Nektar Panorama P1 Control Surface

Control Surface with Deep Integration for Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Reason, Main Stage, and Reaper with Nine Faders, 16 Encoders, 8 Buttons, 11 Transport/F-key Buttons, 22 Navigation Buttons, and Color TFT Display
Nektar Panorama P1 Control Surface image 1
Nektar Panorama P1 Control Surface image 1
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Nektar Panorama P1 Control Surface
In Stock!

The Control Surface That's Pre-mapped to Your DAW!

Take control of Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Reason, Main Stage, and Reaper like never before with the tightly integrated hardware control that's only available from Nektar Panorama controllers. Because Nektar Panorama controllers are pre-mapped for these 5 DAWs, every control feature in your DAW software is accessible via the pads, faders, encoders, and buttons on this slick tabletop control surface. A large, clear TFT display even shows you what parameter you are controlling in real time.

Nektar Panorama P1 Control Surface at a Glance:
  • Command Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Reason, Main Stage, or Reaper from a single device
  • Complete channel strip control
  • Software parameters being controlled are displayed on a large TFT display
Command Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Reason, Main Stage, or Reaper from a single device

The Nektar Panorama P1 lets you say adios to your mouse. The P1 gives you iron-fisted hardware control over every aspect of five powerful DAWs (Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Reason, Main Stage, and Reaper), and it's also a powerful generic MIDI controller. But unlike mere mortal generic controllers, the P1 sports Nektar's advanced custom communication protocols that interface with Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Reason, Main Stage, or Reaper with hardware-like solidity.

Complete channel strip control

There's a lot going on in your DAW's channel strips, and Nektar's Panorama P1 gives you complete control. With the P1, you'll be on a total power trip with immediate access to dynamics, EQ, inserts, sends, and more. You don't even have to look at your computer screen if you don't want to. P1's large color TFT display lets you see what functions you are using and what the settings are in real time. Using the P1 with Bitwig Studio, Logic Pro X, Reason, Cubase, or Nuendo is pretty close to using a hardware console in terms of your workflow efficiency.

Panorama Series (P1, P4 and P6) Supports These DAWs:
  • Bitwig Studio
  • Cubase
  • Nuendo
  • Logic Pro
  • Reason
  • Main Stage
  • Reaper
Nektar Panorama P1 Control Surface Features:
  • Dedicated hardware controller for many DAWs
  • Speed up and streamline your workflow
  • Sophisticated mapping for popular VST plug-ins and Reason's instruments and rack extensions
  • QWERTY macros give you 1-key execution of any function you can do from your computer keyboard
  • Built-in LCD screen for real time display of controls and functions
  • It's also a powerful generic MIDI controller
  • Assignable footswitch socket
Take control of Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Reason, Main Stage, and Reaper with the Nektar Panorama P1!

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Tech Specs

Type Controller for Bitwig Studio, Logic Pro X, Reason, Cubase, and Nuendo
Faders 9 x 45mm (Standard)
Number of Knobs 16
Knob Type Rotary Encoders
Number of Soft Keys 11 (F-keys)
Transport Controls Yes
Computer Connectivity USB
Control I/O Footswitch input
Height 1.75"
Depth 9.25"
Width 15.25"
Weight 2.8 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number Panorama P1

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
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Perfect with Reaper

After installing the proper driver/template (easy to do), the P1 worked seemlessly with Reaper. Reaper integration is deep, as advertised. I love the super clear TFTdisplay. The components are plasticy, but at this price I don't care. The unit feels solid and well-built nonetheless. And since it can access up to 64 tracks, there's no need for a giant, room-filling mixer. If you have Reaper, I highly recommend the P1.
Music background: Guitar 30 years, music theorist and composer for 30 years, project studio recording and production for 15 years

Logic Pro + P1 + iX61 = Perfect

I purchased this controller about 6 months ago, and later added their iX61 keyboard.(nice) I went this route , separate keyboard and separate controller, as it is more in line with my workflow ... which is more post production. And as of Sept/2015 .... this setup is a godsend with their release of 'full' Logic Pro X integration.. No one has done a tighter/deeper integration with Logic than these lads. And it is all natively tied together. No VST wrapper. No AutoMap! No middleware. It is VERY tight. - It's stupid simple to use. Well designed. Looks great on my work table. Layout is very intuitive. I must also give Nektar high praise for it's excellent and personal support. Funny, smart, dedicated. A top notch team. If I was allowed one complaint ..... it's the glossy black finish. We all know why glossy black should never be on something you need to touch all the time. --- And .... No ... 'flesh tone' is not the answer. Buy 1 ... and make some music ..... without the same droning 4/4 drum beat ... please. Thank you.

