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Many recording engineers, producers, and musicians rely on 500 Series processors for the bulk of their signal processing. Offering a compact and portable solution with the studio-grade sound quality traditionally associated with 19" rackmount units, the 500 Series has its origins in the legendary early-1970s consoles that defined the sound of American rock recordings of the era. API consoles were modular, with preamp, EQ, compressor, and other modules that could be easily swapped out in the event one went down. In the '80s, companies started building small racks that housed and powered a number of these modules, and the 500 Series was born. Today, Sweetwater carries a vast selection of 500 Series modules from leading pro-audio companies such as API, BAE, Rupert Neve Designs, Chandler Limited, dbx, Focusrite, and many more. But which modules are right for you? No worries: whether you're in the market for preamps, dynamics, EQ, or a 500 Series chassis, Sweetwater is uniquely qualified to make sure you get the right gear for your particular needs.

In our world-class recording studios, we regularly evaluate 500 Series gear in the context of the album work we do for top artists. Our expert Sales Engineers put the latest cutting-edge modules to the test every day in home and commercial studios, and they have extensive consulting experience helping our customers outfit their own studios with the absolute best equipment for their requirements. An investment in 500 Series equipment can be a very smart move, allowing you to integrate superior analog sonics into your DAW-based workflow. But before buying a 500 Series rack and stuffing it with modules, a bit of pre-planning will serve you well. It's important, for instance, to take into account the power requirements of the various modules that will reside in your chassis to ensure that the rack rails are capable of supplying the required voltages. If this is starting to sound like a headache waiting to happen, relax! Check out our informative 500 Series Buying Guide. Or pick up the phone and chat with one of our friendly, highly trained Sweetwater Sales Engineers, who will be happy to steer you in the right direction.

Sweetwater is America's largest online pro-audio and musical instrument retailer, and we stock a comprehensive selection of the right products at the right price. What's more, with our fast, free shipping, you'll be laying down tracks with your new gear in no time. And you can invest in quality 500 Series gear (how about a new API lunchbox?) without worry - we include Sweetwater's exclusive 2-year warranty FREE with nearly every product we carry. Want to save even more? Choose from hundreds of price drops, rebates, and open-box discounts in our DealZone! Bottom line? Whether you're recording a heavy metal band or mixing post-production sound, your team at Sweetwater has the 500 Series gear - and the expertise - you need!
Questions about 500 Series Processors?

Questions about 500 Series Processors?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about 500 Series Processors?

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