The New Korg Trinity And Prophecy.

Yamaha And Marantz CD Recorders

Special Winter NAMM Report

Opcode's Studio Vision Pro 3.0

Inside Sweetwater

Q & A

K2500 Keyboards

Mackie Designs MS1202VLZ

Roland Electronic Percussion

What's Hot: Tube Gear

Cakewalk Pro Audio For Windows

Rode NT-2 Mic

How It Works: Cruising The MIDI And Computer Autobahn

Soundware Scene

A Personal Look At Roland's VG-8

Intelligent Devices AD-1 Pro Audio Analyzer

The Evolution Of Sound Control: Presonus

Community CSX-S2 Loudspeakers

Tascam 302 Double Auto Reverse Cassette Deck

Tech Notes

Browse here or you can download Sweetnotes as a pdf. (2 meg)