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Samson Q7 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Samson Q7?

Questions about the Samson Q7?

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  • from Bela Crkva, Serbia December 8, 2014Music Background:


    Q7 have cost/benefit ratio higher than any other mics. I coudnt belive, when I read some opinions from the guys who are owners of this microphone. But its true. Really fascinating!!!

  • from Montana April 4, 2014Music Background:
    45 plus years on guitar, bass, vocals.

    Samson Q7

    This blows the Shures away. I have several Shures too, the highs, lows and mids of the Samson are far and away above the others. The price is right too for the high quality!

  • from Clermont, FL July 9, 2011Music Background:
    Lead Pastor, Sound System Setup Assistant

    Best Mic

    I purchased 4 of these mics for my Church (Living Message Church). I will never use another mic. The clarity and great sound are incredible. If you want a quality sound at a great price, this is the mic.

  • from Queensland Australia December 14, 2010Music Background:
    hobbist with 55 years experience

    A top mic. at any price

    I run a small Country Music group, and i have three of these mic.'s the singers love them, and I have'nt had any problems with the mic.'s in the two years we have been performing.

  • from Sudbury, Canada July 27, 2009Music Background:
    semi - professional

    Ya Ya .. Shure Shure ... lol

    Popular names can be decieving .. of course some are well known as the 'industry standard' and rightfully so but I would recommend this vocal mic over any of the other higher priced brands . Why ? .. Because this mic is really that good !!!
    I've a/b'd it with other brands and it holds up it's own in a very favorable way .. I've had more than enough comments about how it sounds better than the 'top dogs' ... do yourself a favour .. save yourself some money and get more than what you thought you would in this great mic !!!

  • from east london UK October 9, 2007Music Background:

    This mic is class

    I was in the Pa centre the other day and I heard one of the staff demonstrating how this mic stands out from all the other top brand mics.

    I asked him the name and he said Samson Q7, . I purchased one and wow! this mic rocks, its got a nice full warm sound with lovely bass but not boomy or muddy, It has a nice mellow touch and you can really let rip and still sound sweet.

    A vocalist dream and definaly worth the money, I did a gig tonight in a wine bar and the response form the crowd was great.

    It has great output before feedback.

    Hear for yourself and see.

  • from Miami, FL December 23, 2006Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    ZOMG This Mic is UBER

    Completely Blew Me Away. Vocals come through loud and clear with only a HPF on the strip. It's got the perfect tone, bass isn't muddy.

    Props to Samson

  • from Clinton Township March 29, 2017

    Nice Microphone.

    I took a chance on this mic because my band played a bar and the sound man thought the mic I was using didn't sound to good. He let me use an EV which was way clearer I ended up buying the Samson though. It has the same clarity for a little less dough than the EV.

  • from Canada December 13, 2015Music Background:

    A good mic

    I bought one and am satisfied with the sound, but one thing that bothers me that the friction between my hand and the body of the microphone when holding it generates (unnecessary) output (noise) .. It doesn't happen with my Shure SM58 nor my sennheiser e835 i don't know if.. it just happens to this mic or it happens to all samson q7 ???

  • from Plant City, FL December 31, 2008Music Background:
    Audio Engineer, Guitar Teacher

    Great on Guitars Too

    This is a great mic.

    While it's considered a "vocal mic" I haven't yet used it in that capacity, but I've been recording guitars and it sounds surprisingly open and clear.

    Before I got this mic, I liked to use an SM57 for guitars, but the Shure is more dull and less "open" sounding in comparison. The Q7 picks up just a tad less bass and has smoother, less harsh, high end and it takes less EQ'ing on my tracks, because it already sounds closer to what I EQ for.

    This mic is a SM57/58-killer for sure, especially for ninety dollars.

  • from September 1, 2005


    it is mainly for performances purpose only!! I say its the BEST performance mic there is... in recording I'll give it about a 7/10. some of the new tracks here are recorded with this mic www.soundclick.com/RobE its not that bad for its price tho... normaly, for a mic like this... it would cost way more than usual!

  • from Alabama April 1, 2005

    I have to do this

    I have to tell people how much I love this mic. I own an SM-58 and an SM-57 and I used to live and die by those mics, not anymore. The Q7 out-performs either one of them. It's mellower and it's hotter. My lead singer has a lot of experience. He toured with a group called Ethan for 6 years and played with the likes of The Dave Matthews Band, Creed, and Days of the New and he uses this mic as his vocal mic. He said it was the best he'd ever used. TRUST ME!!!! IF YOU BUY THIS, YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITH IT ESPECIALLY FOR THE PRICE!!!!

Questions about the Samson Q7?

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