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Ensoniq - Ensoniq Products Are Here And It's No Mirage
Tascam - Special Sale!
Audiomedia II - Own A Nubus Mac? Want To Do Some Digital Recording?
Late Breaking News - Is This Your Lucky Day, Or What?
Pro Tools 4.0 - Now Shipping!
Event Electronics - The Event You've Been Waiting For
EQ3-D - EQ3-D: Magic Is In The Air
inside Sweetwater - A Discussion With Chuck And Brenda Surack
Q & A - Tech Support Answers Your Questions
Gemini - What's Hot With This DJ Products Company
DBX - What's Hot with dbx 20 Series EQ
Oram Pro Audio - Oram Products Arrive!
Korg - N-Series Music Workstations
Roland - Roland's New DR-20 Microphone
Alesis - Cool New Gear Arriving From Alesis
Motu - Mark of the Unicorn Ships The Digital Timepiece
AKG - The AKG C414: A Legnedary Performer
Attention Sales Professionals - Ready For A Successful Career In Pro Audio?
Soundware Scene - Total Stereo Session Drums And More!
Mackie Designs - Magic From Mackie, New Amps and Monitors
Technotes - Jim Miller Talks About Earthworks and Oram Pro Audio

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There's something in the TASCAM product line for just about everyone, from great-sounding mixers to cutting-edge recorders. Whether you're looking for analog or digital equipment, we've got a sale that's going to save you some money on gear in every price range.

Eagerly anticipated by hundreds of thousands of musicians around the world, Digidesign has just begun shipping ProTools 4.0 software. To find out more about this major release, take a look at our special in depth report in this issue.

You read about them last issue in our NAMM Report. They're brand new from the people who brought you the ADAT, QuadraSynth and other best-selling equipment. Many of these products are shipping right now and we've got the inside story.

In this issue's Tech Notes column, Jim Miller takes a closer look at the remarkable TC40K mics from Earthworks and the great-sounding OramSonics MWS microphone workstation. We'll warn you now: You're gonna want one of each! ALSO: Oram Products have arrived!

PLUS: Event Electronics audio cards, the Korg N-Series Keyboards, Gemini DJ Equipment, Mark of the Unicorn's Digital Timepiece (yes, it's here!), Nightpro EQ3-D, Mackie's new products, the AKG C414 mic, Soundware Scene AND MUCH MORE!

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