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Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 57 customer reviews
Questions about the Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6?

Questions about the Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Carson McClain

    The Komplete Audio 6 is a seriously heavy-duty interface. If you were blindfolded and held it in one hand and had any other similarly-sized interface in the other hand, you'd choose this because it has some serious weight and a high-quality feel to it. The convertors in this are a night and day difference between almost ANY other interface in its category. I would put this head to head with almost any interface under $1000 dollars and I guarantee it would come out with flying colors in specs, performance, and customer satisfaction. This is the best interface for the price, it's the best interface if it were double the price. Do yourself a huge favor and add this to your rig, you will not be dissappointed. (BTW, it has Cirrus Logic convertors.)

  • Daniel
    from March 18, 2017Music Background:
    Producer and Live Musician


    Stable, reliable, and feels like it was made out of solid steel! I have used several interfaces of the size and out of all of, this so far is very much worth the money! We are getting ready for tour and its build quality has earned my confidence.

  • David
    from Tampa August 2, 2016

    Komplete Audio 6, look no further

    Don't hesitate buying the Komplete Audio 6 it will blow your socks off. Out of the box I had zero issues. It provides plenty of volume to your monitors. That is amazing since it is USB powered. The large volume dial on the top makes recording and playback amazing. All around an A + unit and I would strongly recommend this.

  • Michael Stumbaugh
    from Jacksonville, FL May 30, 2016

    KA6 is the real deal!

    I was currently using an AKAI EIE as my interface. I needed a powered USB hub as well. I currently have a Native Instruments set-up. Maschine Studio, NI S-61 controller, and a Novation Mininova. Running Komplete Ultimate 10. After reading reviews for weeks about what audio interface to upgrade to it only made sense that I went with the KA6 to have a completely intergraded Native Instruments set-up. Only issue was going to be that I still needed a powered USB hub since I'm a MAC user and was limited. After speaking with my sales rep from Sweetwater he also felt the Komplete Audio 6 was the right choice. Not just to have everything Integrated with NI products but because the KA6 was the best bang for your buck with whatever set-up you have. I have been nothing but pleased ever since I made the upgrade. I literally could hear the difference in sound quality as soon as I started jamming out. I used to have my EIE's volume turned up to the max all the time to hear the small hidden sounds in my tracks. Now I don't even have to turn the volume up half way on the KA6 to reach the same output level. It sounds crisp, clear and absoulutly no latency. I should of bought this interface months ago. Most defiantly a must have for small home or studio set-ups. After I spoke with my sales rep about needing a powered USB hub he once again recommended another great affordable product as a solution. Go Sweetwater!!

  • Paul Kendall
    from Clinton, MO December 10, 2015

    Solved all my connectivity problems

    I use the Komplete Audio 6 to connect a Mackie 1202VLZ4 mixer (including microphones) to my computer. I use recorded audio playing from the computer via the Komplete 6, to the Mackie, and a house amp. The mics and music also gets sent from the Mackie back to the Komplete 6 for live streaming. I have no problems with sound degradation from the computer audio looping back to the Komplete 6 computer from the mixer for the live stream. My previous setup used a Behringer U-Control UCA222 which caused the stream to suffer major degradation, but I think that's because the UCA222 is USB 1.1, not 2.0.

    Sweetwater customer service is insanely excellent. I'm so very glad that I didn't purchase this from Amz!! The sales engineer Brock Andrews spent a lot of time walking me through my setup and helping me correct some mistakes I was making with that. Because of the time he spent with me I now have everything set up just right (including separating the levels for the live stream from the house levels). At first I thought the term "sales engineer" was gimmicky, but after speaking with one I see how accurate the term is!

  • Luis Martinez
    from Bronx NY December 10, 2015Music Background:

    Follow up review a year later

    After spending more than a year using this audio interface, this thing is still working properly. This is a quality product made to last at an affordable price. The preamps in this baby are very clean and transparent and that's great news for someone that likes to use amp simulation in their DAW. Highly recommended.

  • Daniel Prieto
    from November 28, 2015Music Background:
    Composer, teacher, guitar player for more than 20 years.

