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Answers to most frequently asked questions.

Product Information

What is New Gear?

Sweetwater's volume means that new shipments of gear arrive at our loading dock every day. What that means to you is that the "new" gear you order is truly new, not pulled off of a showroom floor where it's been handled or played.

In special cases your Sweetwater Sales Engineer will personally open the carton and inspect your gear to make certain it is in proper condition and has all the necessary cables, connectors and manuals. He/she then signs off on your shipment and sends it on its way. You can be confident your order will be ready to get up and running the moment you unpack it!

In the case of guitars and basses, we go even further! Every guitar and bass that arrives at Sweetwater is inspected by one of our guitar experts before it gets added to our inventory, and each bass or guitar goes through an extensive 55-Point Evaluation Checklist before it ships out to your door! From our door to your door, your guitar is secure, safe and sound. Consider Sweetwater for your next guitar purchase - you won't be sorry.

What is Demo Gear?

At Sweetwater, we're so picky that what we call a "demo" is actually better than what most music retailers sell as "new" gear! Our gear hasn't endured hundreds of people a week plunking away at all the keyboards, fumbling through Stairway to Heaven on every guitar or playing with every fader and knob on a mixer or control surface.

What demo means to us is that we've had it out of the box, or maybe it was in a customer's hands for a few days and isn't "factory fresh" as a result. Every demo item we sell has Sweetwater's 2-year Total Confidence Coverage warranty, and has been tested and verified up to "new" specs by our Factory-Authorized technicians to make sure it's in perfect working order before we ship it to you.

When you buy a Demo item at Sweetwater, you get:

  • 2-year Total Confidence Coverage Warranty!
  • Products inspected and tested by our Factory-Authorized techs, guaranteed to function like new (or better)!
  • FREE Shipping on most items
  • Equipment that will MEET or EXCEED your expectations!

Click HERE to browse our current inventory of Demo equipment. Purchasing demo gear from Sweetwater is a smart and safe way to save!

What is B-Stock Gear?

Every once in a while we will offer special purchasing options for our customers by making manufacturer B-Stock inventory available. These B-Stock beauties must meet or exceed the same standards that new equipment meets before we're comfortable putting them on our shelves.

When you buy a B-Stock item at Sweetwater, you get:

  • Sweetwater's Exclusive 2-year Warranty!
  • Products inspected and tested by Factory-Authorized techs, guaranteed to function like new (or better)!
  • FREE Shipping on most items
  • Equipment that will MEET or EXCEED your expectations!

Click HERE to browse our current inventory of B-Stock equipment.

What is Certified Pre-Owned Gear (Used)?

This is an important element of the Sweetwater Difference. When most retailers "check" used gear that hits their inventory (if they check it at all), they plug it in and see if it lights up. Period. Sweetwater's award-winning, Factory-Authorized service department meticulously inspects pre-owned gear and gives it the Sweetwater Seal of Approval. We only add a product to our inventory of Certified Pre-Owned gear once we have determined that it is fully operational!

When you buy a Certified Pre-Owned item at Sweetwater, you get:

  • Gear that has been inspected and tested by our Factory-authorized techs for full functionality!
  • FREE Shipping on Most Items
  • Gently used equipment that stands the test of time!
  • Great gear for a tiny fraction of the original cost!
  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own classic gear!

You can purchase "used" gear anywhere, but only at Sweetwater can you purchase Factory Authorized Certified Pre-Owned Gear that has been inspected and tested to the highest qualifications. There is simply no better place to get the best savings, finest service and world-class support than Sweetwater!

Click HERE to browse our current inventory of Certified Pre-Owned equipment.

What is Inventory Overstock?

Inventory overstock items are simply products that have spent a little too much time taking up space in our warehouse. In order to make more room for the latest music technology, we've got no choice - they've simply GOT TO GO!

Inventory Overstock items are completely new - there's no difference whatsoever between these products and anything else you see in the rest of our online store...except the fact that they're priced to move, FAST!

When you buy an Inventory Overstock item at Sweetwater, you get:

  • Up to 90% off of Retail
  • New Products with FULL FACTORY WARRANTY!
  • FREE SHIPPING on Most Items
  • More products added DAILY!
  • A wide selection of great deals on guitars, mics, cables and more!

We're constantly cleaning off our shelves and this is your opportunity to cash in on Inventory Overstock deals. Quantities are extremely limited; so call your Sales Engineer today at (800) 222-4700 for information on current overstock specials!

Click HERE to browse our Inventory Overstock.

California Proposition 65 Information

"Why does my package include a sticker that includes the information shown in the blue box below?"

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California
to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Here's the story: A growing number of manufacturers are adding these notifications on their products in order to comply with a California law known as Proposition 65. This law was originally passed in the '80s to protect California drinking water, but it now requires manufacturers to notify California residents if their products contain even minuscule amounts of any one of 800 affected chemicals. Out of concern for health risks, this is a very conservative law. For example, a product can wind up being required to have a Proposition 65 label if there is just a more than one-in-100,000 chance of developing cancer if a person is continuously exposed to one of the listed chemicals, many of which are naturally occurring, for 70 years! Many manufacturers have chosen to act cautiously by including this message on every product they make, regardless of where it is sold.

But Proposition 65 goes even further by requiring retailers, restaurants, and entertainment attractions to post this information as well. Believe it or not, in California you'll find these warnings posted at Starbucks, McDonalds, and even Disneyland!

We care about your safety and well-being. Since California's Proposition 65 can sound scary or confusing to the rest of us, we want you to be informed when you make your buying decisions. If you'd like to investigate this law further, follow this link to the California agency that oversees it.


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