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Wahs and Filters

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Wah pedals are active tone controls operated by a pedal instead of a knob. This lets the wah pedal sweep through its tonal range. Wahs provide a wide tone sweep that results in a classic, instantly recognizable effect. The wah pedal's sweet sound palette comes from its two extremes: extremely bass to extreme treble.

Looking for something simple? Basic wah pedals require no adjusting or dialing in. Their one and only control is a switch that lets you turn them on and off. Do you prefer more control over the sound? Advanced wah pedals come with controls that allow you to alter your tone or add distortion. Common controls found on wah pedals include type, range, drive, and memory.

Type selects what kind of wah will be modeled. Range controls each model's sweep and lets you adjust the frequency range of the sweep. Drive controls the distortion amount, and memory lets the pedal store and recall different settings.

Another way you can use your wah pedals is to set it in a single position and use it as a booster for effects and amps. This is sometimes called a static or a fixed wah.

The most popular wah frequency effect, the envelope filter, is also known as the autowah pedal. Interestingly, each one sounds and behaves differently. These are perfect if you would like lots of controls like envelope shape, dynamics response, and filter styles.

Do you enjoy funky filter sweeps? Want to improve your guitar effects? Modulation pedals are your best friends! These filter pedals let you create noticeable frequency sweeps with sharp resonant peaks.

Love fat, bassy sound? Lowpass filter pedals are a wonderful choice.

Sweetwater carries plenty of wahs and filters to choose from. And since there can be an overwhelming amount of choices, you may have additional questions. Lucky for you, Sweetwater Sales Engineers are experienced and knowledgeable and ready to help — give us a call! Learn More

Questions about Wahs and Filters?

Questions about Wahs and Filters?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Wahs and Filters?

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