A properly balanced digital master or CD uses every last bit of digital range, and every song on it should come within 1/10th dB of digital clipping at its hottest point. Clearly, with such close tolerances, even the most experienced engineer needs ultra-precise metering to help match and balance songs to today's CD standards. The new AD-1 Pro Audio Analyzer from Intelligent Devices was designed specifically to provide engineers with this critical information to help produce the highest quality professional digital masters.

The AD-1 operates as a TDM plug-in, as a stand-alone application on Digidesign AudioMedia or Pro Tools hardware and with no extra hardware on Power Macs! It's truly the ultimate real time audio monitoring tool, providing precise simultaneous stereo peak and average metering, clip indication (incredibly valuable!), headroom, margin indication, L/R sum and difference levels, spectral analysis, phase metering and, last but not least (whew!) waveform history display. The AD-1 actually replaces many thousands of dollars worth of hardware while providing simplicity, accuracy and functionality thats unavailable at any cost. It virtually assures you of a perfect final digital master or CD.

Each of the AD-1's four modules has been optimized for the way you work, so you know exactly what you are delivering in a two track mix:

SUPERMETER: Five separate 242-element real time meters show and hold every peak, even if only one sample long. Features -10 and -14 dB digital references, stereo peak and average levels with center sum or difference, floating peak bars, clipping indicators, remaining headroom and much more.

SPECTRUM DISPLAY: Two 1024-point Fourier engines drive a unique, true dual channel 74 dB log peak display, with 242 light bars for every band and a resolution of ten bars per dB. Compare this to the maximum display range of only 32 dB for a typical third octave analyzer which uses only one LED for ever 4 dB.

PHASE SCOPE: This modern digital version of the analog phase scope shows stereo imaging, depth and L/R discorrection. You can actually see how the stereo field spread and balance are affected by your mixing techniques and use of effects.

WAVEFORM MONITOR: Providing a running history of stereo, summed mono or L/R difference amplitude envelopes, this display is useful for identifying past clipped events, evaluating overall factors such as compression fade shapes, and for rapidly showing a critical music component: ratio of summed and difference over time.

Obviously the AD-1 is not for everyone. But if you make your living as an audio engineer, there's no way you can live without this incredibly valuable tool. It essentially guarantees that every mix you do will be perfect every time, something no other hardware-based system can claim. Prices for the AD-1 begin at just $449 for the TDM plug in, while the Power Mac stand-alone software lists for $349. But we suggest you call your Sweetwater sales engineer today for more info and your special low pricing on the AD-1 package that best fits your personal needs.