    Compact, flexible, good-looking

    I've owned a number of audio/midi interfaces in the last 15 years, andI bought this interface several years ago. This is so far my favourite –even compared to the big ones–, and it has been one of the best investments I've done in my equipment:
    - It's tough, the aluminum chassis is very cool, it has withstood several gigs and flights without problems.
    - It's reliable, I've never had a single problem with the multi-channel audio, for real.
    - It's easy to use. The XLR-1/4 inputs are nice, it allows me to connect instruments and microphones without thinking about the connector, and most of the times I can even skip the mixer, It's enough for a gig or a studio-on-the-go job. There are not a lot of routing options, but that's enough for me.
    - It sounds good. Just listen.
    - The included software is nice and versatile. I'm not a fan of Cubase, but the Komplete Elements sampler libraries are quite nice, and the $25 voucher will hook you up with NI instruments.
    - It looks cool. It's a product of the great, elegant German industrial design, looks great on the desktop, and it's compact enough to fit a lot of features in style.

    If you need a compact, reliable, easy to use, good quality audio solution, this is it. Go for it.

  • Christopher Hartigan
    from New Port Richey, FL September 17, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist. Pianist (teehee). Controllerist. Not-so-vocalist. Engineer. Mixer. Producer. Table Slapper. Listener. Creator. Visionary.


    Picked up the box and threw my back out. Heavy little piece of gear! Installed the software, plugged it in, instant functionality! It never seems to clip, I have to assume there is a high quality preamp in this tiny beast. This is the David of all interfaces. Screw Goliath. Native Instruments FOREVER!!!

  • Daniel Mackin
    from New Orleans, LA February 19, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Songwriter

    Love it!

    Super-easy set up. Great sound. Built like a freakin' tank - the rubber feet are SCREWED IN to the body. What?!

    Go buy one.

  • Nick Bigelow
    from Seattle, WA USA March 17, 2013Music Background:

    Slick Physical Hardware, Great Audio Interface

    I was using the TASCAM US-144MKII before this for about two years. It worked well, but was extremely finicky at times and you had to choose between low latency and higher sample rates. Since it was the first interface I bought, I thought these trade offs were normal, because I could bare some dropped samples when I was recording and switch it back while I editing/doing something that doesn't require low latency.

    Then I bought the Komplete Audio 6 and realized what a piece of crap that old interface was. This interface just look plain beautiful, which isn't a big deal, but if you look at same photos of the TASCAM US144MKII you'll see what a difference it is. The large volume knob in the middle is brilliant. All the knobs and controls on the interface are very solid, the build quality is top-notch. I like to play my guitar through my computer since I live in a small-ish apartment. I have a pair of headphone monitors with a telephone cord. The old interface didn't weight much, so if I moved away and try to extend the cord, the whole interface would move; not ideal. The Komplete Audio 6 has some nice weight to it, and this isn't a problem anymore.

    The installation was a snap, never had to mess with the settings to get it to sound good and have low latency. And boy, is the latency low. I use Ableton with a number of the NI VSTs, especially Guitar Rig 5 and the Maschine. This beast process the audio so fast you think you are plugging directly into a amp. Amazing. Same with the Maschine. With the old interface, there was a little lag so my finger drumming was always a little sloppy. Now it feels like I am playing on whole new hardware. The audio is very good too, but what makes it sounds good or how much better it sounds than other device is outside my knowledge. I just know it sounds very crisp along side my M-Audio BX5 monitors.

    Bottom line, it's a little pricey, but it breathes new life into your desktop recording experience. Such low latency, crisp audio, and a really solid piece of hardware.

  • Justus
    from Mnpls. MN USA November 13, 2012Music Background:

    Ditto, Ditto, Ditto!

    I don't really have anything to add that hasn't already been covered in the other reviews, but I'm SO impressed with KA6's performance that I'm more than happy to take a minute and give NI some well deserved props. Also, Sweetwaters customer service is truely second to none!

  • James Middleton
    from Orlando, FL October 23, 2012Music Background:
    Professional masochist (er, I mean musician...)

    High quality in a small package

    This box is well-designed and well-constructed. The push tabs at the tops of each XLR jack make plugging and unplugging cables refreshingly easy. The build is solid, and the drivers are too.

    I have never owned a USB audio interface -- this is the first one that I have ever bought. I'm impressed with the sound and its relative low-latency. Playing virtual instruments is more fun to play than using the on-board chipset in my PC.

    I recommend the Komplete Audio 6. It is easily competitive with FireWire boxes that cost twice as much, and that offer less connectivity.

  • Customer
    from Olympia, WA September 14, 2012Music Background:


    Installation on Win 7 64 was a breeze and it performs flawlessly at all but the very lowest latency settings. Crystal clear sound, simple and intuitive functionality.

    Why are you still reading this review? BUY IT!!!

