While there's little doubt that we are indeed living in the age of digital audio, we have to remember that not everyone has caught on yet. Not everyone is rushing out to buy DAT machines after all, they are still relatively expensive. Indeed, the largest-selling recorded medium still happens to be the cassette! So, if you've got a home or project studio, you still need some way to get your material onto cassettes for all those unenlightened listeners out there. And that's the purpose behind the design of the TASCAM 302 Double Auto Reverse Cassette Deck.

Since this machine comes from TASCAM, you know you're going to get the best audio possible from the cassette format thanks to the unit's built-in Dolby HX Pro sound technology which extends frequency response while minimizing distortion on Normal, Metal or CrO2 tape. The 302 even lets you fine tune the amount of high frequency response via a convenient front panel control. And of course the 302 ships with the industry-standard Dolby B and C noise reduction. All of which means that you end up with an impressive frequency response of 25 Hz to 20 kHz using high quality Metal tape - no sacrifices here - plus a 79 dB signal-to-noise ratio and distortion of less than 1% at 1 kHz.

But what sets the 302 apart from other cassette recorders is the fact that it is actually two fully independent cassette decks housed in one 3U rack-mountable enclosure. Each of the 302's decks is capable of recording individually or simultaneously, giving you incredible flexibility for normal or high speed dubbing, continuous recording or playback. That's because both decks have independent sets of interface connectors, transport control keys, noise reduction functions, LED peak meters and more. And with such advanced features as Control I/O and Cascade, the 302 can even link with up to ten additional machines for multiple dubbing! You can even quickly access either side of your cassette via the unit's bidirectional Sync reverse capabilities.

The 302 carries a list price of $699 - surprisingly low for such a versatile unit - but we suggest you call your Sweetwater sales engineer today for additional information, specs and your special low pricing.