Wouldn't it be great if someone invented a single space rackmount processor that offered eight compressors, eight gates, eight automated fader channels, eight limiters, and eight mutes, all under digital control? That would be pretty cool, wouldn't it? Oh, and as long as we're wishing, we might as well make this ultimate dynamics processor affordable, too.

Would it surprise you to find out that such a processor already exists? And that it is actually under $125 per channel (list price, of course)?

Introducing the DCP-8 from PreSonus Audio Electronics, a dynamics processor specifically designed to enhance your console with features that, yesterday, only the "big boys" could afford. To be precise, the DCP-8 is an eight-channel, digitally controlled analog dynamics processor. Plug the DCP-8 into your insert points before or after your multitrack and you'll have a compressor/limiter on every channel, a noise gate on every channel, automated faders and mutes plus snapshot mix automation. Built-in software in the DCP-8 allows assignment of up to four subgroups, stereo linking (up to four pairs), full MIDI control, pro to line level conversion, solo on any channel, as well as naming, loading and storing of 100 audio "scenes." All at a retail of just $999.95.

Presonus also offers the eight-channel ACP-8 Compressor/Gate for those of you who don't want or need all the features of the DCP-8 at a list price of just $699.95 - that's less than $88 per channel.

To find out more about these exceptional dynamics processors from PreSonus, give your Sweetwater sales engineer a call today. They'll be glad to fill you in on all the details we don't have room to include here, plus they'll be happy to give you your special low pricing on the PreSonus of your choice.