Orange PPC 412-C - 240-watt 4x12" Straight Cabinet - Orange

240-watt, 16-ohm, 4x12" Closed-back, Cabinet with Celestion Vintage 30 Speakers
Orange PPC 412-C - 240-watt 4x12
Orange PPC 412-C - 240-watt 4x12
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Orange PPC 412-C - 240-watt 4x12" Straight Cabinet - Orange
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The Perfect Cabinet for Your Orange Amp

Orange's PPC 412-C straight-faced closed-back speaker enclosure gives you the rock-solid reliability and exceptional build quality that Orange is known for. High-density 13-ply, 18mm birch plywood and rugged construction and manufacturing techniques give the PPC 412-C its super-human stability. Pushed by up to 240-watts at 16 ohms, the Orange PPC 412-C's four legendary Celestion Vintage 30 12" speakers will light up the stage with excellent full-range definition, punchy bass, and the unmistakably cool British tone that's kept the music world rocking for decades!

Orange PPC 412-C 4 x 12" Speaker Cabinet Features at a Glance:
  • 4 x 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speakers for that classic British tone
  • 240 watts at 16 ohms means you can crank it up
  • 13-ply high-density 18mm birch plywood provides extreme stability
  • Extremely rugged construction and manufacturing techniques
  • Made in the USA and England
Take the timeless British tone onstage with Orange's PPC 412-C cabinet!

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Tech Specs

Configuration 4 x 12"
Speakers 4 x 12" Celestion Vintage 30
Power Handling 240W
Impedance 16 ohms
Cabinet Type Straight
Open/Closed Back Closed
Construction Material Birch
Mono/Stereo Mono
Inputs 2 x 1/4"
Height 30"
Width 31"
Depth 15"
Weight 110 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number PPC412

Customer Reviews

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Paired this cab up with my Engl Powerball. The v30's and the construction add a lot of punch and clarity. Very tight low end, roaring midrange and highs with bite. Make sure you spend some time breaking the v30s in!
Music background: Guitarist


I used to be a boogie fan 100%. Now....... I really believe in the Power of Orange.. I have added a ppc412 and a ppc212 to my setup and let me tell you it rocks...... Hard! The cabs just scream. Noi more low end flubby looseness that the rectifier cabs have.. Tight.. Powerful midrange.. Powerful lowend thump.. High end screaming.. Love them!! I still do use the boogie 2x12's on the other side... Together... They outperform any setup I've ever had.. Fractal audio axe fx ultra Fryette 2/50/2 power amp 2 Mesa rectifier 2x12 left side Orange ppc412 and ppc212 right side Amazing Forrest Powell is my salesman and has been for years.. He is the man!! I used to go back n forth between GC and Sweetwater. GC is three miles away from me. I have totally converted to Sweetwater.. No exceptions! If I need strings.. I'll order them before hand. They will be at my door in 24hrs!!! Just sayin..
Music background: Tone freak.. Hobbyist... Guitar addict..


Sounds amazing with my th100 head!
Music background: Musician

Loud and proud!

I can't say enough good things about this cabinet! I play Jazz, Metal, Rock, Alternative, etc-- It does it all! Superb low end with amazing crunch. Build like a tank-- I won't ever need to replace it, I'm sure! Grade A+!
Music background: Recording, Live Sound, Musician

