Eminence Man O War Redcoat Series 12" 120-Watt Replacement Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm

12" Guitar Speaker, 120W, 8 Ohms, 70Hz-5.5kHz
Eminence Man O War Redcoat Series 12
Eminence Man O War Redcoat Series 12
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Eminence Man O War Redcoat Series 12" 120-Watt Replacement Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm
In Stock!

Chunky British Tone with the Man O War

Note: Speakers are non-returnable.

The Eminence Man O War 12" guitar speaker gives you classic British tone with a chunky bottom end. The 120W Man O War has a solid tone with a touch top end sparkle to it that's perfect for rock, grunge, and metal. You'll love how responsive and articulate this speaker is. So put a classic British-sounding speakers in your guitar amplifier, with the Eminence Man O War 12" guitar speaker!

Man O War Speaker Characteristics:
  • Application: 12" open- or closed-back
  • Configuration: 1, 2, or 4 x 12"
  • Low-end response: Moderate
  • Low-end shape: Chunky
  • Midrange response: Aggressive
  • Midrange shape: Crisp
  • High-end response: Aggressive
  • Breakup mode: Slow
Eminence Man O War 12" Guitar Speaker Features at a Glance:
  • Powerful 12" guitar speaker with thick and chunky tone
  • Very responsive and articulate, will capture the nuances of your playing
  • Solid tone with sparkle, suitable for rock, grunge, and metal
  • 120W
  • 70Hz-5.5kHz
  • 8 Ohms
  • 8.1 lbs.
Pack your amplifier with British tone, with the Eminence Man O War 12" guitar speaker!

Additional Media

Guitar Amp Buying Guide
Man O War Redcoat Series 12 Spec Sheet

Tech Specs

Application Guitar
Size 12"
Impedance 8 ohms
Power Handling 120W
Magnet Type Ferrite
Magnet Weight 38 oz.
Frequency Range 70Hz-5.5kHz
Unit Weight 8.1 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number MAN O WAR

Customer Reviews

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Used two speakers for metal tone

I put two of these guys with a pair of swamp thangs in my my 4 x 12 cab to play metal styles. The man-o-war speakers provide the articulation and the solid mid and high end. The swamp thangs covered the low end well. This setup made my ENGL powerball 2 light up!!

amazing speaker

ive put a pair of these speakers in a ygl-3 1975 traynor and the detail and articulation blew me away....made to be played loud very loud...

One of the best british voiced speakers out there!

I had an old Fender Princeton 65 (solid state 65W amp purchased back in 2003) that I would use here and there as a practice amp. I wanted to do something a little different with the amp, so I went the unconventional route and popped a Man O War in there. I know, I know, British voiced speaker and a Fender shouldn't go together. I really love the sound, though. After listening to countless demos of the Man O War, I determined that it had that thick fat sound that I really wanted. After installing it in this amp, it really woke things up. The amp is so much warmer now with a really full sound. I can also crank up any of my effects pedals with no fear of ever blowing this speaker. Plugging in multiple guitars, you can hear extreme differences in the sound now, and the amp now is really an extension of the guitar, and not just the amp pumping out it's own tone. I would highly recommend this speaker for anyone looking to play anything from really warm/sparkly cleans to gritty blues/rock on up to full on metal. It will make any combo amp or cabinet that much better.
Music background: Been playing in and out of bands and recording for about 15 years.


A while back, I used the Governor/Swamp Thang combination in my 2x12 cab. Loved it. I just put the Man O War in with a Texas Heat and I think I like this combination better! Fat, articulate with rich complex mids... Aggressive and clear as hell. These two pair up very nicely... I think the Man O War has more chunk than the Governor, and the Texas Heat seems to have more mids than the Swamp Thang. The right amount of top end sparkle to open everything right up.... Just excellent. Thanks Bart! Eminence does it again.
Music background: Lifelong Musician
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