  • Cedric T
    from Dc September 5, 2012Music Background:
    Music programing


    No question you should buy it

  • Gerald Whelan
    from Malden MA July 26, 2012Music Background:
    Organist, composer


    This audio interface is perfectly German and perfectly perfect. Everything has been thought of, and every part of it has been manufactured with precision. The low latency is particularly appreciated. The result is crystal clear sound and logical controls that can mastered with a little attention to the manual. Even the manual is perfectly written, with no errors in the English.

  • Rob
    from Baltimore, MD July 10, 2012Music Background:

    Komplete Audio 6 Review

    Really dont have anything to say that isnt in the other reviews. This product is great and sturdy. I love it.

  • Joe
    from Seattle, WA July 7, 2012Music Background:
    recording artist

    BLOWN away!

    I run this little guy through my XP SP2 system (shut up, it runs flawlessly!) and it works perfectly, even though it is not certified for XP. The converters SMOKE my M Audio & Echo cards. Can't believe I was using that crap after hearing the NI 6. Super stable, super sounding, and for a couple hundred bucks. I feel like I robbed Sweetwater! I was prepared to spend far more for a converter upgrade.... I won one for a change : )

  • John Mannes
    from Germantown, Maryland June 21, 2012Music Background:
    30 years of composing

    Sweetwater is Sweet and as good as advertised

    Purchased a Native Instrument's Komplete 6 Audio/Midi mixer for my new Apple IMac OSX 10.7.4. This deal sounded too good to be true. The software Cubase 6AI/Le Traktor, Komplete Elements was worth the money without the Hardware and really I was purchasing the unit for the updated Cubase 6, so I can use it with my MotifXS Rack and Fantomxr Rack. Ok, the deal was great! I received my order in 2 days (although without candy in the box), but that has to be related to it being 100% outside.
    Installed everything, but ran into a problem with my Komplete 6 audio inputs not working with Cubase. I reported the problem to Ryan, my sales assistant and received a phone call from him before I had my coffee, no less being ready to compose music. He listened, requested some ideas to get it going and then said "Our Tech Department will get you right". I thought he was just passing me off, but I was way wrong!
    In this world where people don't care, respond and don't solve problems, but make them bigger, Sweetwater Tech Department was a welcomed surprise!
    First I received an e-mail from Chris suggesting what the problem could be while holding the phone just to double my chance of fixing a software configuration problem, when I was positive it was faulty hardware.
    John picked up the phone in. Soft welcoming voice and had me download a program where he could not only see my Mac, but control the curser as well. Two minutes later, everything was working and I felt stupid because it was my error, not N.I. nor Sweetwater! I told John I loved him, sent an e-mail to Ryan saying I loved him.
    Bottom line is Sweetwater really deliver's on the promise to make their customers feel important, get immediate assistance from people that really know what they are selling!
    This has been an experience that really make's me feel there are competent people that really cares about the customer, not the sale!
    Advertising a 2 year warranty included in the sale's price is really priceless!
    Ryan, John, Chris, I thank you and hope this 5 star review can help you after you have helped me so much! As Ryan, my Sales Assistant would say, Cheer's Sweetwater, you have not only a customer, but a fan!

  • Customer
    from Boston, MA June 11, 2012Music Background:
    Composer, Producer, & Sound Designer

    Just Do It

    I'm an audio professional who has gone through a bunch of $300-600 audio interfaces over the past decade that just weren't up to the task. For my work, I need something simple (single XLR, MIDI, line, headphone), but solid. I've been looking (for years) for an affordable interface that sounds great, is low-latency, and has reliable software and firmware that's not going to crash with my CPU and DAW working hard. This bad boy is awesome. It sounds clean and clear, the software and hardware was (actually!) a cinch to get up and running, and it's small and compact on my desktop. The knobs are smooth to turn, and there are no weird volume jumps (I've had that on a few interfaces). I can't get over that it was only $229 after paying $500-600 for hardware that gave me nothing but headaches. Rock on, Native Instruments.

  • Mike S
    from Los Angeles, CA March 24, 2012Music Background:
    Studio Owner, Recording Artist

    Excellent Buy

    I love this interface: rock solid and plenty of routing options while running flawlessly via USB. The audio quality if clean with lots of signal getting to your DAW.

