Roland JUNO-DS88 88-key Synthesizer

88-key Synthesizer with Velocity-sensitive, Hammer-action Keys, Wave Expansion Slot, Phrase Pads, Vocoder with Auto Pitch, and 8-track Sequencer
Roland JUNO-DS88 88-key Synthesizer image 1
Roland JUNO-DS88 88-key Synthesizer image 1
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Roland JUNO-DS88 88-key Synthesizer
In Stock!

A Portable Synth with Real Piano Feel

The Roland JUNO-DS88 88-key synthesizer delivers all of the benefits of its predecessor, along with realistic hammer-action keys, improved pianos, additional organs, waveform expansion capability, Phrase Pads, new vocal effects, and more. You can download over 1,000 free sounds, including top-quality acoustic piano collections, world instruments, percussion, and loops and load them into the JUNO-DS88 via USB. You can call up sounds on-the-fly, or use the JUNO-DS88's adjustable parameters and real-time controls for custom patch-building. Eight Phrase Pads let you supplement your performances with samples and music files. Great for stage musicians and sound-tweakers alike, the Roland JUNO-DS88 is a phenomenal portable 88-key synthesizer!

Roland JUNO-DS88 Portable 88-key Synthesizer at a Glance:
  • Portable with stage-ready sounds everybody can use
  • Enhanced pianos, more organs, and all of your old favorites
  • Weighted keys for authentic piano feel
  • Choose from great-sounding presets or custom-built patches
  • Add tons of new sounds with the wave expansion slot
  • Phrase Pads for enhancing your performances
  • Superb-sounding vocal effects for solo performers
  • Capture your idea with the 8-track sequencer
  • Build a mobile recording studio with the integrated USB interface
Portable with stage-ready sounds everybody can use

Everyone from performing pros and educators to music producers and home hobbyists will find something to love about the Roland JUNO-DS88. First of all, it's packed with great sounds. It's also highly portable, thanks to its light weight and versatile battery or AC operation. On top of that, it's also a cinch to use, and it works well with any style of music.

Enhanced pianos, more organs, and all of your old favorites

The Roland JUNO-DS88 includes the entire 1,000+ sound set from its predecessor, along with improved pianos and a plethora of new organ sounds. At Sweetwater, we were delighted to learn that the JUNO-DS88 is compatible with all of the previous-generation JUNO-Di's patches. That means that longtime JUNO users won't have to start from scratch!

Weighted keys for authentic piano feel

The Roland JUNO-DS88 provides you with 88 weighted keys - a first for the JUNO series. Keyboardists who are accustomed to acoustic pianos will love the JUNO-DS88's Ivory Feel-G keyboard and progressive hammer action. These expressive keys deliver high-end touch and playability; however, the JUNO-DS88 itself remains lightweight and easy to transport. The JUNO-DS88's realistic action makes it ideal for pro players and piano students alike.

Choose from great-sounding presets or custom-built patches

If you're a stage musician, the Roland JUNO-DS88 gives you tons of easy-to-access sounds right out of the box. That being said, the JUNO-DS88's adjustable parameters and hands-on controls provide you with plenty of opportunities for experimentation. Whether you want to call up fantastic sounds on-the-fly or tweak your own custom-built patches, the JUNO-DS88 gives you everything you need.

Add tons of new sounds with the wave expansion slot

Not only does the Roland JUNO-DS88 come with a massive collection of top-quality sounds, its internal waveform expansion capability gives you access to over 1,000 free EXP sounds that you can download from Roland's Axial website. You can download acoustic piano collections, world instruments, go-to studio standards, percussion, loops, and more. You can also load your own WAV files into the JUNO-DS88 and play them from the keyboard. The JUNO-DS88's wave expansion slot comes preloaded with the versatile EXP-06 Studio Collection to get you started.

Phrase Pads for enhancing your performances

Performing keyboardists will find plenty to be happy about with the Roland JUNO-DS88. Its eight Phrase Pads allow you to supplement your performances with samples and music files that are stored on a USB memory stick. You can load up just about anything, including one-shot samples, vocals, sound effects, loops, and complete music tracks and trigger them with a touch of your finger.

Superb-sounding vocal effects for solo performers

The Roland JUNO-DS88's microphone input is tailor-made for solo performers and singer/songwriters. First of all, it provides you with a dedicated vocal reverb to add depth and ambience to your voice. You also get Auto Pitch, so you can create the popular "stepped" electronic vocal effect. Plus, you get a vocoder, allowing you to sing into your mic and control the tone and pitch of your voice via sounds played on the JUNO-DS88's keyboard.

