The CSX-S2 Series from Community was designed to grow with your performance needs and is performance and value-engineered to meet the demands of today's working musicians. Every single CSX-S2 speaker system is built to be highly portable and roadworthy. The individual driver components in each speaker are carefully chosen to offer unbeatable fidelity along with maximum protection against the dreaded driver failure (which can ruin a gig faster than having your drummer explode right in the middle of your big number).

Exclusive PowerSense circuitry continually checks the power levels coming into each speaker. In the event that the continuous power input exceeds a safe level, the Power-Sense circuit automatically switches in a network of resistors to safely dissipate the excess power, which means you won't be spending ridiculously huge amounts of time and money replacing fried drivers.

Prices for CSX speakers start at just $399 each, but for complete information and special pricing, give your Sweetwater sales engineer a call today. They can help you select from over a dozen configurations to meet every performance need.