  • WSCollective
    from Bay Area, California February 25, 2012Music Background:
    Record Label

    This thing is Awesome

    Specs are one thing, real world is another.
    we have listened to a lot of mixes on a lot of different systems over the years and . have owned and used the full gamut in our studio from
    1) Seasound Solo(ist)
    2) Echo Layla
    3) SSL Madixtreme w/ AlphaLink
    4) Profire 2626
    5) Lexicon converters
    6) Avid converters
    7) M-Audio Project Mix IO
    8) A&H Zed-R 16
    9) Komplete Audio 6.
    10) MOTU 2408MK3
    11) Ao0gee Rosetta

    We have worked in such a way that we have had to move around from different recording and mixing environments depending on what studio we are working in, who is recording, mixing, etc...and then finally take the final mixes back to our studio (and final mix, master and monitor on OUR convertors),
    Those that sounded best and translated the most from memory and feel, are:
    1) Seasound (no more drivers, sadly)
    2) Komplete Audio 6
    3) SSL
    3) Apogee Rosetta
    4) Echo layla (horrible drivers btw)
    4) A&H Zed
    5) Profie 2626
    6) MOTU
    7) Project Mix (again, drivers just are NOT good on this)
    8) Lexicon
    9) Avid (sound like mixing through a tin can. Hard to believe every major pro studio in the world runs these horrible sounding digi converters. Thank GOD for mastering engineers)

    I kid you not, a 300 dollar audio interface that sounds better than the higher end, higher priced Apogee, Digi and SSL stuff? ABSOLUTELY in the Ball park with the SSL and Apogee for 1/10th the price.
    Add to this little guy, a good monitoring system (such as Dangerous D box or [SPL Phonitor-if you mix only in headphones *sic we feel the Dangerous better than the overpriced Phonitor but both are outstanding monitoring systems] and you have a setup that will allow you to mix release quality records ITB

  • paul stappenbeck
    from Seattle, WA USA) January 13, 2012Music Background:



  • paul stappenbeck
    from Seattle, WA USA) January 13, 2012Music Background:



  • Jahmontee
    from Flagstaff, AZ December 6, 2011Music Background:
    Artist, Producer, DJ, Leathersmith!

    Rock solid!

    Bought it originally for my MacBook Pro. I liked it so much I bought a second on for my iMac setup! This thing is bad-a** and full of possiblities!

  • Paul A.
    from Woodbridge, VA August 11, 2011Music Background:

    Excellent Audio device

    I purchased this device from Sweetwater. Cheers to my Sweetwater engineer Chris Lewis. This is a very user friendly audio interface. This replaces my M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB. If you have an existing internal card (PCI or PCIe), this will not conflict with the cards. This audio interface will install with no issues. If you have an onboard card, make sure to disable it from the BIOS. Low latency and excellent sound. If you experience dropouts, pops, and crackles, make sure to turn off non-essential programs running in the background. The less background software you are running, the more you can allocate CPU resources. Overall, this device is great for recording and generating softsynths, or any type of audio medium you wish to use it for. Highly recommended.

  • Cale McCollough
    from Eugene, OR July 15, 2011Music Background:
    Musician, Audio and Recording Enineer, Computer Engineer, Music Technology Expert, Student, Horn Player

    Lowest latency out of any audio interface I've used.

    I defiantly like this audio interface a lot. I was shocked about how low the round trip latency between the card and the PC is. At 256 samples/sec, there was just barely a faint hint of phasing when running the signal into Live and back out and I was able to track vocals with software effects without a problem. The headphone output is just loud enough, but not blaringly loud... I expected it be a bit louder, but it is sufficient for DJing. Its defiantly not weak, just not defining. As for the mic-pres, same thing, just enough gain. They are very quiet though and very transparent. There is a small bit of noise that come from them when the gain is cranked all the way up but its a lot quieter then the background noise the mic is picking up and is not distinguishable from it because of the transparency of the pres. Its actually rather pleasing. As for the converters, the specs list it at being around 101 dB dynamic range, which is low for on paper, but specs on paper do not equal real life performance... they use Cirrus Logic converters, which are FAR superior then most of the other converters on the market. Most companies list the specs of the converters on paper, but do not distinguish between the connection straight into the chip and the actual full circuit, which is something that a German engineer would not do... There are other components in between the ADC/DAC and the actual audio input/output that reduce the on chip specs. When you turn volume and speakers all the way up with no audio playing, there is absolutely no noise, which is a very good thing. Its a very beautiful audio interface though. Defiantly a product of German engineering. Very elegant looking and feels very well built. It can also direct monitor the audio inputs so you can hood an external audio device into inputs 3/4 and not convert from analog to digital and back to analog, which is critical. And best of all, it has a SPDIF IO and its bus powered. I would have given it 4 1/2 stars, but the low round trip latency makes up for any deficiencies in the audio interface. Its way better then any of the other USB options anywhere near this price point. If your looking for a mobile interface that does what you need it to do, this is defiantly it.

