m also thankful to have had some unique opportunities in the past few years as a DJ on my college radio station, a campus representative for Spotify, and the first intern on world-renowned composer Yanni’s management team.

My favorite part of making music is the ability to transcend language barriers and communicate with fellow human beings all over the globe. At Sweetwater, it’s my pleasure and privilege to share the same kind of connection with our customers. When it comes to music, we speak a common language and dream the same dreams—and I look forward to sharing them with my customers and helping them realize theirs.

How Can I Help?

As your personal contact here at Sweetwater, please let me know anytime I can offer help or advice.

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