Rode NT1 Kit

Extremely Low-noise Large-diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone with SRM Combination Shock Mount and Pop Screen
Rode NT1 Kit image 1
Rode NT1 Kit image 1
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Rode NT1 Kit
In Stock!

Record-setting Low-noise Condenser Mic!

Over the Rode NT1's 20-plus-year history, Sweetwater Sales Engineers have helped countless recording engineers discover this amazing cardioid condenser microphone - and this latest NT1 model is by far the most impressive one yet! Sporting a mere 4.5dB of self noise, the NT1 isn't just the quietest studio condenser microphone Rode has produced to date, it's one of the quietest mics of its type in the world. Patented Lyre capsule suspension technology from Rycote further enhance the sound of the NT1, isolating it from even the natural harmonic resonance of its aluminum body. And with the bundled SRM combination shock mount and pop filter, this NT1 Kit is a truly amazing deal.

Rode NT1 Kit Cardioid Condenser Microphone with Shock Mount/Pop Screen at a Glance:
  • Experience high-definition sound courtesy of a hand-made, suspension-mounted HF6 capsule
  • Built to be tough, engineered to be one of the quietest studio condenser mics on Earth
  • Bundled with Rode's amazing SRM combination shock mount and pop screen for added value
Experience high-definition sound courtesy of a hand-made, suspension-mounted HF6 capsule

The Rode HF6 hand-made microphone capsule found in their 2013 edition of the NT1 will take you back to a time when all microphone makers took extreme pride in their work. While made using top-of-the-line precision manufacturing techniques, each capsule hand tensioned and tested to ensure the tightest possible consistency. Add to that a 3-axis Lyre suspension system, and you get a microphone that delivers the sound you'd expect from one of the coveted classic condenser mics of the twentieth century, but with low-noise performance you'll only find in today's ultra-competitive market.

Built to be tough, engineered to be one of the quietest studio condenser mics on Earth

When we say low noise, we're talking about a mere 4.5dB (A weighted) of self noise. That translates to about a third of the self noise you'll get from the industry's leading solid-state studio condensers for a fraction of the cost. What this means for you is that you can feel free to apply as much gain as you like to your preamp, or set up dramatic EQ curves, and won't have to contend with a wash of noise overwhelming your tracks. The NT1's amazing build quality also extends to its lightweight aluminum body, which features a laser-etched baked electrostatic coating that will keep your mic looking new for decades.

Bundled with Rode's amazing SRM combination shock mount and pop screen for added value

Having invented what easily qualifies as one of the year's most impressive microphones, Rode wasn't content to supply the NT1 with any ordinary shock mount. That's why they came up with the SRM combination shock mount and pop screen. The entire frame of the SRM is made from an engineering grade polymer, which provides wonderful stability without much added weight. That makes the NT1 incredibly easy to use with any ordinary microphone stand in your studio. A dual Lyre suspension system offers superior resistance to vibration, with none of the drawbacks of conventional rubber-band shock mounts. The SRM's clamp is robust and easy to operate, and the medical-grade stainless steel pop filter offers excellent plosive protection. And when you buy this NT1 Kit from Sweetwater, you get Rode's SRM shock mount for a great low price.

Rode NT1 Kit Cardioid Condenser Microphone with Shock Mount/Pop Screen Features:
  • An amazing cardioid condenser microphone that provides studio-quality sound any project studio engineer can afford
  • An excellent choice for recording virtually any acoustic instrument, voice, or amplifier rig
  • Hand-made HF6 large-diaphragm condenser capsule delivers the smooth sound you'd expect from a vintage solid-state mic
  • Internal suspension features Rycote Lyre technology to minimize vibration and chassis resonance in all three axises
  • High-grade signal path circuitry offers a staggering 4.5dB of self noise, making this one of the quietest studio condensers ever
  • Lightweight but durable aluminum body features an incredibly durable baked electrostatic coating with laser-etched lettering
  • Bundle with the Rode SRM combination shock mount and pop screen
  • Lightweight engineering-grade polymer frame with heavy duty joint/clamp makes this shock mount extremely mic stand friendly
  • SRM features Lyre suspension for phenomenal isolation with none of the drawbacks inherent to rubber-band based shock mounts
  • Stainless steel pop screen with silicon damper features a PDV base and baked electrostatic coating for extreme durability
  • Requires +48V phantom power
Discover how good an affordable mic can sound - pick up a Rode NT1 Kit from Sweetwater today!

