The incredible new K2500 Series is Kurzweil's most powerful sampling synthesizer to date. Up until now, however, it's only been available in a rackmount version. But for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 76-note semi-weighted and 88-note fully weighted versions, the wait is over. These units are shipping in limited numbers even as you read this.

The K2500 features a brand new soundset of 200 programs and 100 setups accessing 8 megs of Kurzweil's most spectacular sounds (it also ships with a disk containing more than 1,000 additional programs). By adding the optional sound-blocks - Orchestral and Contemporary ROM plus a brand new stereo Grand Piano - the K2500 expands to 28 megabytes of internal ROM samples. Both the keyboard and rackmount versions offer 48 note polyphony, up to 1.25 megs of program memory and up to an unbelievable 128 megs of sample RAM via easy-to-find SIMMs (which Sweetwater stocks, of course).

Of course you get features like a 32-track sequencer with full event editing, comprehensive digital and analog interfacing, two ribbon controllers and eight sliders, all of which are fully assignable. You also get an operating system that's totally user upgradable. And all at a list price of $4960 for the 76-note version or $5820 for the 88-note K2500x.

But that's not the only news from Kurzweil. The company has also released their latest version of the incredible K2000 Series. It's dubbed the K2vx and it's basically a K2000 with all the bells and whistles installed, like expanded PRAM and both optional ROM blocks. It carries a suggested list price of $4175 and it should be shipping right about now.

Own a K2000? Great, then you still have a killer machine that can be upgraded with both ROM blocks, the sampling option and sample RAM up to 64 megs, PRAM and more, all of which we have in stock right now. In fact, we even have new software (developed exclusively for K2000 owners by our Soundware Development Facility) that will essentially make your K2000 sound very much like a new K2500 (with new programs and effects) for only $189.

We also have the most extensive collection of samples anywhere for both the K2500 and the K2000, including our own five disc CD ROM library (with more on the way). So call your Sweetwater sales engineer today for more information and pricing on the K2500 or K2000 of your choice, as well as all the many options and accessories we stock.