Yamaha and Marantz

Need massive amounts of data storage that essentially can never be lost or accidentally erased? Or how about feeling the thrill of dropping a compact disc into your CD player and hearing your own music emerge from the speakers with absolute digital purity? Then here's a fun do-it-yourself project that will appeal to musicians and computer buffs alike: Burning your own CDs. Sound like a dream come true? Well it's real and it's technology that you don't have to wait for any longer because we now stock great CD recorders from two industry giants: Marantz and Yamaha.

Those of you who know how exciting this development is are probably already headed for the phones (operators are standing by...) while others may be scratching their heads and wondering what all the fuss is about. For the second group, we offer the following basic primer on CD technology.

AUDIO CDs: These are compact discs designed to reproduce music. Up until recently, if you wanted a CD of your own recordings, you had to pay enormous sums of money for one-offs or even more to have copies pressed by a CD plant. Today, you can make your own one-offs for about $10 each if you own a Marantz CD Recorder. We have a few of the original Marantz CDR610s still in stock for immediate delivery - check out this Sweetwater Internet Special Buy!. Or you can go with the latest CDR620 (which should be shipping very soon) for a list price of $5000.

CD ROMs: If you want to store huge amounts of data from your Mac or PC, or if you need to make image files from computers or samplers, you're probably going to want to get your hands on the new double speed (2X) Yamaha CDE102 at a list price of just $1450 or the quad speed (4X) CDE100 at $2145. These machines will also produce audio CD one-offs when used in conjunction with Digidesign's popular MasterlistCD software.

Want to know more? Just give us a call and your helpful Sweetwater sales engineer will be happy to help you with information and special pricing on the CD recorder that best fits your needs. There's a lot to tell you about this developing technology and these fine recorders - a lot more than will fit into this space. So call now. Within days you could be creating your own audio CDs or CD ROMs!