Amazing product, awesome company!

Their support is stellar! They are very responsive, the owner of the company contacted me personally to answer my questions. Works AMAZING with Cubase 8 Pro and almost every one of my VSTi plugins, the ones it didn't support out of the box were fairly simple to create a profile for. I love it.

Excellent Controller!

I had read great reviews of the P1 and Panorama series, and decided to give the P1 a try to move beyond more basic fader/pad controllers I've used in the past. Without a doubt this is one of the best, if not the best programmable desktop fader, transport, knob controllers. My first P1 had a defective LCD that failed in the first week, but Sweetwater support replaced it quickly and was great to work with. Nektar support has also been excellent (thanks to both companies for the great service!). Second unit is working perfectly. The ability to program Internal mode to QWERTY commands (or CC, note, etc) is a huge plus for this unit. It is deep in capabilities and works very well with Cubase/Nuendo. Faders and knobs are smooth. The unit is well designed and build. The fader caps are a bit loose compared to Akai faders, but that is rather trivial by comparison. The LCD is clear and programming really is easy - it just takes a few minutes to learn the layout and screen options. All in all this is an excellent controller.
Music background: Composer, Producer and Music Supervisor

Great Controller!!

This is a really solid midi controller, and the best integrated one with Cubase. Its very easy and intuitive to use in practice, and the experience feels close to actually using hardware. MIDI controllers are typically either the type where you map controls manually, or those that include some sort of automatic mapping feature. In my experience, the software used with the controllers that map parameters automatically usually gets in the way. But this is not the case with the Panorama controlling Cubase, and the user experience is very smooth. It also has the ability to manually map parameters in the internal mode, which is more like the type found in simpler controllers. This also works with applications that do not have any internal auto mapping. It obviously makes more sense to buy this if you use one of the integrated daws, which now includes bitwig and logic, besides cubase and reason. I recently tried the bitwig integration and its pretty good (the step sequencer is my favourite feature), though the integration is not yet as extensive as the one for cubase.
Music background: Recording Engineer, Musician

Sweetwater Advice

Mitch Gallagher

Nektar is well known for their controller keyboards, which feature tight integration with software -- in particular, the Panorama family is tightly dialed in to control Propellerhead Reason. (See sidebar at right for more on Reason 7!) The newest family member, the Panorama P1 control surface, takes this further, offering dedicated control over Reason and Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo. Of course, you can also use the P1 as a MIDI control surface with other DAWs and set up custom programming. The P1 is a gorgeous control surface with a high-tech-looking, gloss-black finish with red accents. The P1 is set up out of the box to control just about all parameters in the software. There are faders for the mixer channels, knobs for pan and send levels, more knobs for EQ, dynamics, and other functions, channel select buttons, transport controls, function controls, a data encoder, and more. A beautiful color LCD shows exactly what you're working on at any given time. A View button toggles the computer screen to different parts of the mixer, between the mixer and the sequencer, and through the Reason Rack. The P1 can operate in four modes: mixer, instrument, transport, and internal, which is user programmable. In all the modes, and stepping through the different control functions (selected using soft buttons under the display), the P1's controls default to logical assignments. If you know your way around Reason or Cubase, you'll feel right at home on the P1. There's really no learning curve at all! Within just a few minutes, I was running the P1 without thinking about it. Controlling the mixer, selecting patches on synths, running the transport, selecting loop points, making EQ and compressor changes, and tons more. If you're a Reason, Cubase, or Nuendo user, you need to check out the P1 -- and give it a close look if you use another DAW, too! It will put your hands on your software and let you get away from making music with a mouse. I enjoyed using it on my laptop, especially. With the P1 connected, there's almost no more reaching for the computer keyboard. You can do it all from the control surface, no muss, no fuss, and no hassles.
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