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Electro-Voice N/D767a Reviews

4.5 stars based on 23 customer reviews
  • from March 1, 2016


    I am an auctioneer and it works better than last hoped-for thanks

  • from West Alabama February 9, 2016Music Background:
    Bass singer in souther gospel quartet and home recording hobbyist

    Buy this Mic

    I bought 4 of these mic's @ $120.00 (Unfortunately I did not know about Sweetwater at the time) each locally to use as back-up mic's for my southern gospel quartet. We also use AT wireless mic's which were $500.00 plus each. The EV N/D767a is just as good of a vocal mic as the AT wireless we use. Actually for my bass parts i like the EV better. As someone already mentioned this mic can be nuanced very well and from what I can tell is a great mic for recording vocals as well as a live performance. Took a simple recording of Amazing Grace to a local studio. It was recorded with a EV N/D767a and a Yamaha AW 16G. He was blown away by the clarity and presence of the recording.

    Bottom line. At this price range even the SM 58 can't play on the same musical playground as the EV

  • from Tulsa Oklahoma January 12, 2016Music Background:

    Great mic

    We are a Touring band, and have 8 of these great mics, we do have a few others but our go to is the EVN/D767a. The one thing we do notice is the durability! If dropped its still great !

  • from December 31, 2015Music Background:
    Former pro musician, now weekend warrior, project studio and live sound

    Should share the "standard" title with the SM-58

    I bought yet another of these, while knowing people say "why didn't you just get a 58?" This is not to put down the SM-58--it is a great mic and, I suppose, so common that some people are intuitively familiar with it's pickup pattern, proximity effect, and how to "nuance" it, etc. But of all the other dynamic live vocal mikes, which an individual singer may feel specifically suits him/her, the N/D767 is, or should be, a "standard" go-to mike right up there with, or above, the SM58.

    The sound is full at the bottom all the way through to EXCELLENT "breath" or vocal "air" at the top, all of which purely subtractive EQ can easily tailor, if needed at all. With such a great frequency response, the mic is NOT boomy or shrill.

    Gain before feedback is phenomenal, and yes this is likely due to the super-cardoid pattern. I CAN see a first time user--say, a county fair emcee who thinks you hold the mike vertically and talk into the side--I can see how that could result in some drop off. But for any able singer, you can USE this to great benefit--moving to the side for shouted vocals or backing harmony. In other words, you can "play" this mic a little more than the SM58, but it is not at all extreme, and the head-on "sweet spot" is plenty big enough.

    I also think that for some aspiring youngster who can only afford one mic for the garage band and recording in the home studio, this is by far the one. It is no $1000 tube mic, but is the most "condenser" sounding dynamic that I can think of anywhere near this price range.

    Lastly, the magic, slightly rubberized coating can be a deal sealer once you've tried it.

  • from AMSTERDAM, NY November 15, 2015Music Background:
    pro performer

    let the voices sing

    E/V N/D767a microphones capture the true essance of your vocals. Quality construction EV mics can withstand the rigors of the road from show tor show responding with excellence presence of your vocals.D

  • from Metamora, IL July 30, 2014Music Background:
    Semi retired musician

    Awesome Mic!

    I have several of these mics and have always been impressed with how they out perform other makes in their price range. Signal before feedback is great as well as their clarity.

  • from Kingsport TN May 15, 2014Music Background:
    Seasoned gigger,

    Great Mic

    I have several of these. Buying another one today. One of the best gain before feedback microphones you can have for live shows. Great presence and range. ...and under $130. I prefer the older models with the on/off switch, but EV does not offer it .

  • from amsterdam, NY October 11, 2013Music Background:
    pro muscian

    capture your vox

    I own 3 of these EV model N/D767 a. This EV mic is superb, capturing your dynamic vocal range. affordable, outstanding performance.

