Zoom A3 Acoustic Guitar Preamp and Effects Processor

Acoustic Guitar Preamp and Effects Processor
Zoom A3 Acoustic Guitar Preamp and Effects Processor image 1
Zoom A3 Acoustic Guitar Preamp and Effects Processor image 1

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Zoom A3 Acoustic Guitar Preamp and Effects Processor
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A Complete Acoustic Pedalboard in One Pedal

Take control of your acoustic gig with the Zoom A3 Acoustic Guitar Preamp and Effects Processor. This robust and easy-to-use unit offers everything you need to make your guitar sound like a million bucks. A dedicated pickup input with a compensated pickup type selector remedies common issues with piezo and magnetic pickups. A collection of 40 digital effects let you add depth, shimmer, and complexity to your sound. And if your guitar needs a little sonic help, you can choose from 16 body types and 28 legendary guitar models to bolster your sound. The fully featured and user-friendly Zoom A3 Acoustic Guitar Preamp and Effects Processor is a must-have for every acoustic musician who plugs in.

Zoom A3 Acoustic Guitar Preamp and Effects Processor at a Glance:
  • Choose from an entire showroom of guitar models and effects
  • Robust effects give your performance a professional touch
  • Compensated pickup input delivers clear acoustic tones
Choose from an entire showroom of guitar models and effects

Zoom's A3 Acoustic Guitar Preamp and Effects Processor offers an entire showroom worth of instruments and effects to choose from. Choose from 16 acoustic guitar body types to re-create the signature sound of each guitar. Body shapes include dreadnought, orchestra, Triple-0, jumbo, nylon, resonator, and more. Or choose from 28 of the most beloved, legendary acoustic guitar models ever. The Zoom A3 is a cornucopia of acoustic guitar tone that will enhance any gig.

Robust effects give your performance a professional touch

Take your performance to a new level with the effects library in the Zoom A3 Acoustic Guitar Preamp and Effects Processor. Select from 40 different effects to enhance your sound. Effects include compressors, reverb, chorus, delay, and even detune effects to simulate the sound of a 12-string guitar. A handy anti-feedback switch stops feedback with a single stomp. This valuable feature automatically detects the offending signal and eliminates it. If another feedback issue pops up, just hit the switch again. The Zoom A3's feedback function can handle up to three offending frequencies simultaneously.

Compensated pickup input delivers clear acoustic tones

Don't let thin-sounding piezo pickups ruin your tone. The Zoom A3 sports a dedicated 1/4" pickup input with a pickup selector switch. Each setting (Flat, Magnetic, and Piezo) is tailored to compensate for missing or overpowering frequency ranges common to each type of pickup. Combine this with the XLR/TS combo jack on the back, and you have a preamp and processor that is ready for guitar and microphone inputs. The Zoom A3's XLR input is phantom powered for use with your favorite condenser microphone.

Zoom A3 Acoustic Guitar Preamp and Effects Processor Features:
  • Acoustic guitar preamp with onboard effects and anti-feedback
  • Dedicated 1/4" input jack for instruments with pickup type selector
  • XLR/TS combo jack features phantom power for use with condenser mics
  • Choose from 16 guitar body types and 28 guitar models
  • 40 onboard effects include reverb, chorus, delay, and more
  • Use up to 2 effects and 1 acoustic model simultaneously
  • Balanced XLR out is great for feeding to mixers at live shows
  • Built-in chromatic tuner
  • Boost footswitch can add up to a 12dB boost to your signal
  • Store up to 20 personalized patches
  • Firmware updates via USB
  • 8 hours of continuous use with 4 x AA batteries
  • Power supply included
Get the acoustic sound you really want with the Zoom A3 Acoustic Guitar Preamp and Effects Processor.

Additional Media

A3 Acoustic Guitar Preamp and Effects Processor User Manual

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Preamp and Multi-effects
Inputs 1 x Instrument, 1 x XLR/TS Combo jack
Outputs 2 x 1/4", 1 x XLR
Batteries 4 x AA
Height 6.31"
Width 4.25"
Depth 2.16"
Weight 1.39 lbs.
Power Supply Included Yes
Manufacturer Part Number ZA3

Customer Reviews

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Best Choice I ever made.

After receiving the Zoom A3 I was able to simply plug and play with my Ovation and the modeling was simply amazing. It brought out sounds that only were achieved with very high end vintage acoustics. The effects are great and really took my solo gigs to a whole new level. If you haven't had the chance to play through one of these you are really missing out. Get one and I am very sure you won't be disappointed.
Music background: Solo Acoustic Artist

Really versitile!