  • mike p
    from grand forks, ND March 29, 2017

    Additional Info KA6

    One thing I forgot to mention on my other review was that the first time I hooked up the unit to my computer
    I was hearing these popping noises and other stuff that wasn't suppose to be , I was thinking that I may have a defective unit here , but luckily it wasn't so.
    I replace the computer ( AMD dual core ) to the spare one I had ( INTEL I 3 ) for some reason that took care of that problem. I have not looked into as to why specifically but it gave a more stable flat form to get the A6
    performing as it should. Also , as I have read in other reviews about the missing USB cable , I thought I too
    was gonna be one these people without a cable , but lo and behold the cable was right there in the Styrofoam pocket ! Anyway , I hope this info helps u guys out there . Great product KA6.

  • Mike P
    from March 23, 2017


    This thing made a BIG impression coming out of the box.
    A very good looking ,well built , well design all around unit.
    Everything about it on the outside is rated 1st class.
    Now , on the inside ... Its only been a month since I had this unit
    but so far it does not disappoint.The sound is pristine , clean as a whistle.
    The sounds coming out of my speakers is in a whole new level.
    Overall , the options you have in this unit at this price range is unbeatable.
    No other unit comes close to this one. Kudos to N.I.

  • Chriss Odom
    from SC February 10, 2017Music Background:
    Recording Instrumentalist, Producer, Recording Engineer

    Great Buy!

    I love it! I use it for my mobile recording setup. Great sound, convenient number of ins and outs and I love the main out volume control on top. It allows me to easily turn down monitors while recording so no bleeding occurs and I can easily turn them back up to mix.

  • Vincent
    from Bergen, NY USA November 27, 2014Music Background:
    Musician/Songwriter Keys/Guitar/Vocal

    Awesome interface!

    I had been looking for a while, about 2 years, I was using a creative labs FireWire card wired with a desktop box! Very finicky. Really messed with the creative process. The KA6 is an amazing piece of hardware, it's changed the way I write and record! Solid drivers, piece of cake to set up, and the Native Instruments software is second to none, I Love it!! Komplete 10 Ultimate is looking real good! The KA6 (USB2) hooks to my laptop (USB3) with no problems, once in a while I might have to unplug it and plug it back in, and then it's fine. I wish the headphone jack as more versatile. I need to get a headphone amp so I can record someone else's vocals and monitor them my self. That combined with it being combined with cubase LE is the reason for the 4.5 rating, other than that, it's a fantastic interface! I would recommend it highly!

  • Dale Shuler
    from Franklin, TN May 19, 2014

    Pretty solid interface

    Running this on a windows 7 64bit pc over usb 2.0 and it works great. Installation was pretty easy, also updated firmware and software without issue. Sounds great. No issues with noise, or crashes. Came with free guitar rig 5 when i bought it, so it was an unbeatable deal. So much better than the presonus firebox that i was using.

  • Marty
    from Metamora, MI April 11, 2014Music Background:
    Part time musician


    I don't know much about recording and I bought this Native unit to connect to my laptop and it works great. The software was easy to load and it was easy to use. The one thing I liked about it was all of the outputs on the back of the unit. You can really do allot with this. It was a little bit more than the other interface, but I think it is worth it.

    I have Audacity on my laptop and this works fine with that software.

  • Edward Boiko
    from Dracut, MA February 13, 2014Music Background:

    Very happy with it

    Great Product, even greater company to get it from. I wanted something small and compact that I could just plug a few things into. All the ins/outs work fantastic, very clear sound coming from a few different guitars / basses / synths being plugged into it. This thing came with so much great software and features it will keep you busy for ages, although for 50 dollars, the upgrade to the full version of cubase seems very much worth it. I will probably get a mikro maschine to go with it because it feels like the right thing to do also.

    On another note, the free shipping came in like two days, I was totally blown away. The estimated delivery date was early enough to begin with, and they got it here two days before even that estimate date. Not only that, Sweetwater called me before they shipped it and I was charmed at the candy they sent with it too.

  • Jonathan P
    from United States September 11, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, small venue artist, novice sound engineer.