  • from Wisconsin October 2, 2013Music Background:
    Engineer, entertainer


    This is actually my third n/d mic from ev i bought my first one almost 30 years ago after using them for years i gave them to my niece and nephew and they are still using them. And the new767 is better and suits my voice so well.

  • from Clarence, NY October 28, 2012Music Background:
    Part time pro musician.

    Great definition and power

    This mic is the best one that I have ever owned. I blows away my Shure SM 58 Beta. I always though the Sm58 was the standard to beat, but, I tried a friends EV N/D767a, and, all of a sudden, I wasn't yelling into the mic. I could sing in a relaxed, natural voice, and, still, cut through, in a clear, and, powerful, tone, that, I never had before. This mic is a "must have" for any singer. It covers all tones, from, deep bass, up to shrill highs, clearly and consiceley. If you want to raise your level of vocal quality, this is the mic, that, you've been dreaming of. Get it!! you won't be disappointed.

  • from Ramsey, IN. May 29, 2012Music Background:
    played in rock band for 15 years now I travel doing modern acoustic praise and worship music

    Best vocal mic or acoustic instrument mic Available at any price

    I have been using an old Ev 357 for vocals for about 15 years. Which is the same mic as the new Ev ND 767. I always loved the sound of this mic. It is very transparent and sounds like your voice or instrument. So it is perfectly suited in acoustic situations or in groups that are looking for great sound without the hassle of condenser mics. It sounds much better than our expensive condenser mic's in church. It brings out the frequency's that are most desired in your voice or guitar. I bought 3 more of these just recently after I found out the old 357 and the new 767 are the same. I cant tell a difference either after hearing them together. I just stumbled onto perfection in the late 80's . The only drawback is if the other vocalists in your group don't have one it will be hard to make them sound anything close to as good as this. I drooped all my effects and eq's or tube processors because this thing just sounds like your playing and singing acoustically just louder . I would even argue it makes me sound better because a great mic makes you more expressive. You don't need a great PA either it sound is very consistent in different PA's .

  • from March 8, 2011Music Background:
    Live Sound and Recording Engineer, Drummer.


    This is my go-to mic for live vocals. I run sound in a small club with a super bright stage and I don't think I've ever had this thing feedback. It's super clear, has great bass response for those that want it, but it does have a pretty narrow pattern. It's also super hot which helps tremendously on weak singers and sounds way more natural than any other mic in it's price range (that I've heard at least- and I've used almost all of them.) As long as you can keep your vocalist on top of it, this mic will blow you away. It also records decently and takes EQ really well.

  • from Oregon March 3, 2016Music Background:
    45+ years pro playing guitar and keyboards

    Mic review

    The mic works great in lieu of my headset mic. I like"working " a mic, which is not possible with head sets. But, it also "ties" you to one spot. I can get used to that.
    The only negative issue, is the noise the "stand" transfers through the PA. when you move the mic around. A different type of stand may help there.

  • from Coral Springs FL December 31, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar and vocal

    The best vocal mic

    After trying a lot of dynamic vocal microphones from Shure (SM58, Beta 58) Sennheiser (850 series) and others, I used one of these at a Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp I attended. They have been my go-to vocal mic in a rock band environment since then. Great definition and presence, and they are bulletproof in ruggedness. Big fan of EV as a speaker manufacturer, now love their microphones as well.....

  • from CHI TOWN December 22, 2015Music Background:



  • from Dallas December 10, 2015

    Long time user

    First off, this is a dynamic mic - as such, I don't really use it for recording unless I'm after a certain sound.

    However, I have been using this mic for my voice live exclusively for the last 5 years or so, it has so much gain that it almost never feeds back, and when you get right up to it it has a very nice bottom end to it. It responds very well when you back off of it as well, as I do with acoustic shows. I have probably used this mic for over 300 shows, and I'd have to be really blown away to switch to something else.... It IS showing its age, there seems to be something loose in it somewhere and the bottom part where you'd grab it if you were holding it in your hand is a bit loose, but it continues to function flawlessly.