Capture your idea with the 8-track sequencer

With the Roland JUNO-DS88, you'll never have to worry about losing a musical idea, thanks to its onboard 8-track sequencer. The sequencer's easy-to-use controls and non-stop operation ensure that your creative flow isn't interrupted, so building up full arrangements with multiple sounds becomes child's play. You can also use the JUNO-DS88's sequencer to enhance your live performances with pre-made backing tracks and on-the-fly looping.

Build a mobile recording studio with the integrated USB interface

The Roland JUNO-DS88 makes a great front end for a mobile recording rig, thanks to its integrated USB interface. With the JUNO-DS88, you can record both audio and MIDI data, including sounds that are captured from the microphone input. You can even use the JUNO-DS88 to control your software with its dedicated DAW Control mode!

Roland JUNO-DS88 Portable 88-key Synthesizer Features:
  • Portable synthesizer with pro sounds, enhanced performance features, and battery-powered operation
  • 88-note velocity-sensitive keyboard with realistic progressive hammer action
  • Loaded with performance-ready sounds including updated pianos and additional organs
  • Access over 1,000 free downloadable EXP sounds from Roland's Axial website
  • Compatible with the previous-generation JUNO-Di's patches
  • Sample import function for playing your WAV files on the keyboard
  • Easy sound manipulation and editing with hands-on knobs and sliders
  • 8 Phrase Pads for enhancing your performances with triggered samples and songs
  • Mic input and dedicated reverb, vocoder, and Auto Pitch effects for impressive vocal performances
  • 8-track pattern sequencer with non-stop recording for quickly developing song ideas
  • Build a mobile recording studio with the integrated USB interface
If you want a phenomenal portable 88-key synthesizer, check out the Roland JUNO-DS88!

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Roland Debuts JUNO-DS

Tech Specs

Number of Keys 88
Type of Keys Weighted-action, Roland Ivory Feel-G Keyboard
Other Controllers Pitchbend, Modulation lever
Polyphony 128
Number of Presets Over 1200 Patches, Over 30 Drum kits, Over 64 performances
Expansion 1 Wave Expansion slot
Number of Effects 3 Mulit-effects, 3 Chorus types, 5 Reverb types, 8 Mic input Reverbs and Vocoder
Arpeggiator Yes
Audio Playback WAV, AIFF, MP3
Sequencer 8-track
Audio Inputs 1 x 1/4" Mic, 1 x 1/8" Aux
Audio Outputs 2 x 1/4" L/R, 1 x 1/4" TRS Headphone
USB 1 x USB Type A (triggering samples off memory), 1 x USB Type B (Audio/MIDI)
Pedal Inputs 1 x 1/4" Pedal Hold, 1 x 1/4" Pedal Control
Power Supply DC 9V adapter, 8 x AA batteries
Height 5.68"
Width 55.75"
Depth 13.43"
Weight 35 lbs. 12 oz.
Manufacturer Part Number JUNO-DS88

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
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Mega Value

The DS-88 has been a great keyboard for literally every style I have demanded of it. It has a super easy interface and is quite simple to program. The keyboard excels at being able to replicate most sounds from the world of commercial pop/dance and so on. The piano sound is very good as well as the organs and e. pianos..blah blah blah. Everything sounds great. Having said all this, I am well aware that there are keyboards that have better piano samples and such however, for 1k this is really a proper (gigging) way to go. I think this keyboard is fairly light for an 88 key PLUS the action is quite good. All in all a very good value. DS-88 also has 32 mb of flash storage for user samples! Also, you can half pedal on this unit with the correct roland sustain pedal.
Music background: Pro Keyboard/Piano

Great Package!

The versatility and sound that comes in this thing is top tier and in my opinion cannot be matched for the price range it was marketed for. I gigged heavily with this thing and was able to do everything from Baba O'Riley synth, Roy Bittan's Grand Piano/Glockenspiel sound, Springsteen's horn section, to Nightwish's Crimson Tide cover. There is a bit of a learning curve for sure, but once you get the hang of how to program everything, you can switch between sounds very quickly. I was able to get a pretty accurate sound for all the above mentioned. Have played ~40 Springsteen songs where I had to double as organ and Roy Bittan. The half and half feature as well as patch mode made this work relatively easy. Great keyboard/synth for the money. I would highly recommend spending time studying the manual (online) and watching all the internet videos you can on this thing to really bring out its full potential, but it really is an amazing piece of equipment for the price range its marketed for.

