TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play Acoustic

Guitar and Vocal Digital Multi-effects Processing Pedal with Mic and Instrument Inputs, Dual XLR Outputs with Assignable Function, 1/8" Auxiliary Input, USB Connectivity, and Headphone Output
TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play Acoustic image 1
TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play Acoustic image 1
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TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play Acoustic
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Next Level Performance Tools

As a singer/songwriter you know, the act with the best sound, gets the gig - and the TC-Helicon Play Acoustic effects processing pedal is the tool to get you booked. Just plug in your mic and guitar and get the CD sound your music deserves and audiences want to hear. You will love TC Electronic's best-selling guitar effects and the BodyRez feature for giving your guitar a full, warm sound. For your vocals, the Play Acoustic gives you natural-sounding vocal harmonies guided either by your guitar or the onboard RoomSense microphones. TC-Helicon's Play Acoustic multi-effects pedal puts the pro shine on your show.

TC-Helicon Play Acoustic Effects Processing Pedal at a Glance:
  • Professional vocal processing puts you in charge of your sound
  • Pedalboard playability in a single pedal
  • Flexible connections for solo gigs, recording, or full-on rockin' out
  • Dial in as much 'me' in your monitor as you need
  • VLOOP opens up your performance world
  • TC-Helicon designed for easy performance use
Professional vocal processing puts you in charge of your sound

The Play Acoustic puts complete vocal processing power in your hands. You'll have all of the famous TC-Helicon professional-level vocal effects including their 'always on' Tone effect that smooths your vocals out and gives the rest of the effects the perfect sound to work with. Voice cancel lets you sing along with your MP3 player and puts your voice above the recorded original. If you've ever wanted backup singers, the Play Acoustic gives you the harmony without having to split the paycheck. You'll have two voices of harmony and two voices of doubling always in perfect tune using the RoomSense microphones or auto chord detection from the guitar input. And when you're looking to add some vocal intensity or use a special effect for just the chorus, the HIT feature has its own footswitch for easy access and lets you set up an A/B scene for each preset so you can kick in something different adding depth and interest to your vocal performance.

Pedalboard playability in a single pedal

The Play Acoustic guitar effects section features styles from TC Electronic's Hall of Fame reverb and Corona Chorus pedals. For EQ shaping you get low- and high-shelving and fully parametric guitar EQ controls, along with a narrow notch filter to kill any acoustic guitar feedback. To give your acoustic guitar back the sound and presence it loses when you plug it in, the BodyRez filtering, EQ, and compression is designed for acoustic guitars with under-saddle piezo pickups and restores the natural resonance and response of your guitar. No worries when it comes to getting all that tone to your PA - with the Play Acoustic, you've never had a better-sounding direct box!

Flexible connections for solo gigs, recording, or full-on rockin' out

TC-Helicon made sure the Play Acoustic's connectivity stayed flexible for you. The USB connection lets you play your tracks from a DAW and perform along or record back your performance. The XLR outputs can be set up as a stereo-mix output for a full panorama of stereo effects or as individual mic and guitar outputs for mixing through an audio console - especially helpful if you're playing with a full band. And if you aren't using the headphone output for monitoring, you can use it to feed your mix into just about anything you need it to.

Dial in as much 'me' in your monitor as you need

The Play Acoustic also gives you something no performer should be without, monitoring - use the headphone output onstage as an in-ear monitor source! The RoomSense mics are routed only to the headphone output so you'll get the ambiance you need for your monitoring without risking any feedback from the pedal. And using in-ear monitors means you'll have one less speaker to carry and your stage volume will be completely diminished. Sweetwater's live sound engineers advocate the use of in-ear monitors to protect your hearing from long-term damage and to give you a superior monitoring experience so you'll perform at your best.

VLOOP opens up your performance world

Once you're ready to rock, the Play Acoustic doesn't just sit there looking pretty. It's amazing VLOOP performance looper lets you create guitar and vocal loops to add drama, depth, and dimension to any live acoustic show. Plug in an optional TC Electronic Switch-3 pedal and the Play Acoustic automatically sets up the new switch to control just the looper functions, leaving the pedal controls open so you can easily scroll through your presets and use the HIT feature.