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Tech Specs

Microphone Type Condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Diaphragm Size 1"
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Max SPL 132dB SPL
Self Noise 4.5dB (A weighted)
Color Black
Connector XLR
Included Accessories Shock Mount, Pop Screen
Manufacturer Part Number NT1 Kit

Customer Reviews

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Great vocal mic

Love this mix for vocals and acoustic guitar. Its been my go-to home studio mic for 2 years.
Music background: Pro

Affordable quality

First thing I want to mention is that there is one pin that looks much longer than the other two. This is apparently fine but sent me searching the web for a while thinking I had a defective mic. This is my first mic other than headset boom style mic's or USB types, so basically my first XLR mic. Reason for the longer pin is because it's the ground and the purpose is to have the ground be the first and last thing connected to protect it. The quality is great. The recordings I've just tested sound incredible. Although I do play several instruments, this mic is not intended for recording since I play directly through my DAW. This mic is for my other hobby in video editing and recording narration and creating tutorials. There's a Steinway dealer near me that I recently got some side work from. My work will be with the owner and myself only so I plan on packing some things and asking if i can do some recording while I'm there. Maybe get some samples to load in my latest keyboard. My lack of experience with mic's doesn't make this a great review, but hopefully it at least helps others that come here wondering about the 3rd pin! Haha.
Music background: Assistant to Van Beethoven

Amazing value

This microphone is incredible! I have owned the NT1A for years now, and use it all the time, so I thought I would give the new one a go. The frequency response is FLAT - something you don't usually see on a very affordable mic. The shockmount is amazing - both in looks and performance! I have used it with a bunch of my other mics too - very handy. Love it - what a cool package.
Music background: Hobbyist

Rode NT1 Kit

Man, I've fallen in love with this mic pretty quickly. It has a fuller over all presence from my NT1-A yet is still transparent. What's great is it didn't make my other mic obsolete, I still use my NT1-A when I want a little brighter response. The new shock mount and windscreen is killer.
Music background: touring musician, studio musician, live and studio engineer

hold the brakes on those thousand dollar mics

brutally i'm going to be honest, before this beautiful piece of equipment i owned a mxl v89 this mic is very very good and clean mxl makes awesome mics and it had me and my producer trippin and flippin out about its clarity and sound, but then things got real i got more serious started to look into specs and what things ment as far as microphones go and the more i learned only made me feel dumb for even wasting my money on the mxl, then i spent about a good month researching microphones i looked at akg mics and specs neuman specs found that the neuman specs are the up most best far as build quality performance etc. started looking at these rode mics and heard through the grape vine that rode re-done there nt1-a witch is now the nt1 model found that the specs of the rode actually out do the neuman u87's as far as ohms go and self noise this thing is quit like awkwardly quit no hiss no hum no nothing what you say is what you get do to its extremely flat response it hardly has any peak at all and the peak at the end adds just the right amount of air it has such a rich and fresh tone and when i yield real close and it clipped it actually emulated the neuman's sound it had that dirty-ness that is actually wanted me and my producer lowered the levels on this thing to negative 40 db witch is un heard of this mic didn't show no sings of clipping when in fact any other mic would start to sound like sand paper at negative 20 db this mic is an amazing buy you cannot go wrong i cant stress this enough from its incredible engineering to the internal shock mount on the capsule its a musical feat in equipment you guys at rode have won me over with this one and ill also add the pre-amp that it was running through was nothing fancy it was about 250 $$$ and the vocals weren't compressed and it didnt even need much eq at all to sound good either hardly any so we ran a test and simply talked through the mic and heard my vocals coming through the monitors it sounds like real life its not even harsh on the s's you have little to no simbulance in your vocals with this thing buy one and find out yourself :) and to all you gear heads who do have avalon pre's yada yada plug this thing into it im sure you'll put your more expensive mics on the shelf i dont doubt it

Sweetwater Advice

Nick Mock

As a singer/songwriter, I needed an affordable studio mic that would not only record natural-sounding vocals, but be versatile enough to record multiple instruments - and do both with great quality. The Rode NT1 was the answer. It provides crisp audio with extremely clear highs, mids, and lows - my vocals and guitar now sit so nicely in the mix! And a nice bonus is that it comes with such a quality shock mount and pop filter.
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