Behringer X32 Digital Mixer

40-input, 25-total-bus Digital Mixer with 32 Gain-Programmable Mic Preamps, 25 Motorized Faders, Virtual FX Rack, and 7" Color TFT
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iPhone not included.

Behringer X32 Digital Mixer image 1
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Behringer X32 Digital Mixer
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Live Digital Mixing Has Never Been Easier

Concentrate on your music, not a confusing mixer interface. The Behringer X32 digital mixer packs everything you need to easily mix and record a live show into a compact, roadworthy chassis. With its amazing-sounding Midas-designed mic preamps, the X32 is also great for the studio. Powerful and intuitive, the X32 sports 40 processing channels and 16 mix buses, giving you the flexibility you've always longed for. It comes equipped for 32-channel recording, with instant compatibility with major DAWs. Its serious signal processing can be quickly configured for sessions of any size. If you're tired of negotiating an endless sea of encoders and menus, then it's time you tried a new approach to digital mixing: the Behringer X32.

Impressive I/O can tackle shows of any size

The Behringer X32 digital mixer boasts an impressive number of inputs and outputs for its compact size. Fitted with 32 great-sounding gain-programmable mic preamps, six 1/4" TRS aux inputs, 16 balanced XLR outs, plus balanced Control Room outputs on both XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors, the X32 lets you do large shows without fear of running out of I/O. A single Cat 5 cable from front of house to the stage can handle up to 48 channels of audio and deliver all bus outputs, along with 16 separate monitor feeds for Behringer's optional P16-M Personal Monitoring System.

Great-sounding Midas-designed mic preamps

For the design of X32's gain-programmable preamps, Behringer utilized Midas and Klark Teknik's expertise to develop studio-quality mic preamps that deliver enhanced dynamic range, superior common mode rejection, and vanishingly low harmonic distortion (THD). These preamps sound amazing!

Instant compatibility with major DAWs

The Behringer X32 digital mixer comes with the X-USB recording interface card, which lets you record your tracks straight into your DAW. This convenience means that right out of the box, you have compatibility with Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, DP, and nearly any other ASIO or Core Audio-compatible DAW.

Onboard FX add a professional touch to your mixes

The Behringer X32 digital mixer sports an onboard virtual FX rack that gives you eight true-stereo (16 mono) multi-effects processors, including delay, chorus, and dynamics. It can also run four studio-quality stereo reverbs together with eight channels of 31-band graphic EQ, eliminating expensive outboard hardware.

Comprehensive controls for a productive workflow

With Behringer's X32 digital mixer, you can assign signals to eight DCA (digitally controlled amplifier) groups, with simultaneous group level control via dedicated 100mm motorized faders. The X32 has a talkback section (with built-in mic) that lets you communicate with the artists. The X32's robust scene management lets you take snapshots of mixes that you can recall later. You can even save them to a USB thumb drive for later recall or use on another X32! What's more, there's a dedicated custom control section with user-definable knobs and buttons, so you can create customized sets of controls, making it simple and intuitive to access frequently used functions as you work.

v3 firmware and software updates bring exciting new features

With v3, the Behringer X32 digital mixer is more powerful than ever. Auto Mix enables Dugan-style gain sharing, providing increased gain to your main speakers, while ducking open mics. This yields a better signal-to-noise ratio without any gating artifacts. Complete X-Touch integration allows direct control of volume, pan, EQ, FX, and more over Ethernet. Set up a full crossover without using a matrix mix. Reverse polarity on your outputs for easy speaker alignment. The X32-Edit app has been completely redesigned, with a new interface, full screen capabilities, floating windows, configurable fader layers, and more.

Behringer X32 Digital Mixer Features:

  • 40-input, 25-total-bus digital mixer
  • 16 mix buses, main LCR, 6 matrix buses
  • Gain-programmable Midas-designed mic preamps deliver enhanced dynamic range and superior common mode rejection ratio (CMRR)
  • Highly configurable, with up to 40 processing channels and 25 motorized faders
  • USB flash connection allowing uncompressed recordings, storing show presets, and enabling system updates
  • 6 independent matrix mix buses with inserts, 6-band parametric EQ, and dynamics processing
  • Powerful scene management for easy handling of complex productions
  • X-USB recording interface card included
  • Support for optional Behringer P16-M Personal Monitoring System
  • 48-channel digital snake ready (sold separately) via AES50 ports

v3 Firmware New Features:

  • Auto Mix yields Dugan-style gain sharing
  • X-Touch integration allows direct control of parameters over Ethernet
  • Set up a full crossover without using a matrix mix
  • Reverse polarity on your outputs for easy speaker alignment
  • Redesigned X32-Edit app features a new interface, full screen capabilities, floating windows, configurable fader layers, and more

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X32 Enhancements

Tech Specs

Type Digital
Channels 40
Inputs - Mic Preamps 32 x XLR
Phantom Power 32 x Channels
Inputs - Other 2 x RCA (Aux), 6 x 1/4" TRS (Aux)
Inputs - Digital 2 x AES50, 32 x USB (96 Total Channels)
Outputs - Digital 1 x AES/EBU (XLR), 32 x USB, 2 x AES50 (32 via Optional Digital Snake)
Outputs - Main 16 x XLR
Outputs - Direct Assignable
Outputs - Other 1 x AES/EBU, 2 x RCA (Aux), 6 x 1/4" TRS (Aux)
Send/Return I/O 6 x 1/4" TRS
Channel Inserts Virtual (Physical Assignable to AUX In/Outs
Aux Sends 16 x Aux Sends
Busses/Groups 16 x Bus
Data I/O Ethernet (X-Touch remote features), USB, MIDI I/O
Computer Connectivity 1 x USB
I/O Expansion Slots 1 x Slot (Includes 32x32 USB Interface)
Headphones 1 x 1/8"
Faders 25 x 100mm (Motorized)
EQ Bands 4-band Parametric (6-band on Mix Bus)
Effects Yes
Talkback Yes
Transport Controls via Assign Section
DAW Control Yes
Height 7.9"
Depth 20.8"
Width 35.4"
Weight 45.4 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number X32

Customer Reviews


Great Sound Board for a Great Price

I purchased this sound board for our church. It is has all the features we were looking for and has great sound. We recently had a company recommend an upgrade that would have cost four times as much, but we are so glad we found this one!