TC-Helicon designed for easy performance use

If you're using a pedal for both vocal and guitar effects processing, its controls need to be intuitive and easy-to-use. TC-Helicon gives you that ease with the Play Acoustic's dedicated "Vocal FX" and "Guitar FX" buttons. They let you access their individual effects menus directly and the user interface makes editing your own arsenal of presets quick and easy. For on-the-fly effects, use the "Genre" button for perfect processing and if you've had time to plan, "Favorite" recalls your presets for tonight's gig. And with the VoiceSupport app, you can download even more song and effects presets and keep your pedal's firmware up-to-date.

TC-Helicon Play Acoustic Effects Processing Pedal Features:
  • Low-noise mic preamp leads to complete vocal processing path with effects, dynamics processing, harmonizing, and pitch correction
  • TC Electronic guitar effects including Hall of Fame Reverb and Corona Chorus
  • BodyRez, feedback fighter, and EQ tone shaping to optimize your acoustic guitar sound
  • Separate vocal and pro-quality guitar DI outputs for console mixing or create a stereo mix right from the pedal
  • USB connection for streaming tracks and recording - live or in the studio
  • Dedicated Guitar and Vocal FX access/edit buttons let you navigate factory presets by genre and mark favorites
  • VLOOP looping tool for vocal and/or guitar loops with undo and redo to add interest to your performance
  • Optional Switch-3 automatically sets up to control looping functions for additional performance control
  • RoomSense microphones for monitoring or setting the key for harmony effects
  • Headphone output lets you use the Play Acoustic for in-ear monitoring
  • Practice or perform with tracks on your mobile or external device using the 1/8" aux input
  • Also use the USB connection to access VoiceSupport app for firmware updates, new presets, and tips and tricks
  • Works with all effects control microphones such as the MP75 (optional)
  • Includes USB cable and power supply
Powerful processing for your performance with TC-Helicon's Play Acoustic!

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Tech Specs

Number of Channels 1
Form Pedal
Presets - Factory 100+
Analog Inputs 1 x XLR, 1 x TS
Analog Outputs 2 x XLR
Computer Connectivity USB
Height 1.8"
Depth 6.1"
Width 7.9"
Weight 2.2 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 996364005

Customer Reviews

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I have been a worship team guitarist for 20 years and have never really sung into a microphone because I am not gifted with a good voice. This machine helped correct my pitch and add elements to my voice I would have never thought possible. Now I am a worship guitarist and singer!
Music background: guitarist

Big effect, small package. :)

Okay, some of the effects are pretty cheesy. Restraint matters. Elegance wins. But with just a few days of part-time messing around, I had dialed in the best guitar tone I've ever gotten from a digital multieffects pedal, and the vocal tone was good enough that in a live setting you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between this box and a whole rack full of high-end gear. A few days after that, playing with space, I dialed in several other great (but probably a little gimmicky) tones for specific songs that need that extra push. As an added bonus, I've started running my keys through the aux in, switching to stereo out, and going straight from this unit to my amps for small solo gigs. Very impressed. I don't gush like this easily.
Music background: Hack, but I get paid.

Best Solo Live Performance Toy Ever

The TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play Acoustic is the most useful tool an individual acoustic act can acquire! The body res feature really brings your acoustic/electric guitar to life. The vocal harmonies are very realistic. I went online and downloaded additional vocal/harmony choices from the TC Helicon website. There are so many to choose from and they were easy to access and download. The unit itself is easy to set up and small enough to be very portable. I did not even know how much I needed this "tool" until I plugged it in and used it. Could not recommend it more! Thanks to Alan Finkbiener, my Sweetwater rep for turning me on to this amazing device! Any and all solo acoustic acts should consider purchasing this device...from Sweetwater, of course!
Music background: Singer/Songwriter and small music studio owner/operator. I have written, recorded and produced over 350 songs.

Wow Really Cool Tool

A great addition for the acoustic guitar player. I've had this for two weeks or so and with all its features I have not tried them all yet. I do find that using the TC during practice I have been able to detect areas I need to correct in my playing. In other words I can hear much better the errors I play and make adjustments. This really adds that extra punch, ambiance and overall tone to your acoustic playing. It takes you to the next level.


