Mesa/Boogie Mark V 90-watt Tube Head - Black Faceplate

3-channel All-tube 10/45/90-watt Head with 5-band Graphic EQ, and Simul-Class Power - Black
Mesa/Boogie Mark V 90-watt Tube Head - Black Faceplate image 1
Mesa/Boogie Mark V 90-watt Tube Head - Black Faceplate image 1

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Mesa/Boogie Mark V 90-watt Tube Head - Black Faceplate
In Stock!

This Ultra-versatile Mesa/Boogie Tube Head Has it All!

The Mesa/Boogie Mark V guitar amp head will take you on a tonal journey through the company's illustrious history with some new capabilities thrown in. Whether you're craving the sound of the Mark I's high-gain cascading preamp or the fat, wide tone of the Mark IV, the Mark V delivers. At Sweetwater, we've been blown away by what this ultra-versatile guitar amp head is capable of. The Mark V lets you dial up anything from tweed-like tones to British crunch to the highly-coveted trademark Boogie overdrive. Featuring a 5-band EQ, Multi-Watt and Simul-Class power, and three channels of sonic mayhem, the Mesa/Boogie Mark V guitar amp head will give you all of the clarity, crispness, and punch that you can handle!

Mesa/Boogie Mark V Guitar Amp Head at a Glance:
  • Three channels give you plenty of sonic possibilities
  • Three voicings on each channel for even more tonal versatility
  • Graphic EQ provides you with a wide range of sound-shaping options
  • Multi-Watt and Simul-Class power let you control your amp's personality
Three channels give you plenty of sonic possibilities

The Mesa/Boogie Mark V guitar amp head provides you with three channels of sonic possibilities. Channel one gives you a range of clean tones that blend vintage tube characteristics with a shimmery high end, resulting in a crystal-clear, boutique-like tone. Channel two is the right choice for when you're looking for a thick, throaty crunch with tight attack. Channel three gives you the iconic high-gain sound that became associated with players like John Petrucci, James Hetfield, and Kirk Hammett in the 1980s.

Three voicings on each channel for even more tonal versatility

In addition to the Mesa/Boogie Mark V guitar amp head's three channels, you also get three distinct voicings for each channel that are controlled by a simple mini-toggle switch. In some cases these voicings are related by style and give you important musical differences within a gain structure and sonic theme. In other cases, both gain and EQ are radically altered to achieve drastically different sounds. Make no mistake - you'll spend hours upon hours experimenting with different gain and tone control treatments while sifting through the Mark V's voicings, recreating some recognizable tones from Mesa/Boogie's past (and inventing some new ones of your own).

Graphic EQ provides you with a wide range of sound-shaping options

While the Mesa/Boogie Mark V guitar amp head gives you standard tone controls, you also get a 5-band graphic EQ for even more sound-shaping. By using the Mark V's graphic EQ in conjunction with a high-gain sound, you'll be able to perfectly replicate the classic V curve that became a staple of heavy metal guitar tone in the 1980s. Each channel is fitted with a mini-toggle to turn the graphic EQ on or off. You can even make the EQ footswitchable!

Multi-Watt and Simul-Class power let you control your amp's personality

The Mesa/Boogie Mark V guitar amp head lets you alter the amount (wattage) and type (configuration) of power each individual channel will be coupled with, giving you unprecedented control over the character and personality of your amp. Lowering the wattage of the Mark V decreases its headroom, making it easier to push it into overdrive. The Mark V is also wired so that it is capable of operating in both a Class A triode configuration and/or a Class A/B pentode configuration, depending on which wattage you select. You can use two power tubes to operate the Mark V in Class A mode at 10 watts, emphasizing even-order harmonics for a sweet tone with a soft, rich purring quality, or you can use two tubes running in A/B mode at 45 watts, emphasizing odd-order harmonics for a harsher sound. The best part, however, is that you can use four tubes running in both Class A and Class A/B modes simultaneously at 90 watts, giving you the best of both worlds!

Mesa/Boogie Mark V Guitar Amp Head Features:
  • 3 channels give you plenty of sonic possibilities
  • 3 voicings on each channel for even more tonal versatility
  • Graphic EQ provides you with a wide range of sound-shaping options
  • Multi-Watt power gives you variable wattage control
  • Simul-Class power lets you alter the amp's power configuration
  • True hard-bypass switch removes FX loops, output level, and solo level controls from the signal path
  • Important Notice for International Customers: Mesa/Boogie products sold by Sweetwater are intended for use within the United States. We are unable to ship any Mesa/Boogie products outside of the US.
The Mesa/Boogie Mark V guitar amp head - an all-tube amplifier with a stellar legacy and serious tone!