110 Pounds of Ripping Tone

First off, I just would like to thank and compliment my sales rep Ryan W. for the excellent customer service on my first purchase through Sweetwater. With the way online shopping has come to be, it's a rarity to receive 1 on 1 interaction with anyone, let alone from purchase until after delivery. I've dealt with some of the "other" big online retailers in the past, and although Im thankful the transactions went smoothly, dealing with Sweetwater just felt more comfortable. If there is an issue or question you can always get ahold of someone directly. Especially when making large purchases, it just gives you that extra peace of mind.I've owned this particular cabinet for about a month now, but wanted to give it some time before submitting a review. Ive been playing guitar for about 15 years and am primarily a hard rock/metal player with influences ranging from Marilyn Manson, Slayer, Slipknot, Metallica, Tool, Lamb of God, Korn, Meshuggah, etc. At the moment, I'm playing straight through the Orange TH100 into this cabinet. I've yet to throw any effects into the mix right now for the sake of getting a true/raw perspective on how this setup sounds. It is amazing. This is the first cabinet I've owned with Celestion V30 speakers, and I'm blown away. The speakers themselves have what I can only describe as this punchy bite that really rips through the mix. That paired with the solid (and HEAVY) construction of the cabinet itself, just gives your sound plenty of low end, crisp highs and an overall tight/punchy sound. The cleans are very clear, but incorporate plenty of low end that has a smooth balanced sound (not too muddy, not too twangy). Of course one could argue, you could make it sound good or bad depending on your amp/amp settings, in this instance, Im basing it on a fairly basic, slightly scooped setting. On the harder side, again, all frequencies blend nicely together without getting muddy. High notes, single notes, solos, etc ring out nicely. Rhythms, Chugging, Speed Picking pounds out like a machine gun. You can really feel the power kicking out of this cabinet. Notes on Construction/Quality:You get what you pay for - definitely when it comes to Orange. This cabinet is built like a tank. Solid thick birch/plywood construction, heavy duty hardware and the one of a kind Orange Tolex wrap. Paired with the Celestion V30s, 110 pounds of raw power is ready for the studio, road or at home (shaking the foundation). On a quick note, I've read a few nit-picky online forums regarding the V30s not being UK made anymore. Despite their port of origin, I can honestly say do not let that sway your opinion of playing/buying this cabinet or thinking you will have to change the speakers out. Orange seems to use some of the best quality materials and parts, and the sound from this cabinet proves it. I've owned quite a few heads in the past, and a couple of lower end cabinets. I was not always completely satisfied with the sound I was getting, but (when i was younger) didn't think much of it. I had a half-stack - I was awesome, right? ha. With that I will say a good cabinet really does make the difference in your sound. I've really taken a liking and made an investment in the Orange products, but can say this cabinet would be a compliment to just about any amplifier. Just as a final though/advice regarding buying cabinets or gear in general for that matter...Although you don't necessarily have to spend an arm and a leg on equipment, paying a little more does go a long way in certain cases. If you're on the fence about getting something like this or paying half the price for something that seems comparable, save that little bit of extra money and splurge a bit if you can. It beats buying something so-so, and trying to sell it a few months later. Many of us Im sure have got caught in that trap, and you end up losing more money in the long run every time you sell something. Been there too many times. I'm not rich by any means, and when it comes to equipment, over the past 15 years, this setup is the first (of about 10 heads and 4 cabinets) I am completely satisfied with, and intend on keeping for a long time. Why 4.5 stars for such a lengthy and positive review so far? Here's why. For the quality workmanship, parts and care that go into these products, paired with the price tag, Orange dropped the ball with the packaging for shipping this cabinet. When I received my cabinet, and opened the box, I was a little disappointed to find only a plastic cover over the cabinet and 4 very thin foam pads for the corners. There was no extra cardboard inserts to protect the grill, or the usual thick/solid styrofoam corner blocks. This did have an impact on delivery, because two of the metal corner pieces were dented fairly deep and a little bit of the tolex on the bottom got marred up. This damage isn't visible from a distance, nor does it affect the cabinets operation, but when you do pay so much for something, and things like this happen, we all know how that feels. Just like getting a new car and getting a door ding at the grocery store a day later. The way shipping companies handle packages, especially ones of this size and weight, Orange should have taken a few extra steps in making sure this thing was packed up secure and tight. The TH100 head was perfect, and the packaging was as it should have been. Why scrimp on the cabinet? That is my only complaint, but it should be noted.I am confident Orange has gained a life-long player in myself and look forward to their future products. Thanks again to Sweetwater (Ryan W. especially) for all your help. I will definitely do business with them in the future.
Music background: Hobbyist, Gear Addict

Sweetwater Advice

Jared Madigan

As a guitar player for over 20 years, I've used Orange PPC 412-C speaker cabinets for most of my career, either in full- or half-stack setups. I play a lot of styles of music, and the reason I've owned six of these cabinet is that they sound great on everything. The PPC-412's full and punchy response really feels at home when I want loud and nasty tone - much more than many other 4 x 12" cabs I've played.
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