PACE iLok 3rd Generation

3rd Generation Universal USB Dongle
PACE iLok 3rd Generation image 1
PACE iLok 3rd Generation image 1
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PACE iLok 3rd Generation
In Stock!

Half the Size, 3x the Licenses

You can pack up to 1,500 licenses on the 3rd Generation iLok — that's three times as many as the previous generation. And at 1.5" x 0.5", it's the smallest iLok ever. It's super durable though, thanks to its split- and crack-proof aluminum frame. Would-be thieves will have a hard time stealing your iLok, as the 3rd Generation iLok's wider and stronger security loop accommodates most desktop security cables, and its etched serial number doesn't rub off without some serious effort. A stylish embossed logo makes counterfeiting extremely difficult, so you'll know that your iLok is the real deal. The 3rd Generation iLok comes complete with a glowing blue LED indicator.

Three times the capacity of the previous generation

The 3rd Generation iLok holds up to 1,500 licenses, and depending on the type of licenses you own, it may even hold beyond that. With three times the capacity of its predecessor, the 3rd Generation iLok puts more licenses in your pocket than ever.

Half the size with a heavy-duty aluminum frame

At Sweetwater, we've lost count of how many times we've accidentally knocked an iLok out of our laptop's USB port. The 2nd Generation iLok was an improvement over the first, but was still rather obtrusive. Half the size of a 2nd Generation iLok, the 3rd Generation iLok solves this problem for good. And while it's unlikely that you'll knock this minuscule device out of your computer, don't fret if you do. Its sturdy one-piece extruded aluminum frame can handle a fall to the floor without splitting or cracking.

The most secure iLok ever

Secure the 3rd Generation iLok to your desk with a cable lock, and it's not going anywhere. Its security loop is built directly into the iLok's robust aluminum frame, making it extremely difficult to break. A large, clearly visible serial number is etched onto the iLok. And to prevent counterfeiting, the 3rd Generation iLok features a stylish embossed logo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many licenses can the new version of the iLok hold?

The 3rd Generation iLok can hold up to 1,500 depending on the license type. By comparison, the 2nd Generation iLok can hold around 500 licenses.

Can I have original iLoks and new iLoks in my account at the same time?

Yes, you can have any combination of older iLoks and new iLoks in your account at the same time.

Does the new version of the iLok work just like the original iLok?

The 3rd Generation iLok works the same as the 2nd Generation iLok. It's also fully backward compatible.

Can I get Zero Downtime protection on a new iLok?

Zero Downtime is immediately available for 3rd Generation iLoks. On a 3rd Generation iLok, the optional Theft and Loss Coverage (TLC) may be enabled within iLok License Manager.

Do I have to buy the new version of the iLok?

You do not need to purchase a new iLok to continue working. Note that some software requires a 2nd Generation iLok or better.

Will you still be selling the 2nd Generation iLok?

PACE Anti Piracy will no longer sell retail 2nd Generation iLoks after the release of iLok 3.

Why should I buy the new version of the iLok?

It's stronger, more durable, and it holds over 3 times the licenses.

Can I move licenses from an old iLok to a new iLok?

Yes, both the new and original iLoks function the same.

PACE iLok 3rd Generation Features:

  • Holds up to 1,500 licenses — 3x as many as the previous generation
  • Unobtrusive 1.5" x 0.5" size
  • Durable split- and crack-proof 1-piece extruded aluminum frame
  • Wider, stronger security loop accommodates most desktop security cables
  • Large, clearly visible etched serial number won't easily rub off
  • Stylish embossed logo makes counterfeiting extremely difficult
  • Glowing blue LED indicator

NOTE: iLoks are not returnable.

Additional Media

Pace Unveils iLok 3

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number iLok3

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Ilok 3rd

Work as expected!!!

Nice size. Reliable

This does exactly what I expected it to, and it is also smaller than I expected (which is a good thing). I am so glad I got this 3rd generation iLok.

Works great and I've had no issues!

I bought the 3rd Generation iLok a few weeks ago, and it works great! I've had no bugs or issues with it, and it holds all my licenses great!
Music background: Audio Engineer


This new ilok 3 it's awesome, works very good, it's super tiny and durable. You can have x3 times the license on your ilok 2 (no big deal) it's a must have for the engineer on the go as well if you have multiple set ups, it won't break so thats pretty cool.
Music background: mixer, free lance engineer

Works as needed so far.

I had a little difficulty registering this product. All screw ups on my end of the deal! Sweetwater was very helpful in assisting me and solving my problems.
Music background: Teacher, Student again at 50, Player
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