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Q: In my studio, I want to put one type of reverb on my drums and another multi-effect setting with reverb, chorus, and delay on vocals. My QuadraVerb 2 is a multi-effects unit, so shouldn't I be able to do this?

A: Yes. Many multi-effects units, while being able to have several effects active at once, cannot process independent signals because their internal routing isn't flexible enough. Fortunately, with the Q2 you can do this. A whole clinic on all of the programing options in the Q2 is beyond the scope of this forum, but here are some basic ideas that will help. The Q2 does have very flexible routing schemes. The effects modules (up to eight) can be set up in any order and just about any output can be routed to any input anywhere in the device.

So here's basically what you do: Start with a blank patch or clear a patch completely. Figure out exactly what effects you want to have and create those modules in the Q2. You have two inputs available (L and R), so you need to make a decision as to which one will be used for the drum reverb and which will be used for the vocal multi-effect. For now, lets say the left input of the Q2 is for the drum reverb and right is for the multi-effect. Next you need to create a routing that sends the left input of the Q2 to the reverb module you created. The reverb has a stereo output so just go ahead and route its left output to the left out on the Q2 and the right to the right output on the Q2. So now you can send a signal from one of the aux outs on your mixer to the left input of the Q2 and get a stereo reverb at its output.

Next create a routing from the right input on the Q2 to the first effect in the multi-effect chain you want to create. Then go ahead and do all of your routings in the multi-effect chain you are building and take its final out (the output of the last effect in the chain) to the left and right outputs in the Q2 just like you did with the reverb patch. Now you can set up a second aux send on your mixer to feed this right input of the Q2 and a stereo multi-effect will be present at the Q2's left and right outputs.

So one aux on your mixer feeds the left input and generates a stereo reverb and a second aux feeds the right input and generates the multi-effect patch you created in the unit. Both the reverb effect and the multi-effect will be present together at the left and right outputs of the Q2 where they get returned to your mixer. So if both of these effects are returning to the same pair of channels in the mixer how do you independently control the relative levels of these two effects?

Every routing you make in the Q2 has a programmable level associated with it so you can pretty easily set up the relative levels right in the Q2. If you need real time access to these, just set it up so that they can be controlled with a MIDI controller (its easy to do this - check your user's manual). You can also make changes by how much signal you feed to each of the inputs. In other words, if the reverb is too loud compared to the multi-effect patch, simply turn down the left input so not as much signal gets to the reverb. Too extreme a setting will compromise your signal-to- noise ratio, but for fine adjustments this is the easiest way to accomplish it.

There are many, many more things you can do with the QuadraVerb 2, so hopefully this will serve as a starting point for continued experimentation.

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