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Reverbs / Effects

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The world of reverb effects for enhancing live sound is a wild west show of features and options. From floor stompboxes for vocals to super high-fidelity, rackmount multi-effects processors, the range of options has something for every taste and situation. The one thing they all have in common is the ability to give your live sound a rich depth and character, pulling your audience in with a mix that truly pops.

With features like midi control, analog and digital I/O, and analog I/O counts reaching up to 8, it's safe to say that you can add reverb effects to any live sound PA and on-stage setup. Well-applied reverb can be that special something that gives your venue a reputation for incredible sound. If you're ready to add some awesome space to your mix, the first thing to do is consider where you want it to fit in. There are so many ways to incorporate this classic effect, and they're not mutually exclusive. That said, everyone's taste is a little different. So thinking about exactly what you want to achieve is a great way to narrow down your options.

If you're a vocalist and you want to spice up your live sound, perhaps making it sound more like the effects you used on your recording, we have some great options for you. If you're the stompbox type, you're going to be pleased, too. Stompboxes specifically for vocalists have come into the mainstream, and reverb and doubling effects are incredibly popular. We carry a slate of these incredible reverb stompboxes. Many of these tiny monsters also complement the reverb effect by adding in other useful effects like looping, delay, distortion, and pitch correction. Your live sound is one stomp away from making your guitar player jealous.

When it comes to front-of-house sound, a truly great reverb is a ringer for adding the depth and hugeness that is often missing, especially if you’re setting up outdoors. Outdoor sound can easily end up sounding flat because there is literally nothing to add any ambience to the sound. A bit of reverb brings your outdoor mix to life. This is just as important in rooms as well. Most venues go to great lengths to dampen the natural room reverberations. You can add a bit of that missing depth back with a superior reverb unit.

Whatever your application, the choices before you are enormous. If you're not sure which reverb unit suits your live-sound situation best, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We love talking about reverb, and our Sales Engineers are awesome at explaining all of the options and helping you pick the perfect unit for your needs. Learn More

Questions about Reverbs / Effects?

Questions about Reverbs / Effects?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Reverbs / Effects?

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