Soundcraft Ui16 Remote-controlled Digital Mixer

16-channel Software-controlled Digital Mixer for iOS/Android/Mac/PC/Linux Devices with 8 Combi Preamps, 4 XLR Preamps, Integrated Wi-Fi, 4 Aux Sends, and Onboard Digital Effects
Soundcraft Ui16 Remote-controlled Digital Mixer image 1
Soundcraft Ui16 Remote-controlled Digital Mixer image 1
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Soundcraft Ui16 Remote-controlled Digital Mixer
In Stock!

Digital Mixer That's Perfect for Live Gigs

The musician-friendly 16-channel Soundcraft Ui16 digital mixer has tons of features and powerful wireless control options, all at an affordable price. Each channel sports a 4-band EQ, compressor, de-esser, and access to award-winning Lexicon and dbx signal processing. The Ui16's built-in Wi-Fi lets you use any device with an HTML5-capable browser to control every aspect of this mixer. No app is needed, and you don't have to worry about OS limitations — use any phone, tablet, or computer! It's never been easier to take control of your mix than with Soundcraft's Ui16 digital mixer.

Connect and Control with Any Device

Take control of this digital mixer with any device

Soundcraft built Wi-Fi into the portable and compact Ui16 digital mixer. You don't need a router or other fancy device — this mixer has it all. Any device that can connect via Wi-Fi and has a browser can take control of the Ui16. That's right, no apps, no worrying about OS issues, just connect to the mixer and take control. Use your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Soundcraft's Ui16 can connect up to 10 devices at the same time, so the band can take control of their own mixes and volumes. The Ui16's software gives you full input and output processing on each channel. You also get control of the effects parameters, buses, Shows/Snapshots, and much more. A handy Ethernet port lets you take wired control of this digital mixer via your computer or laptop. There are even an HDMI output and extra USB port for hooking up a monitor and mouse directly to the unit if you want. The Soundcraft Ui16 makes connecting to and taking control of your mix easier than ever!

  • Integrated Wi-Fi connects up to 10 devices simultaneously
  • Complete control via your HTML5-compatible browser — no app needed
  • Ethernet for wired connections

Lexicon, dbx, and DigiTech Processing

Onboard signal processing gives you a professional sound

Soundcraft Ui16 digital mixers incorporate Lexicon effects, dbx signal processing, and DigiTech amp/stompbox modeling. Fully adjustable parameters mean you can tweak each effect to your heart's content. You get three dedicated effects buses that feature award-winning Lexicon effects including reverbs, delay, and chorus. Each channel has dbx compression, de-essing, and noise gating built in and ready to use, plus a powerful real-time frequency analyzer (RTA). The two hi-Z inputs feature DigiTech's amp and stompbox modeling with tons of amp, cabinet, and effects choices. Soundcraft's Ui16 digital mixer has all of the signal processing and effects you need to give your performance a professional sound.

  • Award-winning delays and reverbs from Lexicon
  • DigiTech amp/stompbox modeling for perfect guitar sounds
  • Every channel has dbx signal processing

Fights Feedback Automatically

The dbx AFS2 feedback system kills feedback dead

The Soundcraft Ui16's dbx AFS2 feedback suppressor boasts dbx's updated Advanced Feedback Suppression algorithm. The AFS2 listens to the incoming signal and can anticipate problem frequencies before feedback even begins. You won't hear it working, and you won't notice any sonic difference with it in your signal chain. Live sound engineers at Sweetwater know that even if you're an expert at tuning your sound system, cramped stage conditions or careless performers always have the potential of introducing feedback. The built-in dbx AFS2 feedback suppressor system in the Soundcraft Ui16 is like getting sonic insurance for your live sound.

  • 2-channel feedback suppressor
  • Updated AFS algorithms respond fast and transparently

It's a Soundcraft

The options and flexibility you need for any gig

As befitting any Soundcraft digital mixer, the Ui16 gives you innovative connection options, killer audio quality, and industry-standard Lexicon and dbx signal processing. With prodigious processing power, bulletproof reliability, impressive flexibility, amazing ease of use, and a surprisingly friendly price tag, Ui16 digital mixers are an outstanding value. And once you dial in the perfect sound, you can save it for instant recall at a later date. Exactly what you'd expect from Soundcraft.

  • Compact package that will fit on any stage
  • Solid construction and design to handle heavy gigging
  • All the effects and functionality you need for any performance

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Tech Specs

Type Digital
Channels 16
Inputs - Mic Preamps 8 x XLR/TRS Combo, 4 x XLR
Inputs - Other 1 x Stereo (RCA)
Outputs - Main 2 x XLR, 2 x TRS
Outputs - Other 4 x XLR
Send/Return I/O 4 x XLR
Data I/O Ethernet
Headphones 2 x 1/4"
EQ Bands 4-band Parametric
Effects Yes
Rackmountable Yes (4U)
Height 7"
Depth 4.3"
Width 19"
Weight 7.9 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 5056219

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
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Exceeds Expectations