Fidelity and Fun

I am very pleased with my Juno DS with 88 keys, the Fidelity and Quality is sensational. Drawbacks: Your changing sounds in the Strings section and "Woo woo" voice train sound on several settings in one key only maybe you'll get lucky, no random wanderings in the Strings. Some of the settings don't do a full 88 key. Do you need 100 Accordion Settings? 100 piano settings? but lots of nice Organ settings, there are a couple of Cello settings that are sensational, horns, strings, voices, new age sounds, international sounds, of exceptional quality and various fun sound effects, jets going past, lightening, river or water sounds, I have also noticed some bits of static (from what? the Juno? or my sound system?). My favorites are the Cathedral pipe organ, and the first setting on Organs, the Cello settings, some of the 5ths patches, "Try This", and under synthesizer the Juno D-50 sound goes well with the pipe organ, and some nice electric guitar sounds, I am a guitarist too and thats fun. Some of the patches seem out of order??? but all in all, very much a good deal due to Quality of Fidelity and a nice selection of sounds with 88 keys
Music background: AA Fine Arts Music etc

Love this thing!

I was looking for a keyboard that I could grab quickly and easily for small gigs anytime I wanted. I didn't want to dish out a lot of money but I wanted something that would let me play without worrying about the sound quality. I did A LOT of playing on many different keyboards at this price point and some in the $1800 dollar range. I used two areas of critique when choosing between all of these keyboards. First and foremost was a good piano sound...not an amazing one...just a good one. On all of the keyboards I played I could hear a sample split point somewhere and hear the tone difference while moving up the keys to the split point. On one keyboard in particular (no names) that I thought for sure would be good you could here a split point plainly at Eb4. The JUNO-DS88 piano sound out-shined all the keyboards I played in the $800-$1800 price range. It takes listening VERY intently to hear the break points on the Juno but you can also upload their Concert Piano Collection which sounds a little better. If your a piano player, the weighted keys and texture feel fantastic for something that only comes in weighing at 35lbs. The piano setup of this thing may not be as good as a dedicated digital piano but it is definitely the most usable and portable for something that has a multitude of other sounds, which brings me to my second area of critique. The second thing I wanted was something with some options of other sounds. A nice addition was the ability to load up sound banks from a USB stick that you can get from Roland's website. I would say it's on the same par with the rest of the keyboards in this range as far as general sounds go except for two additional goodies. The first goodie...a vocoder! FUN! The second goodie...battery operated as an alternative source of power. Get a battery operated speaker and play anywhere you're willing to take this thing. The only drawback to this keyboard is if you plan on using it for a lot of backing tracks or sequencing it falls short. The 8-Track Sequencer is a pattern sequencer...but if you really wanted something better you would be looking at a workstation class keyboard anyways. It does however have an 1/8" input for audio so you could plug in some sort of media player. Overall I have a blast playing on this thing. I'm surprised how good it is every time I play on it, especially considering what I payed for it. If your looking for a live keyboard that's easy to lug around with good options...this is the one.
Music background: Ex-Pro, doing it for fun now

I'm in Love

Pros: Ivory feel keys, loads of great sounds, versatile, easy to transport,Cons: Navigation, documentationBought this so I could retire my 15 year old Yamaha S80. Not getting any younger I decide I was done lugging around a 55 lb. instrument. Quite simply, if you're looking for an 88 weighted key keyboard that can be used for gigs, composing, arranging, and just finding the sheer joy of playing, and only have a thousand bucks to spend, the Juno DS88 should definitely be on your list. I've had this baby for about two weeks now, and I've lost many hours of sleep because I don't want to stop playing it. For someone who grew up playing piano, the ivory G feel keybed is a dream. Some might say it's a bit on the heavy side, but from my perspective it's strengthening my fingers and improving my technique. For those used to playing acoustic pianos you'll have no problem. Never have I found the action restrictive when I want to play those lightning fast runs and when I want to really dig in and wail, I have no reservations about doing so. It just feels good under my fingers.As for the patches, they're expressive and full and will bring to life any style you want to play. I've been a Yamaha and Korg loyalist for years but now I'm totally won over by the Roland sound. And there's a ton of patches and performances. You'll be hard pressed find a way to use them all. From acoustic and electric pianos to organs to synths, and more, everything is there and usable. For the cons I listed patch navigation. It's really not that big a deal and you can set up all your most used patches in banks of favorites and create performances to suit all your needs. Those familiar with Roland know what I'm talking about.As for the documentation, it's not great, but it's no worse than the documentation you get with most keyboards. Bottom line: If you're thinking about it, go for it. You won't be disappointed.
Music background: 40 year veteran keyboardist

Sweetwater Advice

Bryan Campbell

When I first played Roland's Juno DS88, the hammer-action keys took me back to the beginning of my music career, when I spent countless hours on piano lessons. I wasn't expecting that. What I was expecting was to really struggle to learn my way around such a complex instrument, but I was surprised by how simple it was to use. Over 1,200 onboard sounds means I'm not likely to run out inspiration either. As a guy who primarily focuses on guitar and bass, the Juno DS88 may be the perfect synth on the market.
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