Soundware Scene
By Michael Rief, Soundware Engineer

Things are moving at the speed of light here at the Soundware Development Facility. In fact, the whole department is so busy that we couldn't spare our fearless leader, Daniel Fisher, for even a few minutes, let alone long enough to write this column. So I'm pleased to be the one that gets to fill you in on all the latest soundware projects happening here at Sweetwater - well, except for a few that are ³hush-hush² top secret, of course.

First off, the five Sweetwater Series II CD ROMs for the K2000/K2500 have been shipping in record numbers. As the newest member of the staff, I only recently had the opportunity myself to spend an evening going through all the new programs the department has written for the existing Stratus, RSI and Grand Piano discs (which I owned myself), and I can tell you from first hand experience that there's a lot of great programming here. I know the K2000 pretty well, but even I was amazed by some of this material - it really takes V.A.S.T. to another level and I'm sure other soundware companies are scrambling to copy many of these even as I write this column.

What's also great is that the new Series II programs perfectly complement the original programs that shipped on Series I discs. It's almost like getting a bonus disc of new material absolutely free.

If you've been thinking about adding one or more of these discs to your K2000/K2500 (or new K2vx) library, but didn't know what all the excitement was about, you'll appreciate the fact that Daniel Fisher has been knocking himself out putting together an audio demo CD of all the sounds on these discs. ThatŒs right: Over 300 individual audio examples of the superb samples and superior programming that thousands of satisfied Kurzweil owners have been talking about, all on one 72-minute audio CD. Now there's no second-guessing; you can hear with your own ears exactly why Electronic Musician magazine called many of these files ". . . the best samples money can buy!"

Call your Sweetwater sales engineer immediately for your copy of this super CD. It's absolutely free (except for the usual $4.95 shipping and handling cost which is refundable if you purchase any of the CD ROMs), so what are you waiting for?

Oh, and by the way, if you already own one of the original Series I CD ROMs, call your Sweetwater sales engineer for details of our incredibly affordable upgrade plan. It's also my pleasure to tell you about our latest project due out this spring: "Ultimate Guitars!" I guess the name really says it all: It's tons (well, actually hundreds of megs) of samples from some of the best guitars on the planet courtesy of Stratus Sounds. Whether you need guitar samples for rock, jazz, blues or country, this is the disc to own, kids! What's more, many of the instruments included in this collection have important historical significance (like the beautiful instrument shown here).

Of course you got your Strats, Martins and Les Pauls, but there are also cool tones from axes like a 1960s Gretsch Chet Atkins Nashville, Gibson ES335 Dot-Neck, Santana's original 1970s Yamaha SG2000, a 1990s Paul Reed Smith Custom, a Telecaster, plus plenty of basses, jazz and classical guitars, too (like the Godin Multiac). The soundware department is in the process of creating absolutely killer new programs for these great samples now, so check with your Sweetwater sales engineer for pricing and availability.