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Mark V Series User Manual
Tuner on a Sidechain

Tech Specs

Type Tube
Number of Channels 3
Total Power 90W/45W/10W
Reverb Yes
EQ 3-band with Presence, 5-band Graphic
Preamp Tubes 7 x 12AX7
Power Tubes 4 x 6L6, 1 x 5U4 (Rectifier)
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 4 x Speaker, 1 x Slave, 1 x Tuner
Effects Loop Yes
Footswitch I/O Yes
Height 10"
Width 22.75"
Depth 11.75"
Weight 44 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 2.MVM.BB

Customer Reviews

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Okay so Ive owned the Mark V for 7 years now and I will never part with it. Versatile without sacrifice of tone sums it up. It does everything and does it well. Every studio owner should have one, and in a live setting this amp cuts through like you wouldn't believe. The cleans on this amp are amazing; I sometimes I forget just how amazing until I hear it against any other amps clean tone. Channel 3 is brutal, all 3 modes are totally usable, and yes you can make IIc+ mode sould like a real IIc+, just dont try to dial it like you would a real IIc+, the gain knob and bass sliders are your friend and will need gig volume to really open it up. I sometimes hear people say it doesn't have enough gain, that is far from true, this amp has more gain than you could ever need. All I could think is that they are not dialing the amp in properly. It is a tweakers amp, if you want it to be killer right out of the box with zero effort on your part this is not the amp for you. Channel 2 I don't use much for what I do but the 3 modes here cover alot of ground, can be very Marshally ( is that a word?) all the way to FAT singing Mark I lead tones, beautiful. I have also found the Mesa preamp tubes don't do the amp justice (sorry Mesa) so roll those tubes!
Music background: Tonal Spelunker

The best gutiar amplifier on the market. No question.

The Mesa Boogie Mark V is, in my opinion, one of most impressive pieces of musical gear I have ever played through. This beast is the holy grail of the Mark series; it is essentially ever tone Mesa has ever engineered in the past 40 years..all packed into one amp! Before I write this review, just be aware that you really need to play this amp in order to experience it; just reading about sound is not enough to justify purchasing such a high end piece of gear! I play this through a Mesa 2x12" vertical, closed back cab. The amp is broken up into 3 different 'types' of amps, and within each of these 3 there are 3 more options. There are too many sounds to really review; others have done it in videos and reviews. I am just here to tell you I have been able to get every sound imaginable out of this amp..from the cleanest, solid-state like cleans, to the most ridiculous nu-metal distortion, this amp can do it all..and do it well. I am going to mention that I was equally impressed with the current digital amp, the AxeFx and I have to say I believe this was Mesas stab at the emulation market. Instead of offering fake, cheap, digital remakes of the amps, Mesa did it right; they actually offer the real deal. So, it's kind of the ultimate tone simulator; it IS the real amps! I have only one complaint; once you buy this amp, you may find yourself playing guitar 10+ hours a day, and lose all of your friends and family members!
Music background: Recording Engineer, Booking Agent


Music background: 30 year guitarist

Great amp, a little frustrating at first.

WARNING!! This amps tone controls work differently than most amps on the market, which may or may not be frustrating. I can only review the modes i use. Overall the Mark is very articulate and tight, and each channel is truly an amp of it's own. This is the first amp i've played that allows my pick control to truly shine. With an alternating picking line each hit of the pick is articulate and never covered up in a mud mess. The secret to getting a good sound with this amp for me was running the preset GEQ around noon. I love midrange so i was very hesitant and conservative with scooping the midrange. This amp has a ridiculous amount of midrange so scooping with the GEQ is absolutely necessary to get the honk out! Think of the channel eq's more like thickness, texture, saturation controls than your standard EQ. Channel 1 Tweed: Set it right and you can play soft for clean and hard for some crunchy goodness. Tweed has the best clean sound IMO and channel 1 is the most dynamic channel in the amp. Channel 2 Crunch: I run the gain around 9 o'clock it allows me to transition perfectly between playing hard on channel 1 to channel 2 when i need a little more sustain and saturation. Like for a bluesy solo or chords that sustain. This channel gives me blues to metal tones based on pick attack. This channel is round and warm. Channel 3. I use the mark IV and the Extreme mode. I run the gain at noon on this channel. Extreme is big yet tight, very clear, articulate and has some of the 3D depth of the recto. Easily the loosest sound in the Mark V. Mark IV has grittier, more pronounced mids, and is tighter than the extreme mode. This channel is darkish and thick.
Music background: Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician, Amateur recording Engineer

Buy It...You won't regret it!

One would best describe me as a frustrated living room musician, who has been playing guitar off and on for 30 years or so. For me buying this amp was kind of like buying a Maserati to drive to church and was way more than what I could ever need, but being one who can only be satisfied with the pure tones I was striving to achieve with a Fender Superchamp and a Line 6 Pod effects processor.......and failing miserably.......I decided that I had to spend the money.......I'm glad I did! At first I had some buyers remorse, because I was way over my head with all that one can do with this beauty, but now after several months of "getting to know her" I am totally head over heals in love and am convinced I can not live without her. Channel 1 has a variety of deep crystal clear tones that you have to hear to believe. Channel 2 is the old style rich but mellow distortion that is the absolute best for my Santana cover songs and Channel 3 is.....well's just mind blowing!Sweetwater was absolutely great to deal with too. The first head was damaged by being dropped during shipment. But no worries, everything was taken care of with just one phone call to my rep Chris, who shipped out another one the next day via priority express!
Music background: Living room musician.... but ready to retire and get serious
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