Everyone knows that Mackie's MS1202 Mixer is probably the best selling portable 12-channel audio mixer in history. With performance that rivalled units costing many times as much, there was a good reason for its success. Now, almost five years later, Mackie Designs has unveiled the next generation MS1202VLZ Mixer. At $429 retail, does it live up to or even exceed the performance of the original? Let's take a closer look.

The new 1202VLZ uses a new Very Low Impedence circuit design that Mackie initially developed for their 8-Bus consoles. This circuit reduces thermal noise and seriously cuts down on crosstalk. This new board is also built like a tank, just like the original, making it rugged and dependable in even the most demanding applications.

Of course there are four mono mic/line channels with true studio-grade mic preamps and 48V phantom power plus four stereo line channels. The 1202VLZ also features two aux sends per channel and two stereo aux returns plus an Aux 1 master level and pre/post switch. But what is probably going to interest many of you is the fact that this new mixer now has a full 3-band EQ (just like the Mackie CR1604 and LM3204) with integral Low Cut filter centered at 75 Hz, which is great for cleaning up muddiness in recordings or live sound work.

There are now balanced XLR outputs, along with the original balanced 1/4" TRS output jacks, as well as an RCA tape loop interface. As on the 1604, pressing the Mute switch on every channel unassigns it from the main L/R bus and reassigns it to the Alt 3-4 outs allowing you to create two stereo pairs, bounce multiple tracks onto two more tracks, or preview a source not yet in the main mix.

Space (as usual) prevents us from telling you more about the 1202VLZ, but your Sweetwater sales engineer has all the info you need plus your special pricing, so call today!

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