Great for the Price. I mean it. REALLY!

I shouldn't say great for the price, implying that you get what you pay for. But you get SO much more for the price. Comparing it to any other brand in a 32 ch model this blows them away. Somewhere I saw a comparison chart comparing the Presonus, Yamaha and Allen and Health consoles. The X32 wins hands down. on features and latency. About the only thing I didn't like is that subgroups and Aux send are always paired (in either the pre or post sense). Meaning if you want mix 1 to be pre-fade you have to have mix 2 as well. You could'n't make mix 2 post fade. This will probably get updated in a future firmware update. Simply go to thier forum and ask. The more people ask I bet they will do it. But that's all I didn't like. When you set up your system just remember this and you'll be fine. For example if your band has only 7 mixes then skip 8 and move on to mix 9 to make it post fade. The sound is great. With Midas preamps it sound's like it's big stepbrother. And it is solid. No flimsy cheap plastic. This handles the road very well. We ship ours everywhere. The built in effects are amazing, Compared to the LS9 or M7. The iPad app is also a plus. You can have up to 10 iPads controling this thing! Give one to each musician and you never need to deal with tweaking monitors again during a show. Setting the iPad to work was 100 times easier than Yamahas stagemix! I can even have both of my laptops AND iPads controling it. At the same time. AMAZING! For this ins and outs, well it has a ton. It even comes with 2 sets of AES50 to go directly to stage boxes. No need to buy a card. Also has their "Ultranet personal mix" thing. I forgot the exact term. USB AND Firewire. You can use it as a 32x32 sound card to record your show. I can even hook it up to my iPad using Auria. (24ch limitation for now) They even have several rack mount versions of this thing. I can't wait to get ours back off the road so I can play with it some more. It seems this console was or is geared towards Houses Of Worship, because its so easy to use. It really is easy to set up and use. Even out of the box it's ready to go. I build a lot of mixes on my computer using XControl and simply upload it to the desk. Quick and easy. And even if I have a show I want to save. XControl can get it and save it on your computer. Well there is so much more. read the specs. All I can say is that you will be happier and have more fun with X32. And probably have more expandablilty for future for a lot cheaper than the other guys.
Music background: Live sound and Recording engineer. System design and Systems Tech,

Exceeds Your Expectations

On some gigs, I would rather have an X32 than a Digico. Obviously different leagues, but there are some simple tasks that an X32 just does better, easier, and faster. Speaking of the remote control functions here. Also, you get sends of faders as well as, my favorite function when you select the channel, you get the mix levels to the outputs on the output faders. No other board does that. Also, what other board has an app for Apple and Google, as well as editors for Mac, Windows, and Linux? Take about usability.
Music background: Audio Engineer

X32 - Absolutely Incredible!

Okay... So let me start this review by first stating a few facts. 1) I never write reviews. 2) I am an industry professional engineer whom utilizes this console on a days basis. My X32 is on the road 365 days a year. 3) Up until I purchased my X32 I absolutely hated everything about Behringer and made it an absolute point to never touch any of their products. Everything about this console has proven to be amazing! I have multiple industry friends whom use this console while touring with A list acts around the world. We all pretty much agree on all of its Pros ( and it's few Cons) For the price... Nothing beats this machine. The company is constantly providing new firmware for both the desk as well as the IPad mixing app (which is by far the best iv seen out of all the digital consoles.) I must agree with the other review when they say... This is an a total game changer for Behringer. Although I don't really buy that the preamps on this desk are the same quality as the Midas pres on desks 5 times the price - I do think they sound good. Iv hooked this thing up to a massive JBL Vertec line array and boy was I in heaven! Behringer also did a great job in adapting this for installation witch it's smaller rack mounted units available. I have used it on a few install jobs iv done. The console just added a fantastic RTA feature to its parametric EQ. It really helps to identify frequencies that are feeding back very quickly. The RTA is just one of the many great features of this desk. I must say that I am very very pleased with the overall layout of the console. Now for the few cons... The desk can be a pain to update. If it's not working for you - try a different flash drive. I have had a few LED's go out on one if my X32's. Iv also had issues with the mute buttons sticking down a bit. Iv heard of some people having other issues (like faders dying) but not me. For some reason my one digital snake unit is showing a strange signal generating from the first input and output. I never actually returned it because the signal doesn't actually transmit through the PA.... Strange. The biggest con I would say is that Behringer support isn't the best. Not impossible but tricky and time consuming to get anything returned for defects. Overall.... Please do yourself a favor a buy this thing! And while your at it.... Toss in the Gator road case with the iPad stand. You will feel like you are commanding your very own audio spaceship! Hope this review helps! PS: YouTube has some great videos on using this desk. From time to time I even refer to it if I forget how some of the advanced features work.
Music background: Pro Engineer, Musician, Creative Designer


Incredible machine . Blows away the Yamaha mc7 consoles . great pre amps . great effects . awesome workflow . great option cards . it's a beast !!!!!!!!!
Music background: Recording and live engineer , pro musician
See also: Mixers Digital, Behringer, Behringer Digital Mixers