TC Electronic PolyTune Clip - Clip-on Polyphonic Tuner

Polyphonic Clip-on Tuner with Adaptive LED Display, Custom Clip, and Multiple Tuning Modes
TC Electronic PolyTune Clip - Clip-on Polyphonic Tuner image 1
TC Electronic PolyTune Clip - Clip-on Polyphonic Tuner image 1
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TC Electronic PolyTune Clip - Clip-on Polyphonic Tuner
In Stock!

Next-gen Polyphonic Tuning in a Clip

TC Electronic seriously upped the ante for clip-on tuners when they engineered an updated version of their PolyTune technology into a headstock tuner to create the PolyTune Clip. Many of us here at Sweetwater have searched for the perfect tuner — one that combines the power of a rackmount or pedal-style unit with the convenience of a clip-on — and the PolyTune Clip is among the best we've found. It delivers the speed of polyphonic tuning and greater monophonic accuracy than any PolyTune model that's come before it. Whether you're camping in the middle of nowhere, or just want to pull one more pedal out of your signal chain, the TC Electronic PolyTune Clip definitely deserves your attention.

Strum, Tune, Rock

Experience the next generation of Polyphonic tuning

TC Electronic's obsession with building the ultimate polyphonic tuner into a clip-on model is abundantly clear in the PolyTune Clip, a product of two years of extensive research and engineering. Everything involved with the PolyTune Clip was custom built or improved upon, down to the custom resin enclosure and redesigned electronics that run on about 4% of the power of the original. At the same time, the PolyTune Clip's readout is the same totally intuitive LED matrix that lets you move quickly from string to string. With just a couple of strums and a few tuning machine twists, you'll be 99% of the way there.

Polyphonic Tuning at a Glance:

  • Tune all of your strings at once, quickly and accurately
  • Unique display lets you see the tuning for each string
  • Supports drop D and many other alternative tunings
  • Save and recall default tuning and a reference pitch
  • Polyphonic tuning is accurate to within +/- 1 cent

MonoPoly Make Fine Tuning Easy

Chromatic modes offer breathtaking accuracy

When you really want to hone in on an individual string, the PolyTune Clip's MonoPoly function makes it simple. There's no need to fumble around with your PolyTune Clip — MonoPoly automatically detects if you're playing one string or strumming, and it switches modes for you. Choose from a traditional chromatic mode or a very cool stroboscopic mode for single-string tuning. The chromatic mode features a magnetic needle, which slows down as you get closer to pitch, and +/- 0.5-cent accuracy. And if you need even greater accuracy, the +/- 0.02-cent sensitivity of the PolyTune Clip's redesigned strobe mode should satisfy your needs. It can even handle the low B string of your 5-string bass!

Tuning Modes at a Glance:

  • MonoPoly automatically switches between modes
  • Choose from a chromatic tuner or a stroboscopic tuner
  • Chromatic mode adds familiar feel to single-note tuning
  • Magnetic needle slows down as you get closer to pitch
  • Stroboscopic mode offers incredible +/- 0.02 cent accuracy

Brilliant LED Display

This display tunes itself for any kind of venue

Despite its scaled-down format, TC Electronic managed to pack 105 ultra-bright LEDs into the PolyTune Clip's display — only two fewer than the PolyTune Mini! That means you get the same flexible display as you'd get from one of the PolyTune 2 pedals with zero compromises. What's more, the PolyTune Clip's adaptive display can sense its orientation, so the display is always facing the right way, no matter where you clip it. Whether you're right or left handed, or if you prefer your clip on the front or back of your headstock, your PolyTune Clip will always be easy to read and ready to use.

LED Display at a Glance:

  • Big, bright display makes tuning easy
  • 105 ultra-bright LEDs provide easy visibility anywhere
  • TC Electronic's brightest PolyTune model to date
  • Perfect for full sunlight and dark stages alike
  • Display automatically adapts to stay right-side up

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Tech Specs

Type Polyphonic
Format Clip-on
Display Type LED
Reference Pitch A
Tuning Range A0 to C8
Accuracy 0.05 cent (chromatic), 0.02 cent (strobe)
Power Supply Included Battery included
Batteries 1 x CR2032
Height 1.1"
Depth 2.36"
Width 0.98"
Weight 0.07 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 966111001

Customer Reviews

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Best Tuner

Great tuner, very easy to use, super accurate, perfect tune every time, acoustic or electric. Oddly, both the battery it came with and the spare I ordered from Sweetwater were duds: each died after less than 5 uses. But I put a Duracell in and it's working just like it should now.


I'm rarely as impressed with a piece of gear as I am with the Polytene Clip. Tuning is so fast. The display is bright and clear. It's the easiest turner i've ever used to dial in a string ... minimal overshooting and undershooting. Very good clip, works with different shapes and thicknesses of head stocks ... acoustic, slotted, electric.

great product!

My guitar never sounded so good. Oh, that's the sound of being PERFECTLY in tune. Best tuner I have ever tried, and miles ahead of the other clip-ons in build quality and accuracy. Highly recommended.

the ultimate headstock tuner!!!

this tuner is simply the best headstock tuner out there!!! i've been through a lot of them, and some i liked quite a bit, but nothing can touch this thing!!! exceptional quality, at a fantastic price. if this had been around when i was playing for a living, i would have kept on playing, (and would probably be dead by now as a result), but at least i would have died in tune!!! as always, thanks to Ted Hunter for taking care of my equipment needs, both big and small. he's the best!
Music background: retired performer... for now.


Great Tuner , very accurate , great price.
Music background: Fulltime Musician

Sweetwater Advice

Joe Schafer

The PolyTune Clip is the most responsive of the clip on tuners I own - and the strobe mode is superb.

TC Electronic PolyTune Clip

Few guitar accessories factor into my daily playing rituals like the humble clip-on tuner. There's always one around my place, and they're integral to my practicing and writing. But for my pedalboard, I've come to love TC Electronic's PolyTune tuners. Their easy-to-read displays and polyphonic functionality always provide tuning peace of mind....
read more
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