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DAW Control Surface with Programmable Touchscreen, 4 Touch-sensitive Motorized Faders, Programmable Knobs and Buttons, Transport Controls, and Monitoring Software - Mac/PC
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Avid Artist Control image 1
Avid Artist Control image 1

Sorry, the Avid Artist Control is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Avid Artist Control
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Take Command of Your DAW with This Compact Controller!

The Avid Artist Control v2 control surface combines the functionality of motorized faders, programmable knobs and buttons, and an incredible customizable touchscreen interface for maximum control over your DAW. Designed as a compact "nerve center" for your studio, the Artist Control v2 fits between your keyboard and computer monitor. Its high-resolution touchscreen lets you easily access and set up functions, while four touch-sensitive motorized faders, 12 Smart Keys, and eight programmable rotary encoders make the Artist Control v2 a powerful, flexible DAW controller!

The Avid Artist Control v2's high-resolution 800 x 480-pixel touchscreen interface displays all of your project's top-level information, including track names/numbers, metering (from mono to 5.1 surround data), fader/pan values, automation mode, etc. It also lets you quickly access all plug-in and EQ parameters, effortlessly setup macro commands for any function (or sequence of functions), and much more.

What's more, you can use the Artist Control v2's Smart Keys to trigger everything from simple keystroke commands to complex custom macros displayed on the touchscreen interface above - use the up/down arrows to scroll through an unlimited number of commands. Touch-sensitive rotary encoders offer direct control over everything from panning and gain, to editing your most powerful plug-ins and EQ. These knobs can also be pressed to select/deselect and navigate through parameters. High-quality ALPS 100mm long-throw faders offer accurate and smooth mixing; touching a fader will automatically select the corresponding track.

Take advantage of the included Studio Monitor Express software. It provides professional monitoring (from stereo up to 5.1 surround) as well as complete talkback controls via any CoreAudio-compliant interface. Application Change and Workstation Change functions let you easily cycle through applications and switch between multiple workstations.

The Artist Control v2's ergonomic layout puts transport controls and a data-entry wheel at your fingertips, as well as keys to quickly select what parameter the wheel will modify (zoom horizontally/vertically, jog/shuttle, trimming clip head and tail, setting clip gain, crossfading, and more).

Avid Artist Control v2 Control Surface with Programmable Touchscreen Features at a Glance:

  • Customizable touchscreen interface (800 x 480 pixels)

  • v2 is more rugged than the original version
  • Eight touch-sensitive rotary encoders
  • Four touch-sensitive motorized faders
  • 12 assignable soft keys
  • Transport controls and jog/shuttle/zoom wheel
  • Studio Monitor Express software
  • High-speed EuCon Ethernet protocol
  • Mac OS X and Windows 7 compatible
The Avid Artist Control v2 puts you in command of your DAW!

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Manufacturer Part Number 9900-65171-10

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Brandon Smits

I was understandably excited when I first started hooking up my MC Control in my home studio. I knew that this piece of gear would evolve my workflow as an audio engineer and a video editor, but I honestly did not expect that it would be so easy to set up. Much like my Mac, it required merely installing the software and I was up and running. Today's media professionals need to be extremely adept at learning new software with so many powerful tools in various DAWs and non-linear editors. If your workflow demands multiple DAWs or NLEs, or even if you use lots of shortcuts, the MC Control allows you to easily streamline your workflow. Engineers in the digital age know that the hard part about all these DAWs is keeping them straight, and being equally efficient in across the board. The MC Control comes to the rescue. It is application aware, meaning it will recall appropriate presets whenever any OS X app is active, and even lets you switch between applications with the push of a button. This saves you time no matter what you are doing on your machine, and I doubt I need to remind you that saving time is earning you money. It even ships with thoughtfully organized shortcuts for every major DAW (and Final Cut Pro), so you're saving time from the moment you start using it. Ever since I installed the software and plugged in the MC Control, I've been adding EQ, compression, and reverb, and mixing without even touching my mouse! The faders are responsive and high resolution, you'll love how they fly. So, if you're a serious engineer or video editor and you want to save time and money, buy an MC Control, you'll be investing in yourself.
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