If your an acoustic player and want to add unbelievable accents to your voice and guitar, this is the one for you!! Small and easily hooked into your PA or Amp. The value of this Processing pedal is amazing!! I was blown away with how easily it was to use and the sounds it produces. As well as a super piece of equipment the people at Sweetwater are amazing too. Very helpful and knowledgeable and always friendly. You not only get a great piece of equipment but they become your family too!! Always hesitant to buy on line, I have never dealt with a company that wants to be sure your happy and always follows up on your order and how you feel about your purchase. My hat goes off to sweetwater and will buy all my equipment from them!!
Music background: 30 years Musician..Guitar, keyboard, Piano..Singer song writer

Sweetwater Advice

Nick D'Virgilio

Great sound for voice and guitar in one box If you are a singer/songwriter and you like to get out there and perform, then I'm sure you want to have the best sound possible. You put in countless hours working on your songs and getting them into shape so that when you finally get out and play them live they have all the impact you intended. If you put that much effort into your songs then it goes without saying that you should put that same amount of effort into your performance, and your sound is a major part of that. The TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play Acoustic is a great box made specifically for the acoustic singer/songwriter. It is easy to use and has a lot of nice features. Let's dive in! Easy to use TC-Helicon is a company dedicated on making products for singers and they do an amazing job at it. They also do an amazing job at making all of their products easy to use. TC-Helicon makes four products in their VoiceLive "Play" line; the Voicelive Play, the VoiceLive Play Electric, the Play GTX, and the Play Acoustic. Each of these boxes function basically the same way. All four units feature different colors but they are all the same size and have the same number of controls on them. The Play Acoustic is the box designed for the singer/songwriter. I don't mean to repeat myself, but when I say the VoiceLive Play Acoustic is easy to use, I really mean it. It takes seconds to plug in, power on, and get to making music. On the back of the unit there are only the necessary number of inputs and outputs and everything is clearly labeled. There are inputs for your guitar and your microphone plus an AUX input so you can jam along with your computer or iPod. There is a pedal input, which is handy if you want to use a separate volume pedal. The main two outputs can be used in a couple different ways. You can use them as simple stereo left and right outputs or you can have your voice dedicated to the left output and your guitar dedicated to the right output. That should make any FOH (front-of-house) sound engineer happy. There is a headphone output and also a USB connection so you can update the unit whenever needed. On the top of the box are three footswitches, one rotary knob, and a few buttons. Again, they are all clearly labeled for the function they are meant to do. The up/down footswitches and the rotary knob take you through all of the presets. The HIT footswitch is basically a second effect; for example, for your main effect you can have a nice reverb loaded in and then when your song gets to the chorus you can click on the HIT footswitch and turn on a delay or some other effect to lift up that section of the song. On either side of the main LCD screen are six direct-access buttons that get you into the guts of the box. The Mix button gets you to where you can set all of your levels. Setup lets you tell the box whether you have a condenser or dynamic vocal mic, if you want pitch correction on or off, and a host of other "detail" things. The Favorite button is where you store your favorite presets or custom sounds. The button that makes it super easy to get right into making music is the Genre button. There are 18 different Genres in the unit from pop, rock, and alternative to reverb, harmony, and extreme. When you push the Genre button for the first time, on the bottom left of the LCD screen it says the word "all." When you go back to the main screen you will then go through all of the presets in the unit. If you press the Genre button again and turn the rotary knob to another setting, when you go back to the main screen you will then only scroll through the presets in the selected genre. This makes it really easy to find a sound that fits the kind of music you are making. There is also room for up to 500 favorites in the unit so you can store the sounds you like all in one place for easy searching. How does it sound The TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play Acoustic really does sound great for both voice and acoustic guitar. I was not using super-high-end gear when I used the unit and it still did a really nice job. For all of you tech-minded people out there, the VoiceLive Play Acoustic has very nice specs. For the voice, it has Global Adaptive EQ, compression, a de-esser, gate, and pitch correction, and generates note-perfect vocal harmonies using Auto Chord Detection from the guitar input. For the guitar it has TC Electronic guitar effects from the TC's Hall of Fame Reverb and Corona Chorus pedals, BodyRez(TM) EQ, compression styles optimized for under-saddle piezo pickup acoustic guitars, a narrow notch filter to tame acoustic guitar feedback, plus fully parametric guitar EQ controls. For the harmonies, you will be amazed at how accurately it tracks your voice and follows the key of the song you are playing on guitar. That part blows me away. Even with full four-part harmonies going the Play Acoustic changed where I changed and always seemed to put in the correct harmony even when I went to chords other then simple major or minor. Wrap up TC-Helicon clearly put a lot of thought and detail into the VoiceLive Play Acoustic. Without the effects on, it gave my guitar and voice nice, clean tones. Add to that the beautiful effects and the ease of use, and the total makes the TC Helicon VoiceLive Play Acoustic a fantastic addition to any singer/songwriter's performance rig!
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