    Great Interface; Sounds Awesome

    This piece of gear is hardware you'll be thankful you have. Very fast performance with virtually no latency, great low end signal strength carries bass frequencies like a power amp. I don't have much experience with using different interfaces, but it doesn't seem necessary after purchasing this one. Very nice layout, with the master output knob easily reachable right on top. Aesthetics are nice, feels sturdy, and the bus power is must-have. Very happy with the little unit.

  • John Hammerskjold
    from January 2, 2013Music Background:
    Ex-member of a crappy band, now doing home recordings.

    No fuss, no muss, just plug and record.

    Took me all of 10 minutes to get it up and running. Everything I record sounds just like it did on my Yamaha mo6. As for the Cubase le6 that comes with it........If i was able to make the disc more pliable so I could wipe my bum with it, that'd be the most use I got from it. I'm using it with Adobe Audition now and it works great. Also works well with Audacity. Don't try and use it with Cubase and you won't be disappointed.

  • Jason
    from November 13, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist and musician

    Good interface for home

    I had been using an older M-Audio interface that was... fine. I would probably still be using it if its original owner didn't need it back! The NI Komplete Audio 6, however, feels like a totally different level of equipment. It is a solidly built device that feels far sturdier than the M-Audio product, with controls that feel silky smooth and down-right professional. It sounds great. For simple home recording, I feel the Komplete Audio 6 is a step above most of the other (slightly less expensive) devices in its price range, and totally worth it.

    To make the deal better, the Native Instruments plug-ins and software that ship with the interface (versions of Guitar Rig, Reaktor, Kontakt) are astoundingly good.

    If it helps, my prior experience goes back a ways in the simple home recording world: old Delta 1010L sound cards in PowerMacs with BIAS Peak, lots of Garageband, some Logic, now more Propellerhead Record.

  • Raine
    from New York City, USA August 19, 2012Music Background:
    Everything! =D

    Great box!

    Just upgraded from the Presonus USB box, to this bad boy. Am extremely happy with it. Everyone rants and raves about Presonus interfaces but this one blows them out f the water. The audio gain in the inputs are great (unlike the presonus that clips your E guitar signal at its lowest volume). Never had latency problems. Love NI, and trust them. Good solid box. I do with the headphone amp was just a little louder... I also wish it had the signal lights for each channel on the front of the box instead of the top, but if you have you studio set up right, I guess this would not be a problem. Over all, love it. Strongly suggest it. NI Rules.

  • Scott Solly
    from Bright, Indiana August 10, 2014Music Background:
    Sound Engineer-1SollyRecords

    Great converter

    Upgraded to this from the Firestudio mobile. A real step up in sound quality. More analog & detail. Not a huge jump but defiantly better. And it is built like a tank. When I ran a song through it the first time, I was hearing more detail. Enough to remix my songs do to what I was missing.plus is synced right up to my MacBook Pro. Up and running in minutes. Plus it plays nice with studio one2. No ploblems even after a couple months now.

  • Luis Martinez
    from Bronx, NY June 6, 2014Music Background:

    Really good product

    Very affordable audio interface. Built to last. It has all the inputs you need for your home studio. Excellent audio quality .Low latency.

  • King Famous
    from Los Angeles January 18, 2014Music Background:
    Independant Producer

    Great Interface!

    I use this with Maschine right now and it performs flawlessly. Great sound and response. I gave it 4 because there are other interfaces you can pay more for which will give you a bit more, but in this price range it is a solid build with sound I'm proud to have.
    The decision to buy was because I wanted to get creating now instead of waiting to buy the RME Babyface, which I will at a later date. This interface has so far performed above what I thought.

  • Keith Fales
    from Mesa, AZ USA October 16, 2013Music Background:

    Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

    There are some "glitching" issues when there are too many VSTis in my DAW. I suspect this is due to the DAW, Sony's Acid Pro 7.0, since the "glitching" issue is present with other USB audio/MIDI interfaces I've used in the past. Perhaps my DAW does not like the ASIO drivers.

    Komplete Audio 6 is very sturdy. I like the XLR release tabs. In past USB interfaces the XLRs would seem to get stuck, and I would have to use a lot of strength to get the XLR cables out of the interface.

    I purchased Komplete Audio 6 with free Guitar Rig 5 software. The software alone, for me, is worth the price of the interface. I am well pleased with the variety of tones I can record for guitar.

    The interface knobs are intuitive and ergonomic. Past USB interfaces I used had the volume knobs on the top, and I would have to look at the top to see what I was doing. This is more difficult with a guitar slung around me. It is easier for me to adjust the gains for the input, the monitor volume or the headphone volume from the front.

    All in all, it is a great USB interface for recording.

