Stedman Corporation Proscreen 101 - 4.6" w/Gooseneck

Louvered Metal Pop Filter with 13-inch Gooseneck
Stedman Corporation Proscreen 101 - 4.6
Stedman Corporation Proscreen 101 - 4.6
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Stedman Corporation Proscreen 101 - 4.6" w/Gooseneck
In Stock!

Finally, a Pop Filter That Doesn't Filter Your Sound as Well

A pop filter is used with microphones to shield the diaphragm from sudden bursts of sound which can cause a popping effect. The shield is "transparent" to sound passage and does not interfere with the movement of sound towards the microphone. Pop filters are commonly seen in recording studios situated between 1" and 8" in front of a microphone.

Stedman's Proscreen 101 comes with a gooseneck. The sound pop travels directly through it to the microphone with no loss of tone. The secret is the louvered metal that deflects wind downwards while letting sound go directly through (see the Proscreen 101 up close).

The Proscreen 101 will last for many years, it can be cleaned with soap and water, and it looks good too!

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Tech Specs

Diameter 4.6"
Manufacturer Part Number PS-101

Customer Reviews

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Very Good

I thought about buying an additional pop screen (a cloth one) to reduce the chance of pops to absolute 0%. It turns out that I don't need it. This one works fine on its own. 0% chance of pops! I'm glad I bought this one!

If You Record Voices, You Need This!

This is not like other pop screens! Though it might be hard to get real excited about something so apparently simple, the Stedman virtually eliminates plosives when recording both singing and spoken voices without coloring the sound. Highly recommended.
Music background: Producer, Composer, Musician, Mixer

Great choice

Kills pops dead. A must have for any vocal audio recording. Simple to use and adjust position.
Music background: Broadcast radio veteran

Fixed White Noise Problem with Flute & Whistle

Recording a traditional wooden flute or low D tin whistle can be difficult. These fipple flutes generate a good deal of white noise. It's tought to EQ the noise out and maintain the quality of the voice of the insturment. Thanks to advice from a Sweetwater engineer, I use the Royer pop filter backed up by a fabric pop filter. This combo has fixed the problem. Really a great, simple, passive solution to an ever present problem
Music background: Audio engineer, musician

Royer PS-101 Pop Filter

This is truly a terrific pop filter. I achieve transparent sound whilst attenuating every wind blast so far. The best I've owned.
Music background: Full-time sound engineer
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