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Rack Fans

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Does your rack heat up too fast? Well, Sweetwater has a solution! We carry many useful rack fans that will cool your rack and prolong the life of your equipment inside. Our units help you by providing optimal rack thermal management.

Whether you have a studio or are on the road a lot, there is always the danger of your equipment overheating. As we're sure you know by now, audio gear gives off heat and a lot of it. And heat is detrimental to electronics. That is why most audio professionals install ventilation systems into their racks. So if you want to keep your preamps, EQs, and mixing boards safe, have a look at our amazing rack fans that will take care of your overheating problem for you!

Since racks have a finite amount of space, the main things to determine when buying your rack fans is how many fans you need and how much space you have. To determine how many fans you need, you need to think about your current air ventilation system. Do you have a covered rack? How good is the airflow in the room and in the back of your rack? How many empty spaces do you have on there? These are all great questions to ask when determining what your needs are. For example, if you have a large rack with little or no empty spaces, and a door on the front and back, you should get at least two fans, or a double unit, to make sure your precious equipment lasts as long as possible. On the other hand, if you have a well-ventilated and cool room, and an open or semi-open rack, grab one ventilator and you're probably set. Sweetwater carries single, double and triple fans, which means you can easily find a fan that suits your particular needs.

When it comes to the number of rack spaces, bigger fans or units with more than one fan take up more space. Before buying, make sure you have a suitable space to put your fans in. Our fans are specially designed to get rid of heat in your setup, so you can be sure that even with the smallest fan, your gear will be at the optimal operating temperature and its lifespan will be maximally extended. When positioning your rack fan, make sure you place it near a unit that produces the most heat for optimal performance.

Looking for a no-hassle installation? Some of our amazing rack fans come with all the hardware you need and a cord, so you don't have to stress about installing them. And if you often record in the same space, make sure to grab one of our extra quiet fans so that the hum from the fan doesn't insert noise into your tracks. Most of our fans offer the best combination of high performance and low noise, so you can be sure your gear will be safe and your tracks clear. Finally, if you're looking for aesthetics, many of our fans come in a black brushed and anodized finish for durability, safety and style.

Questions about Rack Fans?

Questions about Rack Fans?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Rack Fans?

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