  • Ben
    from NC, USA July 11, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, UX Design

    Solid Little Box

    Was looking for a light-weight USB interface for my laptop and iPad, to handle mobile recording and an occasional DJ set. Was sold by the reviews, and I'm really glad I took the advice. This box is solidly built, from the bullet-proof case to the sturdy knobs and jacks (even the USB feels tough). The drivers run smoothly, and although the preamps are on the quiet side, the AD/DA is very clean and clear. The plentiful status LEDs, along with the front-panel hardware switches, provide great feedback and make it easy to improvise signal routes during a performance. This is a confident little gem, and well worth the investment.

  • robert reynolds
    from dayton, ohio April 4, 2013Music Background:
    wanna-be free lance producer.

    good value

    this interface is probably good enough for what you want to do in your home studio. pretty darn satisfactory solid state pre-amps, good ADCs, works pretty seamlessly. i couldn't hear any real difference between recording my access virus analog through the TRS inputs, and it's own USB digital interface.... biggest issue, is probably the DACs. for my monitoring, i found them to be a little too punchy with bass transients, and spatially narrow. would make it difficult to mix, so i use the DACs on the virus... it's a good tool for plugging in a cheap microphone, and outputting internal instruments to the access virus to use it's static/dynamic input modes, or atomizer. and, the issues i have with the DACs, are possibly a preferential matter. it's a good value, and will probably serve you well.

  • Tom Aldrich
    from United States December 30, 2012Music Background:
    40 year Pro

    Aluminum brick

    Super clean, fast, and great software bonus!

  • Shaun
    from United States November 19, 2012Music Background:
    singer songwriter hobbyist


    I've been using the NI Komplete Audio 6 for a few months now. I've yet to have any problems with it. It's solid device with all the necessary features. If there was one thing I would improve it would be the monitor volume. There are cases where I wish the volume would be a little louder while monitoring vocals.

    This replaced my Line 6 POD Studio UX2 which constantly buggy and required the awful podfarm software. In comparison, the UX2 seems like a toy.

  • Customer
    from February 21, 2017

    Not impressed

    I bought this interface for the fact that it has more than two outputs and I was told that all interfaces sound the same when you are using them for midi live purposes. Well I set it up and my mac quickly recognized it without any problem but I immediately noticed that it was quieter so I checked my levels and nothing was different than the way my UR22 was previously running the sounds. After I a/b checked both interfaces I found that the KA6 was running at about 30% less dbs than the Steinberg was. While using headphones the Steinberg Headphone volume knob would be comfortably loud at 1 oclock but to match that level I had to push the KA6 Volume knob to at least 3 oclock and it still was weak.

    Tonight I took it to rehearsal and the sound tech confirmed that it sounded worse than the Steinberg UR 22 and we had to boost levels on every patch that were previously cut on the Steinberg. Sorry but I'm definitely exchanging this for something else.

  • Mikey
    from san diego,ca December 31, 2013Music Background:

    Work when it wants too

    Easy to set up and works great, only when it wants too. When I turn ON my computer from stand by the card sometimes does not transfer sound and wont play any thing weather it be and mp3 or video. I also get sound cut off from time to time. The card it self is great, not to pleased about the minor issues I experience, but could be my computer not the card.

  • Russ Flynn
    from Brooklyn, NY June 22, 2016Music Background:
    Producer/Touring Musician

    Buyer Beware - USB port is weak

    I was using one of these guys as my road interface for a couple years. I appreciate it's general rugged construction but, alas, I had the USB jacks fail on me twice. The second time it was outside of my Sweetwater 2-year warranty period so I'm up a creek so to speak.

  • Customer
    from Indiana August 5, 2014

    2 years and 3 months in, audio cuts in and out.

    As with my previous Native instruments box, the interface with occasionally cut out and back in. I've tried every driver. I'll be selling mine and purchasing something else.
    The card worked very well until it started doing this, and sounded fantastic. But just 3 months after the warranty period, it flakes.

  • Clark S
    from December 25, 2012Music Background:
    musician, hobbyist

    Such great potential, too buggy for me

    Unfortunately NI didnt write very good drivers for windows, I know there are plenty of people who are running it fine on their windows machines, but myself, and plenty of others are having lots of trouble. Ive used a few other interfaces in the past and none behaved as erratically as this one. The preamps were clean, and noise free but tended to make the signal a little "hot" for my tastes. The output sound quality was great, I liked how it was built, in terms of style and in terms of being solid and build somewhat like a tank.

