Ampeg PF-50T Portaflex - 50W All-tube Bass Head

50-watt Tube Bass Amp Head with Normal and Padded Inputs, 3-band EQ, Selectable Mid Control, Ultra Hi/Lo Boosts, Line-out, and User Adjustable Bias
Ampeg PF-50T Portaflex - 50W All-tube Bass Head image 1
Ampeg PF-50T Portaflex - 50W All-tube Bass Head image 1
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Ampeg PF-50T Portaflex - 50W All-tube Bass Head
In Stock!
$749.99 (after mail-in rebate, pay $899.99 today)

Classic Ampeg Tube Tone

The PF-50T Portaflex 50-watt bass amplifier head puts the iconic tones of all-tube Ampeg amplifiers in a compact package, ideal for rehearsal, small gigs, and recording. You'll find 12AU7 and 6L6 tubes powering the amplifier, which conjures the warm tube sound associated with vintage Ampeg along with a pair of 12AX7 tubes in the preamp section. Weighing in at 19.4 lbs., the small size and light weight make transporting the PF-50T a piece of cake. And since it doesn't require a speaker load to run, this amp easily gets those tube tones on your recorded tracks without having a cab connected. Get vintage Ampeg tube tone in a lightweight package with the PF-50T.

Ampeg PF-50T Portaflex 50-watt Tube Bass Amplifier Head at a Glance:
  • All-tube Ampeg tone
  • Huge sound, convenient size
  • A great recording tool for players of all styles
All-tube Ampeg tone

Inside the power section of the PF-50T Portaflex bass head, you'll find a set of glowing 6L6 and 12AU7 tubes. Add to that dual 12AX7s in the preamp section and the all-tube design of this amplifier allows you to get that warm, harmonically rich tone Ampeg is known for, or push it hard to get an overdriven tube growl. So whether your ideal Ampeg tone is bringing Motown thump, or grabbing a pick and punching the front end of your amplifier as hard as you can, you'll fall in love with the tones in the Ampeg PF-50T Portaflex.

Huge sound, convenient size

Even with the diminutive size of the PF-50T Portaflex amp, you have all you need for getting huge tones through your cabinet, on your tracks, or both at the same time. The straightforward front panel makes dialing in your tones a snap, while the back panel offers XLR outputs for preamp out (with pre/post EQ switch) and transformer-balanced line-out. Its smaller footprint is easy to transport, and it sits beautifully on a recording desk or affixes to current Ampeg Flip-top cabinets. And the whole tube package is less than 20 lbs.

A great recording tool for players of all styles

One of the most useful features about the PF-50T Portaflex bass amp is its ability to run without a speaker load. Combining this with the preamp out (with pre/post EQ switch) and transformer-balanced line-out, you can optimize the PF-50T as a desktop unit for running direct and send your tube tone straight to your recording rig. The versatile EQ offers Bass, Mid, Treble with five different frequencies for the mid boost/cut: 200, 400, 800, 1.6 kHz, 3 kHz. The smaller size allows it to sit right on your studio desk within easy reach, and the black metal casing and glowing tubes look cool and classy.

Ampeg PF-50T Portaflex 50-watt Tube Bass Amplifier Head Features:
  • 50-watt tube bass amplifier head for small performance or recording
  • 6L6 and 12AU7 tubes offer classic Ampeg tone
  • Affixes to current Ampeg Flip-top cabinets
  • Compact footprint makes transportation easy
  • Features for direct recording
  • User adjustable bias control
  • Classic Ampeg front-panel controls
Get Ampeg's tube tone the easy way with the PF-50T Portaflex amplifier.

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Tech Specs

Type Tube
Number of Channels 1
Total Power 50 Watts
EQ 3-band, Mid Selector, Ultra Hi/Lo Boosts
Preamp Tubes 2 x 12AX7
Power Tubes 2 x 6L6, 1 x 12AU7
Inputs 1 x Instrument, 1 x -15dB pad
Outputs 1 x Preamp out, 1 x Transformer-Balanced Line-out
Weight 19.4 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 2043203-00

Customer Reviews

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Its Ampeg. What else do you need to know?Sounds great and built like a tank.
Music background: Broadcast Engineer, Voice Over Talent, Recording Engineer, Musician

Outstanding Bass Amp

One of the best sounding amps I have ever owned. A versatile tone monster. I've run it thru a number of speaker configurations and although it sounds great through everything I have put it to, II feel it sounds best through a single 15" for my playing style.

