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Portable Recorder Accessories

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Don't you love getting out of the studio to record? Whether you're getting your work done outside or in an indoor location, you most certainly need some portable recorder accessories to make sure everything's turning out perfectly.

Live sound engineers and musicians will definitely get this: you want to find the greatest ways to record your performances wherever your job or hobby takes you. But what a pain in the neck it is when the wind is blowing, you need some extra cable, you run out of batteries, or you can't figure out a secure way to pack your gear! Moments like these are a regular part of the musician's life and you have to be ready for them.

Luckily, portable recorder accessories got you covered! Think about an unpleasant situation when you can't give your best just because you lack a simple piece of gear. It can happen because the tool you need isn't transport-friendly, or you simply didn't anticipate you're going to need it. Well, for any potential outside-of-the-studio recording issue, there's a great solution. Let's talk about some of the most popular portable recorder accessories.

Don't you hate it when you are on the field, everything's going great, and you suddenly run out of battery? It's a huge bummer. But worry not! Rechargeable batteries and portable battery chargers are here to save you. Having an extra rechargeable battery in your bag will make you avoid missing any important action. Also, a battery charger will allow you charge your dead battery while you use your rechargeable one. This way, you'll never run out of power at your next gig.

Now, think about the moment when you're all set up and you realize that your cable is not long enough to do the job. Or maybe you need to mount a microphone or capsule somewhere other than the recorder. Frustrating, right? Pick up an extension cable for some extra recording equipment range.

We're not sharing any breaking news here, but sound matters. Of course, you want your quality untouched by the wind. Windy weather calls for hairy windscreens. Just mount them over the microphone and you're good to record. Fun fact: they're nicknamed 'dead cats' thanks to their fuzziness.

When you're out and about, everything has to be packed safely and wisely. Look for a waterproof, hardshell case that will keep your portable recording equipment well-protected, safeguarding it from jolts and bumps.

These are just a few portable recorder accessories, but you can definitely choose among lots of them! Don't forget about adaptors, USB cables, tripod stands, protective pouches, foam windscreens, recorder cases, bags, capsules, remotes, or anything else that can also help you big time with your work.

Another bonus feature of portable recorder accessories is that they often come separately, or as accessory packs. So when it comes to portable recorder accessories, you have the flexibility to pick exactly what you need.



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