    It worked great.... when it worked. 70% of the time I was dealing with crashes, driver issues, system not recognizing the device etc etc. Other people are having similar problems. If you have a MAC, or you get lucky, this is a pretty good interface for the money, with 4 physical ins and outs, but if you have windows and also have bad luck, I might steer clear.

  • Craig Ibbotson
    from Crystal Lake, IL December 10, 2012Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    Be aware of the shortcomings....

    I've had the Komplete Audio 6 for three months now. I use it for a variety of purposes: as the audio interface between my Axiom controller and my Macbook Pro, running Ableton Live, and as a mixer for analog instruments. If we are running short on circuits, I'll plug in my mandolin and guitar into the front panel inputs. So I bought it to serve as an audio interface for my keyboard controller, and also as a mixer if I needed to plug in additional instruments.

    This week we were going to have an extra guitar, keyboard and my mandolin. I figured no problem, I can plug them all into my Komplete 6, saving the audio techs from having to run extra circuits just for this one event.

    Here's the problem: Inputs 3/4 and 5/6 cannot be direct monitored. This means you have to route the inputs from those feeds to your computer - they have to go through A/D conversion and then D/A conversion and get routed back out via Live or some other DAW. This applies even if all you want it to do is route these inputs directly to the output channel. The result: too much latency for a real instrument.

    So, if you are using this in a live setting, be aware that inputs 3/4 and 5/6 are basically worthless to you if you plan to use them for instruments.

    The reason I am quite frustrated by this is that nowhere in the manual does it state this. It implies that when you hit the Direct Monitor switch, all inputs are routed out the appropriate output channel. Only on the Native Instruments web site, in the knowledge base section, do they indicate that direct monitoring is only applicable to inputs 1/2.

    So I guess it depends what you want to do with the Komplete Audio 6. On the plus side, it's been rock solid for me these three months. It just doesn't have the flexibility I thought it had.

  • Tim Ryan
    from United States March 11, 2015

    Don't Buy If You Don't Have CD Reader

    So here is something you won't find written ANYWHERE about the Komplete Audio 6 but is rather important. All the great software this comes with, including the DAW and the installation program, are on a CD-ROM and you can't get download any of these programs from the web. So if you bought your computer after 1995 (note sarcasm here) and you don't already have a DAW, the audio interface is useless. I am beyond disappointed.

  • Customer
    from March 24, 2015

    Good sound, bad drivers.

    Disconnects quite often while loading windows.

    Probably my first and last NI hardware.

  • Artur
    from New York April 1, 2015

    Distorted, clicking sound

    I purchased this a week ago, and plugged it in and after 2 hours of using I noticed distorted sound and clicking/popping sound. I had to unplug it and plug it back it to work again. The next day same thing happened and I lost signal. I'm returning this product.

  • Joshua Miller
    from United States October 30, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician, Producer

    Wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy

    Within one month of purchasing the interface I began experiencing frequent audio dropouts and glitches not only while using Ableton, but even while playing music through Windows Media Player. I was very skeptical after reading similar reviews but decided to take a chance on it. I take a chance every time I record that it may or may not drop out mid take. I would not recommend to any serious musician.

  • Perry
    from San Jose, CA May 6, 2014

    Buggy drivers

    For how nice this box is built its a shame that I could not get clean sound out of it. Constant pops, clicks even after days wasted trying all kinds of troubleshooting suggestions. My 50 cent PC motherboard sound interface is cleaner than this. In fact the only reason I bought this interface was to get ASIO multi-client working. My motherboard sound can do ASIO but not multi-client. I returned the NI Audio 6 and will try a Focusrite 6i6 next. Hope to have better luck. Sweetwater guys were great with the return and exchange.

  • Svrisleski
    from Los Angeles, CA April 16, 2014Music Background:
    live sound engineer

    Wanted to Like it

    This interface was so promising. It has supper low latency, supports multi-client through its drivers, no background hiss. Control panel is just right through its minimalism. Box is tough and well designed. It only has one problem -- random pops that you can't get rid of no matter what you try. I tried every suggestion on their tuning page and hung around their forums trying every recommendation. I think either the drivers are bad or there is a flaw in the design. Also the phones volume is to low probably because it is underpowered. It should have come with a powered adapter rather than getting its power through the USB.

  • Thomas Morrow
    from Plano, TX July 6, 2013

    Great interface, Including Steinberg makes it a 1.

    hardware is great. Steinberg software included isnothing more than a nightmare to get registered. Soured the whole thing.

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