Fulltone 2B Boost Pedal

Guitar Boost Pedal with Buffered-bypass, JFET Op-amp, and Germanium Diode Limiter
Fulltone 2B Boost Pedal image 1
Fulltone 2B Boost Pedal image 1
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Fulltone 2B Boost Pedal
In Stock!

Boost Your Performance, Save Your Tone!

Utilizing the same JFET op-amp as their wildly successful FD3, Fulltone's 2B guitar boost pedal is your secret weapon for musical domination. Imagine yourself onstage. The crowd is stoked. Then it's solo time! You stomp on the 2B to kick your tube amp up a notch and let 'er rip. The feel, the dynamics, the fat tone, they're all there. The result? Lotsa love from your audience! The 2B also preserves all of your gain, tone, and reactive interplay when you play through an overpopulated pedalboard, rescuing you from the tiny, thin sound you'd typically experience with stompbox overload. You'll find a quality boost pedal like the Fulltone 2B on nearly everyone's pedalboard here at Sweetwater. So what are you waiting for? Your audience awaits!

Fulltone 2B Guitar Boost Pedal at a Glance:
  • Rescues your tone from an overpopulated pedalboard
  • Unity-gain JFET op-amp buffers your signal when the pedal is bypassed
  • Level knob reduces harsh ultra-high frequencies
  • Dynamics knob subdues unpleasant transient spikes
Rescues your tone from an overpopulated pedalboard

Do you have a massive chain of stompboxes? If so, all that wire and all those connections reduce your signal with each passing effect in your signal chain. The result is a tiny, thin sound with wimpy lows, cardboard mids, and scratchy highs. Well, you don't have to let your overpopulated pedalboard emasculate your tone. Put a Fulltone 2B guitar boost pedal in your chain and win back the lost gain, tone, and reactive interplay between you and your amplifier. You've got the touch, you've got the power!

Unity-gain JFET amp buffers your signal when the pedal is bypassed

Low-quality boost pedals cease to offer a high-quality unity-gain buffer when you shut them off. This becomes especially problematic if you're driving a long cable. One solution would be to buy a second booster, set one to unity-gain and use the second one for your volume changes. Well, who wants to do that? The Fulltone 2B guitar boost pedal solves this dilemma by utilizing its unity-gain JFET op-amp to buffer your signal when the pedal is turned off. The only thing that changes when you turn the 2B on is that its Gain knob becomes active, allowing you to boost your signal by as much as 20dB.

Level knob reduces harsh ultra-high frequencies

Some boosters sound a bit harsh when you crank their gain. The Fulltone 2B guitar boost pedal compensates for this by subtly rolling off of the harsh ultra-high frequencies as you roll the Level knob clockwise past 12 o'clock. This doesn't drastically affect your tone; however, you won't have to worry about hearing that shrill top end that lesser boosters can impart!

Dynamics knob subdues unpleasant transient spikes

Transient spikes can be fatiguing to your ears, your amplifier, and your speakers. That's why the Fulltone 2B guitar boost pedal sports a germanium diode limiter. As you turn the Dynamics knob clockwise, this innovative circuit subtly subdues the harsh transient spikes that can overload your amp's input. The 2B's limiter not only helps you keep your place in a live mix, it makes your amp feel responsive and juicy without distorting its input.

Fulltone 2B Guitar Boost Pedal Features:
  • Preserves your tone when playing through a large effects loop
  • Buffered-bypass to maintain unity-gain when pedal is bypassed
  • Level knob reduces harsh ultra-high frequencies
  • Germanium diode limiter subdues unpleasant transient spikes
  • Ultra-high 1.65 mega-ohm impedance eliminates interaction issues with guitars or other effects
  • Ultra-low 300 ohm output impedance eliminates loading or interaction issues
Seize the tone that you've been missing. Get a Fulltone 2B guitar boost pedal!

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Boost
Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Outputs 1 x 1/4"
Power Source 9V DC power supply
Batteries 1 x 9V
Height 2.1"
Depth 4.5"
Width 2.3"
Weight 0.75 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 2B

Customer Reviews

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Great boost!

I was looking for a buffered bypass signal conditioner for my pedals and this one delivers. The fact that it's an excellent boost is just icing on the cake. But the boost feature has changed my way of looking at my entire rig. With the gain just past unity--around 9 o'clock--it adds amazing sparkle to my tone. Everything I had, just a little bit bigger, clearer and sharper. Full disclosure: I haven't experimented with the boost fully cranked yet, so I can't comment on how it performs overdriving the amp's input, but that's not what I got it for. And I'm just scratching the surface of the dynamics control. Also, I only tried it with a couple pedals in the chain, but so far it's amazing. Natch, Derek made sure it got here in record time. Can't say enough about Sweetwater's Customer Service. If your pedal chain needs a kick in the tail, give the 2B a shot! I used it at practice last night and it was 'always on.'
Music background: guitarist

Good boost pedal

Great boost pedal for what it is. Small enclosure means you can only really fit a few knobs on it. Does a great job of adding a little hair to your signal. I use it mostly to push clean channels into the verge of break up. Can also push already distorted tones into further saturation for solos. Dynamics knob probably does something but it's hard to tell. I use two different boost pedals in my chain. This one and another one with bass, treble, volume, and gain controls. The other one is obviously more versatile, but this one is smaller and works very well.
Music background: Amatuer musician/hack

need a boost?

nice organic sounding boost and dynamics knob make it mo eggzelent,will never leave my pedal board

Handy clean boost

As a boost pedal and buffer it sounds great and does what I need. The volume knob has the right taper and range. It is easy to dial in just the right amount of boost. And the boost is clean (no coloration). I occasionally play instruments with ultra-high impedance piezo pickups. The 2B will be useful for those things. The dynamics section is so subtle that even full-on, I don't hear it doing anything. Inside the battery clip is VERY stiff and tight; so much so, it is difficult to get a battery in or out. I thought I might break the thing just swapping out the included battery. That said, it is built like a tank, it sounds good, doesn't add any noise and it is versatile. I'm happy with the 2B.
Music background: Multi-instrumentalist

Sweetwater Advice

Fulltone 2B JFET Booster

It's the "dynamic" control that provides the extra spoonful of magic. This little knob controls a germanium diode limiter that softens transient spikes. At its lowest settings you hear the 2B in all its wide-spectrum harmonic splendor. Turn clockwise and you'll hear a progressively more controlled and contained, but still exceptionally dynamic boost signal. What a killer little pedal!...
read more
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