I have played gigs where the professional sound technicians had the ability to mix our band using an iPad from any location, from stage side to front-of house, at both indoor and outdoor venues, and I was amazed. But I did not think I would be able to afford such a system! I researched both this Soundcraft product and the Behringer equivalent. I went with Soundcraft and I am very pleased. Any prospective buyer with doubts or questions should go to YOUTUBE and watch all the tutorials to see how this system works. The tutorials are GREAT and you will see all the functions explained, and the differences (and improvements) compared to the real "hand-on" boards you are used to. Since the purchase, our band has shown the system to other musicians and they are blown away. The interface is very intuitive. Having full metering available on both MIX and GAIN displays is BETTER than the typical mixer board layout, where the GAIN is simply a knob at the top of each channel, with a peak light. The Real Time Analyzer feature really helps you optimize the EQ settings. The SUBMIX system works great, and again, I like the EQ, DYNAMICS (for LIMITER/GATE), EFFECTS and AUX SENDS displays BETTER than the typical mixer board layout, that simply has knobs for sends and returns. The function of being able to SAVE "screenshots" of settings, as well as to customize presets, rename, and SAVE them, is brilliant. You can have unique board settings for each song and/or or venue if you like. I think the two DIGITECH channels and the LEXICON effects sound great and have a great array of presets (plus the ability to customize the sounds.) I had read concerns about wireless "dropout" but I have NOT experienced wireless "dropout" with this product. I also use the "Setlist Maker" app on my iPad, for lyrics, and I can switchback and forth quickly between that app and the Ui16 interface. I use my iPad as the interface, but I have also used my laptop. If I was really concerned about drop-out, I would have my laptop hardwired into the system via the CAT5 input provided. I use the app on my iPad in landscape mode and scrolling across to access all channels is not hard. Being able to LABEL each channel for every snapshot is GREAT - no more taking notes and resetting the board, or strips or tape across the bottom of the board with each channel labelled in Sharpie marker! The unit is very compact and appears sturdy. Still, I mounted it a deep road case along with a power conditioner unit. The ability to locate it just about anywhere, and to have the mixer board be anywhere (I can mix right from behind my drum set) is incredibly convenient. That feature alone makes mixing easier and more efficient. Being able to assign "mixing privileges" to anyone else with a digital device means you can have someone mix from "front of house" without a snake and a board. My bandmates have not yet tried to use their phones as their personal mixers, but they are psyched to do so.
Music background: Self-taught musician / hobbyist

Soundcraft Ui 16

Was expecting the soundcraft quality but the UI 16 exceeded my expectations. Wifi connection and signal strength is awesome.

They Finally NAILED It!!

I've been using the Mackie DL1608 since it came out and loved the ability to mix wirelessly with the iPad from anywhere. The iOS app that Mackie designed was ok and some of the updates really brought it to where it seemed pretty professional but as a full time working musician doing corporate events and weddings on a weekly basis, I wanted something more that would allow me the freedom of mixing wirelessly with PRO controls and effects and at the same time be user friendly enough to not be distracting me while playing on the job. This mixer does all that and more! With web based IO you can run the software on any device. No more App crashes or auto-updates. On top of that, the software is super easy to use while at the same time expansive in allowing you to go as deep as you want for mixing. The real thing that put this mixer over the top for me was the ability to use channels 1 & 2 for amp modeling. I've never been a huge fan of modeling directly into a PA but they really nailed it this. I no longer have to drag my Fender Deluxe Reverb out to a gig and take of valuable floor space and stage volume with it. Any guitar player out there will be blown away by all the cabinet and amp head choices along with how well they sound. There is ZERO latency on anything and the pre-amps are so pristine it's almost scary. Add to that the fact that a company finally made 8 out of the 12 inputs combo XLR - 1/4", RCA in along with USB inputs for break music, TRS & XLR outs for Mains and this little box is heaven sent. You can even assign the two headphone outs to be AUX 5 & 6 giving you more monitor channels than you should ever need if you're running sound for yourself. If you're a musician in a band that mixes sound at all your gigs while playing, this mixer embodies everything you've been missing to make your job so much easier and your sound so much better. I have to admit shamefully that I purchased mine from Guitar Center because they had one Ui16 in stock in-store. I normally buy every piece of gear I own from Sweetwater, but I couldn't wait to get my hands on this and it's worth every penny of the crazy low price that it's at. I don't leave a lot of reviews for all the great that I buy, but this is a game changer and I'm absolutely over the top happy with this mixer. I want every full time gigging musician out there to do themselves a favor and get this thing ASAP.
Music background: Full time gigging musician.

Soundcraft UI16

Very advanced tools for this price. Each channel has its own EQ and compression, you can put a cap on the audio level. It has 4 aux outs for personal monitor mixing. The musicians can control their own mix up to 10 devices. I use a Chromebook its good for 8 hours on a charge. I highly recommend the unit
Music background: Church sound engineer using Allen and Heath

Blown Away

Ok I was going to buy the Behringer XR18 but the thing that kept me waiting for the UI16 was the USB Playback and Record Ports. So glad I waited. I just received this today and I am floored. First of all the sound is absolutely luscious. Crystal clear and super quite. Next the effects are amazing. I hooked up a SM58 and my Korg Krome and set the effects and gain. Let me just say this, I was about to sell my Korg Krome because of disappointing sound quality... no longer, it sounds amazing through the Ui16 and my voice, wow. Next up was to see how this USB port worked. I am so tired of having to use my ipod between breaks so this was important to me. OMG so easy, just load mp3's on a jump drive and plug it in. You can play any mix or song you want. So long ipod. We also do some backing tracks with my band so I tried to play them. What is so cool is the backing track get's it's own stereo channels on the mix channel so you can dial it in just right. EQ a little off on the backing track, no problem add eq just like any other channel. I've only been had the box open for a couple of hours but I keep getting pleasantly surprised at every turn. This is a game changer. Next up a band gig. Can't wait.
Music background: BMI recording artist. Professional Jazz/ Blues Pianist, Vocalist.
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