Amazing Sound for its size

For years I have been trying to buy an affordable 'Peg that would give me the tube sound I wanted, was versatile for a variety of venues, and would not give me a broken back and a hernia when I lifted it. At last, Ampeg figured it out and released the 20 and 50T series of amp heads. Set up was quick and easy--it comes with a Quick Start guide. But I recommend that you take the extra few minutes to locate and download the PDF manual from Ampeg, as well as check out Dino's videos on YouTube to learn about the refinements of using the amp, especially when dialing in the mids.I am using my 50T with the new 112HLF cab--an excellent pairing (see my review of that jewel). Sound is round and beefy. But I am also using the 50T as a DI through my band's mix console. Exercise some care when using the amp as a tube DI--the output signal is HOT!. Recommend that either you purchase an attenuator like the Whirlwind, or make liberal use of the pad button on your console to tamp down the noise floor issues you will probably experience.If you plan to transport your 50T, I strongly recommend that you take the advice of an earlier review and purchase the QSC K-8 Tote bag. Yep, that's right--a monitor speaker bag to carry your amp head. It fits perfectly and offers adequate protection for your investment on short trips to the venue. Think of it as a gig bag for your amp.All in all, a great purchase at a very good price!

BEST String Bass Amp on Planet

Oh, yes. This is the good stuff. Simply take an SM57 or old Unidyne III microphone (almost the same thing) , wrap it in a soft cotton towel, place it under and behind your bridge/saddle (for 3/4 and 4/4 size string basses). Plug in to to this great amp and Portaflex cabinet, —try to find a 15" model. The 2 x 10" model is better for guitar than bass. BTW, with a re-verb spring, this is also one of the great guitar amps of all time. It LOVES Telecasters. —Sounds similar to a tweed Bassman (if you use a 2 x 10" cabinet). . Ampeg did this RIGHT. I feared they would cheapen it by using miniature pentodes (e.g., the EL84), and using IHF wattage ratings rather than the proper RMS rating at 1% distortion. EL 84s are a tad cheaper, but 6L6s and 6V6s are also inexpensive, and far better tubes. BTW, the 5881, is simply the military version of the 6L6. EXACT SAME tube. Leo Fender used them because he got a large surplus lot of RCA 5881s for a super cheap price. (Leo liked saving $$) In practice, the 5881 can be used without issue in any 6L6 amp. The 5881 does NOT sound better as a rule, and tubes that are 50 and 60 years old usually have noise problems from being moved about for 60 years. Often the cathode insulation is beginning to fall apart. These days, NOS tubes are a waste of money. The Chinese have improved their UAT, engineering, etc and the Russians are still using the original manufacturing gear with more knowledge. Russian or chinese, you will do OK . For Ho-Fi amps, it can be a tad more refined, but all you have to worry about is that the tubes are matched and that you bias the unit.AND Ampeg has the coolest bias feature I have yet seen. I designed such a unit years ago and could never understand why the commercial firms did not do the same. FINALLY, Ampeg has made biasing easy for the non-techie. GOOD WORK! The 6L6 is a great beam tetrode, —PERFECT for musical instrument amplification, and the 6V6 is simply a smaller version of the 6L6. Sure, the kinkless tetrodes (e.g., KT 66, KT 88, etc.) are better for high-fidelity, but the venerable 6L6 and 6V6 valves are fantastic for musical instrument amplification AND Hi-Fi. This Ampeg has ALWAYS been the classic amp for string basses. It also does GREAT with fender basses. . You cannot go wrong. ENJOY. And thank you Ampeg.

Amazing Little Amp

I received my new PF-50T last Thursday and I used it the following Sunday for our Church Service. I have been running direct with a REDDI, but I wanted to have a small amplifier on stage with a speaker cab behind me. I am playing in a smaller Church now and my HSVT-CL and 8X10 Cab is just too much there. The PF-50T fits the bill perfectly. I ran a direct line out to the house from it and used the PF-210HE speaker cab with it on stage. It provided amazing tone, far better than the REDDI and I was just amazed at how good it sounded. I had several people come to me asking what I had done to make the bass sound so much better. If you are looking for a small package tone monster for small venue or recording, this is the way to go. Thank you Ampeg!
Music background: Rock and Contemporary Christian

Sweetwater Advice

Nick Church

As a bass player for more than 40 years, I was keen to see how the PF-50T compared to my all-time favorite bass head, the Ampeg V-4B. The PF-50T's front-end is like an SVT, and familiar controls such as Ultra-Hi and Lo buttons and a 5-way rotary-switched mid-range allowing me to quickly dial in a wide range of tone. I particularly like the addition of two DI outputs (one pre- and one post-EQ), which are useful for cab-less recording or running direct onstage in the praise band. I've found the PF-50T powerful enough for small to medium gigs, and the dual-input tone stack handles passive and active basses, without compromise. I was even more impressed with its versatility, which lets me boost the front end and dial back the mids and highs for a warm B15 sound, push the mids and treble and get a V-4B sound, crank the gain with full mids and highs and make it bark like an SVT. It's just the kind of amp a flexible bass player like me needs.

Ampeg PF-50T Portaflex

The bass I had to plug in first was the vintage P strung with flats. I eased the bass to 1 o'clock, engaged the ultra-low switch, and left the rest of the controls at noon. For a moment, I closed my eyes and I was in the snake pit at Hitsville, U.S.A., hoping to open them and see Smokey Robinson writing lyrics next to me. It was all the vintage warmth you would expect. And when scrolling through the mid sweeps, it's a snap finding a sweet spot to your liking....
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