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Misc Mixer Accessories

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Live sound mixing can be incredibly exciting and rewarding. When you get the sound dialed in perfectly you know it because the crowd starts moving. The band is stoked and feeding off the energy of the room. The air is electric, and the people are smiling and having a truly magical night. You're having a blast and it's all coming together effortlessly. The amazing room sound happens because you've got great gear and you know how to use it. But the smoothness of your operation, that little extra something that lets you make the jump from technique to artistry, comes down to all the mixer accessories that make your job a little easier.

Providing performers with their own onstage personal monitor mixer is the mark of a pro. When you provide your artists with a conveniently located stand that holds their monitor mixer and even has a cup holder attached it shows that your venue takes live sound seriously. And that's the best way to attract top notch talent and stay packed every night.

You've investing in an excellent mixer for your venue, now you need to make sure it lasts. Dust is the enemy of electronic components like buttons, pots and faders. And that's an issue that doesn't go away at the end of the night. One of the best live mixer accessories for keeping your gear in tip top shape is a cover. When your mixer isn't inside, slipping on a good cover will keep it clean and functioning perfectly for a long time.

A tidy stage configuration that keeps all the cordage and connections neat and organized is a thing of beauty. We have some great solutions for keeping the ship tight. Check out an integrated snake unit that neatly groups all the inputs and outputs neatly grouped. Features like stage side indicators for phantom power (+48v), signal and overload are incredibly helpful for dialing in sound and avoiding connection mistakes.

Sometimes it's the little things that make the difference, like always having plenty of white 1-inch board marking tape on hand. Or using the correct bracket for your stand mounted monitor. Replacing hard to see black mixer knobs with high visibility and completely awesome looking chrome. Having a spare crossfader just in case. These are the details that mark you as a professional who has their stuff together.

We strive to provide a wide selection of mixer accessories for live sound installations, including those obscure items made specifically for your piece of gear. From making your performers comfortable with a sturdy stand and a personal monitor mixer to helping you protect your live mixer and ensuring years of great sound, We have you covered.

Looking for a specific mixer accessory? Need to solve a specific problem? Maybe you're just not sure what the thing you're looking for is called? Don't hesitate to give us a call. We're happy to scour our inventory for the exact mixer accessory you need.

Questions about Misc Mixer Accessories?

Questions about Misc Mixer Accessories?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Misc Mixer Accessories?

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