Neo Instruments Ventilator II Rotary Speaker Simulator Pedal

Rotary Speaker Simulator Pedal with Bass and Treble Rotor Emulation, Drive Section, Virtual Mic Placement, and Expression Pedal Input
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Neo Instruments Ventilator II Rotary Speaker Simulator Pedal image 1
Neo Instruments Ventilator II Rotary Speaker Simulator Pedal image 1
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Neo Instruments Ventilator II Rotary Speaker Simulator Pedal
In Stock!

Classic Leslie Rotary Speaker Sound in a Rugged Pedal

If you love the sound of an authentic rotary speaker cabinet, but hate the thought of lugging one around, put the Neo Instruments Ventilator II pedal in your rig. It emulates the Leslie 122 rotary cab, right down to the independent treble and bass rotor speeds, the crossover (800Hz), and even that rich tube drive that the classic cab adds to your sound. This second-generation Ventilator pedal adds a stereo input, separate slow and fast speed controls, separate distance controls, and expression pedal control, making the Neo Instruments Ventilator II an amazingly creative addition to your guitar or keyboard rig.

Neo Instruments Ventilator II Rotary Speaker Pedal at a Glance:
  • Well-equipped for guitarists and keyboard players alike
  • Extend your sonic abilities with two different rotary speeds
  • Rugged construction for a long life of reliable performance
Well-equipped for guitarists and keyboard players alike

Sweetwater knows what gigging musicians want in their gear, and the Neo Instruments Ventilator II is well-equipped for demanding guitarists and keyboardists alike. On top of extensive control over the effect, any player can appreciate the added flexibility of controlling Speed or Mix with an expression pedal (not included). Guitarists can disable the realistic speaker simulation when using the Ventilator II with a guitar amplifier, and keyboardists will appreciate the stereo input.

Extend your sonic abilities with two different rotary speeds

The Ventilator II not only lets you switch between two different rotary speeds, you can now set each speed to fine-tune your sound. Whether you want to switch between two extreme settings, or set up two similar speeds for more subtle changes, the Ventilator II gives you the flexibility you need.

Rugged construction for a long life of reliable performance

The road-tough Ventilator II is housed in a compact, rugged aluminum chassis, and its knobs are recessed for extra protection. Even if you're a gigging guitarist that abuses gear on a nightly basis, the Ventilator II pedal is built to take it.

Neo Instruments Ventilator II Rotary Speaker Pedal Features:
  • Faithful replication of the model 122 Leslie's rotary effect
  • Ready to connect to guitar or keyboards
  • Drive section simulates tube saturation in the Leslie amp
  • Speaker simulation may be switched off for guitar amps
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum chassis and recessed buttons
  • Internal stop switch lets you stop the rotary simulation for dramatic effect
  • Fine-tune your sound with separate mix/distance controls for Hi and Lo rotors
  • Expression pedal input for Speed or Mix control
Make the room spin with the Neo Instruments Ventilator II pedal!

Additional Media

Ventilator II Rotary Speaker Simulator User Manual
Neo Instruments Ventilator II Rotary Speaker Effects Pedal Review

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Rotary Speaker
Inputs 2 x 1/4" (left, right)
Outputs 2 x 1/4" (left, right), 1 x 1/4" (remote)
Height 2.2"
Width 6.2"
Depth 5.5"
Weight 2.4 lbs.
Power Supply Included 12V DC power supply
Manufacturer Part Number Ventilator II

Customer Reviews

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Very impressed!!

I just received this today, and am amazed at how well it simulates a Leslie. I play Kurzweil PC3's, and while the Leslie sim in those has been satisfactory, the Vent takes it to a whole new level. Prompt and helpful service from Sweetwater's Mason Moss.I highly recommend this to anyone considering it.

Raised the bar on my organ sound

Landed on the Ventilator after reading lots of reviews of Leslie simulators. While on the upper end of the cost scale, I'm really pleased with this unit. Used at with my band last night and while not mentioning that anything was different, lots of pleasant looks, multiple positive comments on the organ sound - including "wow, the organ is smoking tonight." I had this hooked up to an Oberheim OB3-squared. Good versatility in the primary and secondary controls on the unit. It's just my first week with this unit, but I'm really impressed.

Holy Cannoli!

The Neo Instruments Ventilator II is absurdly fantastic. It's authenticity is unmatched as far as simulating that classic Leslie sound. Any organ tone this thing touches turns to swirling gold. With all the necessary and important features, without too many whistles and bells, a user friendly interface with a sturdy build, its all I could hope for in a Leslie simulator pedal. Upgraded features from the original Ventilator may not seem groundbreaking, but they are pretty useful and in my opinion significant. Especially if you aren't contemplating upgrading and are in the market for the fist time. The aesthetic is pleasing and classy, the overdrive sounds authentic, the ability to set slow and fast speeds is intuitive and the tone coloration is spot on! After researching most of the other options in the market, Im confident I choose the gold medal. With a fairly hefty price tag (for something you stomp on) it's well worth the bread! This unit is for purists and tone snobs, and boy is it a treat!
Music background: Professional Gigging Musician, Producer

A fantastic little machine!

It's incredible and this is the kind of thing that we can be proud of the advances of technology. The sound is trully amazing and realistic, you can feel your keyboard enhance your sound. Only frequent users of Leslie 122 can note some considerable difference. The only 4 stars thing about Neo Ventilator is about usability. Configure Neo Ventilator II is not so easy and intuitive at first time and you should read the user manual to understand the "logic" about it. You have to use de the "drive knob" together with the "drive knob" of your clonewheel to obtain the best results. Highly recommended to Hammond sound lovers!
Music background: Keyboard player, composer, hobbyist

Simply The Best Leslie Sim you can buy!

I am absolutely loving the new Neo Ventilator 2! I have NEVER heard a better Leslie 122 simulation anywhere in hardware or software. Even the Nord Electro 4D doesn’t sound this huge and spacious. There is a true sense of air moving. As a matter of fact, when set at the closest Mic’d position, it gives a better sound than a real 122 unless you’ve got really killer Mics, so that is a plus! I've tried every single clone simulation and pedal I could get my hands on. Strymon, Boss, Hammond, Korg, StudioLogic, Roland, and even my own Nord Electro 4D (which has the best simulation next to the Neo Ventilator 2 for sure). GSi Burn doesn't touch this thing either. If you are on the fence about purchasing this, don't miss out. It is from Germany, built like a tank and goes out of stock FAST. Shout out to Simon Picazo here at Sweetwater, BEST sales engineer I've ever dealt with at any company by far.
Music background: Worship Leader, Pro Musician, Studio Player
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