Vox MV50 Clean 50-watt Hybrid Tube Head

50-watt 1-channel Hybrid Guitar Amplifier Head with Cab-emulated Line/Headphone Out and Controls for Volume, Treble, and Bass
Vox MV50 Clean 50-watt Hybrid Tube Head image 1
Vox MV50 Clean 50-watt Hybrid Tube Head image 1
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Vox MV50 Clean 50-watt Hybrid Tube Head
In Stock!

Clean Tube Tone in the Palm of Your Hand

The Vox MV50 Clean mini electric guitar amplifier head ushers in a new level of professional-quality tones and convenience for guitarists chasing high-headroom clean tones. The MV50 Clean utilizes a Nutube in the preamp section for true tube performance, sound, and feel. But the kicker is that it does it all in a package that weighs just over a pound and fits in the palm of your hand. If you're looking for a tone that works as well for clean styles as it does as a pedal platform, the MV50 Clean is the mini guitar head of your dreams.

True clean tone

Vox knows a thing or two about great tube clean tones. Their combo amplifiers have been one of the defining clean guitar amps since the 1960s. It's with that in mind that they voiced their MV50 Clean mini electric guitar amplifier head. Thanks to the tube-based preamp, this tiny powerhouse delivers rich and sparkling sounds with a huge amount of headroom. This amp is a perfect tonal partner if you're in need of an amp for jazz, old-school country, or other cleaner styles. And it's an ideal option for players needing a neutral pedal-platform amp.

Nutube technology

In a world of great-sounding digital options, it's always refreshing to find groundbreaking technology that still adheres to the "tubes are better" mentality. Vox knows this as well as any amplifier company and has been integrating real tube tone into their digital and analog amps for years. The MV50 Clean 50-watt mini electric guitar amplifier head follows suit with a Nutube located in its preamp section. This delivers the punchy feel and rich overtones you'd expect from anything bearing the Vox logo. These MV50 amplifiers are definitely creating a buzz around Sweetwater.

Conveniently small footprint

For an electric guitar amplifier head that pushes 50 watts of power, the Vox MV50 Clean is about as small as they come. By utilizing their Nutube technology and a Class D power section, Vox is able to cram enough power and tone into this amp to power any electric guitar speaker cabinet, even at performance volumes. Not gigging lately? The cab-emulated line/headphone output sounds fantastic for practice, at-home playing, and recording. And Vox puts it all into an amp head that comes in at just a touch over a pound.

Vox MV50 Clean Mini Electric Guitar Amplifier Head Features:

  • 50-watt mini guitar amplifier with real tube tone
  • Unbelievably small and lightweight
  • Nutube technology supplies a true tube-amp performance
  • Class D power section keeps the weight down while pushing plenty of power
  • Easily drives any type of guitar speaker cabinet
  • Weighs a little over 1 lb.

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Tech Specs

Type Solid State amp with Korg Nutube
Number of Channels 1
Total Power 50W @ 4 ohms Class D (built-in attenuator switch)
EQ Treble, Bass
Preamp Tubes 6P1 Nutube
Inputs 1 x 1/4" (instrument)
Outputs 1 x 1/4" (speaker out), 1 x 1/4" (headphones/line)
Power Supply 19V DC power supply (included)
Height 2.9"
Width 5.3"
Depth 3.9"
Weight 1.32 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number MC50Clean

Customer Reviews

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Let's hear it for nano tube tech! This is the gutsiest micro amp I have ever heard. Pristine clear sound that loves every pedal I have put in the front of it. I have had 50 watt full tube amps that didn't have the oomph this little dynamo has and it wasn't near as clean either. Well worth the money and I plan on getting each one of the three models now!!
Music background: Played in a few bands

Great Little Amp

The clean sound on this amp is just what I need. I use the Vox MV50 a little differently than most might , as I think it is fantastic as a preamp. Let me explain: I play mostly jazz box guitars( Herritage , Gibson, etc.) and I like a clean sound that I get from an accoustic amp. By plugging the Vox into a Fishman Loudbox Artist amp I get the warmth of tubes through the clarity of the accoustic amp. The notes ring out with clarity , warmth and sustain. I highly recommend the Vox MV50.
Music background: Jazz guitarist for the past 50 years


I am not new to the micro amp game as i own several at this point. I also own a top end full size tube amp and over the years have owned and played through the most well known brands. I say this not to brag or anything like that but to give a background as a frame of reference. The MV50 Clean sounds just as good as any of those top brands and the fact that you can literally put it in a gig bag or case with a guitar makes this a must have. The technology in these micro amps really is amazing. You truely get a tube like tone and feel from these little jewels. The clean tone of the MV50 Clean is just that. Tons of headroom keeps things clean even at high volume levels even with the use of high output pickups. The unit looks cool and appears to be well built. Tone is a very subjective thing but in my opinion this is a great amp with useable tones that closely match those of the best full sized all tube amplifiers. Get one of these now!

Buy It You Won't Regret It

I am impressed. It sounds great. Try it for yourself. This little guy is useful. It is not a gimmick like micro amps have been in the past. I love the tone of it. I play it through a Fender JBL d120f (1-12 cabinet) and it sounds really good. It's plenty loud and the treble bass control are effective. I also purchased the the Vox 8" speaker which is great for practice,(this is also a nice combo to monitor or record) I run my Eleven Rack through this smaller speaker and it sounds great. You can see plenty of reviews on line and more and more are being posted everyday. Vox is on to something with these little guys.
Music background: Gigging Musician


I opened the box and laughed when I pulled it out. Thought there was no way this tiny thing could push 50watts and sound good doing it. I WAS SO WRONG!! I put my 2x12 cab on 4 ohms so I could see if it would get as loud as my Orange Micro Terror. At 1/3 volume it was blowing it away and when I wasn't picking a string, PERFECT SILENCE!! When they say clean they mean it. With the tube tech built into this thing it has the dynamics that you'd expect from a full sized tube amp when playing. The bass and treble controls actually control the tone very well which most amps this size always seemed to have a hard time doing. A little goes a long way!! I can get the tones I want with this without running through my 7band eq. In fact, a lot of pedals are going bye bye with this. I can use my MXR for metal, my tube overdrive for blues, and my reverb and delay pedals. Finally down to the 4 pedal situation I always wanted for the basics. Now I can get just what I want for effects because this little beauty of an amp handles pedals VERY well. I can actually say I want to buy 3-5 of these amps just in case they ever stop making them. Second time in my life I have said that about guitars or equipment. First was my Banshee FR and now this amp. The attenuation does just what it says and the DEEP and FLAT switch does the same too. It seems to be built very sturdy but I wish they would have put the power in somewhere on the side so it doesn't interfere with those switches in the back. It will be rare you need to use them but it is the only thing I can't rave about. I won't even take off points because they are a set and forget type switch for the most part anyway.
Music background: Playing off and on since the early 80's
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