I originally purchased and reviewed this to use with my NS Design NXT electric upright bass, and was really pleased with the upright bass modeling. Since then, I've found I can also use it for live work with the DPA d:vote 4099B - bass mic, which it also provides phantom power for, and at the same time run the Realist bass transducer pickup. No need for a mixer, as there are separate levels for each. It's limited in that there are no separate EQs, but somehow it all sounds incredible great. Plus effects!
Music background: Full time professional musician, private teacher, and college music professor for nearly 50 years.

Best gear I ever purchased for my acoustic guitars!

I spent a lot of time researching which manufacturer to buy an acoustic preamp from and I finally went with the Zoom A3, and am I ever glad I did. The quality is excellent and the features are incredible. There are a lot of controls but if you read the well-written guide when setting it up, you will very quickly learn how easy it is to navigate through all the options and maximize the power and the flexibility of this great preamp made for any of your acoustic guitars. I plugged in my Taylor 214 CE, and using the body-type selector knob, I set it to "Single Cutaway" as the manual suggests. Then all you need to do is use the three control knobs beneath the display to select from 19 available effects pedals - each with lots of settings to help zero in on the sound you're after - and then select the body style guitar from a menu of 16 guitars (like Taylor, Martin, Gibson, Ovation, Guild and Yamaha) - each with a body shape (jumbo, concert, dreadnought, parlor, resonator, nylon string, 12-string...) and you're on your way to hours and hours of fun, imagination and creativity. I was really blown away by how good the samples of these great guitars are. It's so good, that I would use this preamp before seriously plunking down 3 or 4 G's on one of the guitars this preamp emulates so well. The A3 comes with it's own power cord, an easy-to understand manual, and a quick start guide. The A3 itself is rock solid, easy to navigate through the menus and options,
Music background: Guitar, bagpipes, mandolin, ukelele, harmonica, piano, drums...

Great Sound, Effects, and Value.

If you value clarity and fidelity above all in your signal chain as I do, you should be pleased with this preamp. It specs out well and sounds very, very good. Add in the flexibility of a capable 3-band analog EQ, two channel input gain blending, dry-wet blending, stereo and master volume, and you have all you need for a great audio section. It's not a Grace Design Felix (wizardry), but I run this preamp through high end studio monitors that are brutally honest and feel that the price is worth the top half of this box alone. It's that good. A good PA will do likewise. I also run it through the FX return on a Marshall combo to bypass it's preamp and use this instead. The big knob on top is basically "set and forget". They are EQ pre-sets meant to embellish or "fill in" the body style tone that your pickups may be missing. Or, you can just put it on silent and go with what your pickups are offering. The effects processing is also very, very good. Also specs out well. Quality converters as far as I can tell. The screen, the three knobs below it, and the small EFFECT BUTTON ALONG WITH the middle foot switch all work together to select, drive and store all effects. You must learn how these five switches and knobs work in conjunction with each other. It's not hard, but will require some time and patience. Much easier than our smartphones and well worth it. The instruction manual lacks clarity, but as others have stated there are some good u tube videos to help. The 3-band anti-feedback control is (thankfully) aggressive, but can be dialed back to fit your situation. The first of three effects "pedals" shown on the screen that you can run simultaneously is ALWAYS a top or "soundboard" of a specific guitar model. Subtle but clear changes with each choice. Cannot be by-passed...my only gripe. Luckily there are some 25 to choose from, they sound very good and are fun to play. The second and third "pedals" shown on the screen are open to any effect you like, and you can tweak each to your needs. Many choices, or you can by-pass (thru) one or both. Then you can save the whole lot as a "patch" into any one of twenty memory slots to recall anytime by scrolling through. Pretty cool and works well. There is nothing else on the market today that provides everything this does. And it's well built. As acoustic players we really only need a couple effects at a time. A little compression, some reverb or delay and we're good to go. You can always add another pedal if you need to run three effects at a time. I like this box. It might be right for you. And, as always, Thanks to Anthony Longano and Sweetwater for their uncompromising service. signal curious; fishman rare earth blend mic/mag combo pickups through neutrik/magomi 2524 cabling

A3 great pedal

I perform with an acoustic guitar, and I was using the Zoom a2 which I liked very much. When I heard of the a3 model I figured I would upgrade, so I did. This pedal as compared to the old is a lot better. I found it really easy to use .The a3 really adds a new dimension of of sound to the sound of your acoustic guitar. This pedal is very versatile, I used on my dreadnought l, parlor, and mini jumbo guitars, and was able to get great sound out of each.

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Zoom A3

The A3's real muscle lies in its software-driven functions, including digital modeling of various acoustic guitar types and microphones, plus a wide array of effects and EQs....
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