Want to record vocals, guitar leads, horns or any other audio track right along with your MIDI sequences? With Cakewalk's new Pro Audio Software ($399 retail) and Windows you get the power and flexibility of an award-winning MIDI sequencer along with true, multitrack digital audio recording. It's a new standard for music software for PCs running on the Windows operating system.

Use Cakewalk's new audio tools to edit your waveforms right on your computer screen. Perform graphic and parametric EQ, crossfades, mixdowns, time extractions and other editing functions on multiple tracks simultaneously. You can even use audio tracks to Groove Quantize other tracks. Cakewalk's new Turbo Mixer technology maximizes the number of recordable tracks available with your sound card and supports variable audio sampling rates from 11 to 44.1 kHz (CD quality). Of course, with Cakewalk Pro Audio you also get all the standard MIDI sequencing functions you could ever want like: high quality notation; realtime, step, overwrite, sound-on-sound, loop and auto-punch record modes; powerful editing like cut/copy/paste, drag/drop, pitch transpose and more.

Listing all the features of this great new software package would take far more space than we have available, so call your Sweetwater sales engineer for complete information and your special pricing today!