  • from Yorba Linda CA August 23, 2015Music Background:
    45 years of guitar and vocals, sound man and studio work.

    I own and use this mic.

    I own this mic and use it regularly. Recently I brought my sound system in to sub for a friend at a musicians gathering. Some of the regulars got up and cheered when I sang on this mic and told me it was the one for my voice, at which I laughed. My initial purchase was based on reviews from live-sound soundmen who said that it would make the vocal cut through the mix and was good on feedback reduction. Yes and yes to both of those. Two bands that I do sound for have gone to these exclusively, one has six musicians that sing, the other has five, four of which sing. This mic will make a soundman's job easier, as you don't have to fight as hard to get the vocal on top of the instruments. If your lead singer is standing directly in-front of the drums and really close to the cymbals, then you will get a lot of cymbal in the mix. I've had to rearrange the physical positioning of people when quarters were tight. The only reason I didn't give it a five is the singers have to stay on the mic. If they move out of a narrow "V", then their volume really drops fast. Not a problem if you are using IEM's and they can hear what is going on, but on some back up singers with wedges, they may not correct as fast, or even at all. I would buy this mic again as I haven't found another that is better for live work in a band. For solo work I prefer the PR35, but that's another story.

  • from Houston, TX January 12, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great Vocal Mic!

    This is definitely a "singer's" microphone!! It sounds fantastic.

    If you're an instrumentalist, this may not be the ideal mic for you. Only because you have to be right on top of this mic while singing. If you turn your head sideways to view a lead sheet or lyrics, the volume will drop until your lips are right in front of this mic again. This mic is great for handheld use. I love the bottom-end and tone from this mic. The quality of the sound blows away other mics of its type. An outstanding microphone for the money!!!!

  • from Ridgeland MS January 28, 2016Music Background:
    30 + years hitting the roads live music and productions

    EV N/D767s

    I use other night at my gig I notice more carity in my vocals . My sound guys noted my vocal was very punchy he had no problems placing in the mix. The monitor were great without feedback, For me I give this mic A+

  • from May 23, 2015


    good looking /// nice sound///

  • from nyc September 27, 2012Music Background:
    sound engineer, live location recordings

    EV is a Very Good Sounding MIC co...

    VERY Surprising live and recording mic
    Especially for Vocals....

    use as a dynamic, but it gives you that clean sheen sound
    ALMOST...of condensers too... a good mix !
    a bit toooo much sheen if used for recording violins, ( even at 2-3 feet away !) but pretty ok for drum cymbals, etc from 2-3 feet !
    this is
    a GOOD mic u wont want to throw away ...it also has its place !

    go for it...!
    better than sm 58 any day. no comparison.

  • from Charlotte, NC United States August 8, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Vocalist, Singer, Songwriter, Live Performer

    Great Mic

    I've been using a SM58 for a while. I am a male with a tenor voice. This mic is much better than a SM58 for my voice. It is hotter on the output and more clear for vocals. The supercardioid pattern is VERY effective at rejecting background or off axis noise. Almost too much so, as you have to really get into the mic and stay on point to obtain consistent sound levels. The downfall to this, is that it doesn't filter out plosives very well. The proximity effect occurs over a small distance - about 2-3 inches.

    The mic feels really light compared to a 58. I also have a Blue Encore 200, and it's much lighter than that. But it does feel durable, and the mesh grill is much less susceptible to denting than either of those.

    Overall, I think this is a great vocal mic. Especially for a performer that doesn't move around much while singing. If I had the choice again, I would choose this mic over the SM58 everytime.

  • from January 10, 2013

    Not Recommended For In The Studio

    There was a time when I kept buying this mic. It needs very little EQ and proximity isn't much of a issue. However, the mic does not sound natural and therefore I would not use it in the studio. I've bought and sold 3 of these. They work great but not natural.

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